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[Graphic] National Register of Historic Places Worshop, NCSHPO Annual Meeting, Washington, DC, March 25, 2001


June 22, 2001


Dear Colleague:

The National Register of Historic Places and the National Conference of State Historic Preservation Officers (NCSHPO) cosponsored a one-day workshop at the NCSHPO annual meeting on Sunday, March 25, 2001. We had a productive and insightful day. While this workshop was for SHPO employees attending the NCSHPO meeting, it included information that may be useful to Federal Preservation Officers, Tribal Preservation Officers and for SHPO staff who did not attend.

Enclosed is a copy of a letter distributed during the workshop that updates some policy issues, provides some perspective on technical issues we are finding in our review of nominations, and includes some reminders about miscellaneous items. Regarding the black and white photography requirements, we are further investigating the archival stability issues of digital photography and printing. We will update you as this investigation progresses if new information surfaces that may alter our photograph requirements.

Regarding the plotting of UTM points, the USGS web site URL given in the March 25 letter has apparently been retired by the USGS web site. Alternatively, we have found the web site to be helpful in plotting UTMs, and we now link our National Register Information System (NRIS) database to this web site via ours. Thus, through the "Location" search category and the "Get a Map" option of the online NRIS database at www.nr.nps.gov, users may now display a topographic map locating listed properties.

We hope that these materials will assist us all in evaluating and facilitating the expeditious listing of properties in the National Register.


[graphic] Signature

Carol D. Shull
Keeper of the National Register of Historic Places
National Register, History and Education



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