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The Director of the National Park Service is pleased to announce actions on the following properties for the National Register of Historic Places. For further information contact Edson Beall via voice (202) 354-2255, fax (202) 371-2229, regular or E-mail: Edson_Beall@nps.gov

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KEY: State, County, Property Name, Address/Boundary, City, Vicinity, Reference Number, NHL, Action, Date, Multiple Name

ARIZONA, MARICOPA COUNTY, Coronado Neighborhood Historic District, Roughly bounded by Virginia Ave., Fourteenth St., McDowell Rd., and Seventh St., Phoenix, 86000206, ADDITIONAL DOCUMENTATION APPROVED, 8/22/97

ARIZONA, PIMA COUNTY, Hughes, Sam, Neighborhood Historic District, Roughly bounded by E. Speedway Blvd., N. Campbell Ave., E. 7th St. and N. Bentley Ave., Tucson, 94001164, ADDITIONAL DOCUMENTATION APPROVED, 8/21/97

CONNECTICUT, NEW HAVEN COUNTY, Grove Street Cemetery, 200 Grove St., New Haven, 97000830, LISTED, 8/08/97

FLORIDA, PASCO COUNTY, Church Street Historic District, Along Church St., between 9th and 17th Sts., Dade City, 97000910, LISTED, 8/21/97

GEORGIA, BALDWIN COUNTY, Fowler Apartments, 430 W. McIntosh St., Milledgeville, 97000861, LISTED, 8/21/97

GEORGIA, EMANUEL COUNTY, Rountree, John, Log House, Jct. of US 80 and GA 192, Twin City, 97000841, LISTED, 8/15/97

GEORGIA, MUSCOGEE COUNTY, Southern Railway Freight Depot, 1300 6th Ave., Columbus, 97000922, LISTED, 8/21/97

GEORGIA, WHEELER COUNTY, Glenwood High School, 505 3rd Ave., Glenwood, 97000923, LISTED, 8/21/97

LOUISIANA, ST. MARTIN PARISH, Fontenette--Bienvenu House, 201 N. Main St., St. Martinville, 97000876, LISTED, 8/21/97 (Louisiana's French Creole Architecture MPS)

MARYLAND, CARROLL COUNTY, New Windsor Historic District, Roughly bounded by Park, and Springdale Aves., New Windsor Rd., Lambert Ave., Coe Dr., and Maine St., New Windsor, 97000925, LISTED, 8/21/97

MASSACHUSETTS, SUFFOLK COUNTY, Brighton Evangelical Congregational Church, 404-410 Washington St., Boston, 97000920, LISTED, 8/21/97

MASSACHUSETTS, SUFFOLK COUNTY, Newton, Edward B., School, 45 Pauline St., Winthrop, 97000878, LISTED, 8/18/97

MASSACHUSETTS, WORCESTER COUNTY, Clapp, George, House, 44 North St., Grafton, 97000919, LISTED, 8/21/97

MICHIGAN, LEELANAU COUNTY, Leelanau Transit Company Suttons Bay Depot, 101 S. Cedar St., Suttons Bay, 97000929, LISTED, 8/21/97

MICHIGAN, OAKLAND COUNTY, Fuerst, Jacob and Rebecca, Farmstead, 24000 Taft Rd., Novi, 97000928, LISTED, 8/21/97

MICHIGAN, WAYNE COUNTY, Lancaster and Waumbek Apartments, 227-29 and 237-39 E. Palmer, Detroit, 97000921, LISTED, 8/21/97

MISSOURI, TANEY COUNTY, Bonniebrook Homestead, US 65, Walnut Shade vicinity, 84002720, LISTED, 5/29/97

NEW JERSEY, CAMDEN COUNTY, Woodlynne Log Cabin, 200 Blk. of Cooper Ave., Woodlynne, 97000933, LISTED, 8/21/97

NEW JERSEY, CAPE MAY COUNTY, Hangar No. 1--United States Naval Air Station Wildwood, Jct. of Forrestal and Langley Rds., Lower Township, 97000935, LISTED, 8/21/97

NEW JERSEY, GLOUCESTER COUNTY, Carpenter Street School, 53-5 Carpenter St., Woodbury, 97000934, LISTED, 8/21/97

NEW YORK, COLUMBIA COUNTY, Felpel, George, House, 60 NY 9H, Claverack, 97000927, LISTED, 8/21/97 (Claverack MPS)

NEW YORK, COLUMBIA COUNTY, Hogeboom, Stephen, House, 562 NY 23B, Claverack, 97000944, LISTED, 8/21/97 (Claverack MPS)

NEW YORK, COLUMBIA COUNTY, Ludlow--Van Rensselaer House, 465 NY 23B, Claverack, 97000945, LISTED, 8/21/97 (Claverack MPS)

NEW YORK, COLUMBIA COUNTY, Mesick, Jacob P., House, 68 Van Wyck Ln., Claverack, 97000947, LISTED, 8/21/97 (Claverack MPS)

NEW YORK, COLUMBIA COUNTY, Phillips, Harriet, Bungalow, 438 NY 23B, Claverack, 97000946, LISTED, 8/21/97 (Claverack MPS)

NEW YORK, COLUMBIA COUNTY, Porter, Rev. Dr. Elbert S., House, 6163 NY 9H, Claverack, 97000949, LISTED, 8/21/97 (Claverack MPS)

NEW YORK, HERKIMER COUNTY, Church of the Good Shepherd, NY 167, jct. of NY 167 and Earl St., Cullen vicinity, 97000943, LISTED, 8/21/97

NEW YORK, HERKIMER COUNTY, Remington House, 1279 Upper Barringer Rd., Kinne Corners vicinity, 97000942, LISTED, 8/21/97

NEW YORK, JEFFERSON COUNTY, La Farge Retainer Houses, Main St., S of jct. of Main St. and Ford Rd., Orleans, 97000941, LISTED, 8/21/97 (Orleans MPS)

NEW YORK, ONEIDA COUNTY, Zion Church, 140 W. Liberty St., Rome, 97000950, LISTED, 8/21/97 (Historic Churches of the Episcopal Diocese of Central New York MPS)

NEW YORK, ORANGE COUNTY, Dubois--Phelps House, 90 Walkill Rd., Montgomery, 97000939, LISTED, 8/21/97

NEW YORK, ORANGE COUNTY, Huguenot Schoolhouse, Old Grange Rd., S of jct. of Old Grange and Big Pond Rds., Deerpark, 97000938, LISTED, 8/21/97

NEW YORK, ORANGE COUNTY, Tears, John, Inn, 1224 Goshen Tnpk., Wallkill, 97000940, LISTED, 8/21/97

NEW YORK, OSWEGO COUNTY, Kingsford House, 150 W. Third St., Oswego, 97000951, LISTED, 8/21/97

NEW YORK, OTSEGO COUNTY, Cooperstown Historic District (Boundary Increase), Lake Rd., 1 mi. N of jct. of NY 80 and NY 28, Cooperstown vicinity, 97000937, LISTED, 8/21/97

OREGON, UMATILLA COUNTY, Umatilla County Library, 214 N. Main St., Pendleton, 97000848, LISTED, 8/15/97

OREGON, UNION COUNTY, Union Main Street Historic District, Along Main St., between Birch and Fulton Sts., Union, 97000907, LISTED, 8/20/97

SOUTH DAKOTA, HYDE COUNTY, Old Hyde County Courthouse, 110 Commercial St., SE, Highmore, 78002559, REMOVED, 8/21/97

VIRGIN ISLANDS, ST. THOMAS ISLAND, St. Thomas Synagogue--Beracha Veshalom Vegemiluth Hasadim, 16AB Krystal Gade, Charlotte Amalie, 97000853, LISTED, 8/15/97

VIRGINIA, NORFOLK INDEPENDENT CITY, Epworth United Methodist Church, 124 W. Freemason St., Norfolk, 97000955, LISTED, 8/21/97