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The Director of the National Park Service is pleased to announce actions on the following properties for the National Register of Historic Places. For further information contact Edson Beall via voice (202) 354-2255, fax (202) 371-2229 or E-mail: edson_beall@nps.gov


KEY: State, County, Property Name, Address/Boundary, City, Vicinity, Reference Number, NHL, Action, Date, Multiple Name

ARKANSAS, GARLAND COUNTY, Woodman of Union Building, 501 Malvern Ave., Hot Springs, 97000616, LISTED, 6/27/97

COLORADO, PUEBLO COUNTY, Boone Santa Fe Railroad Depot, 100 Baker Ave., Boone, 97000618, LISTED, 6/27/97

GEORGIA, SUMTER COUNTY, Ashby Street Shotgun Row Historic District, 207, 209, and 211 Ashby St., Americus, 97000620, LISTED, 6/27/97

INDIANA, MARION COUNTY, Cole, Joseph J., Jr., House and 1925 Cole Brouette No. 70611, 4909 N. Meridian St., Indianapolis, 97000599, LISTED, 6/25/97

MICHIGAN, LEELANAU COUNTY, Port Oneida Rural Historic District, Roughly bounded by Lake Michigan, Shell Lake, Bass Lake, and Tucker Lake, Maple City vicinity, 97000563, LISTED, 6/25/97

MISSISSIPPI, LINCOLN COUNTY, Paxton House, 2261 Bouie Mill Rd. NW, Brookhaven vicinity, 97000632, LISTED, 6/27/97

MISSISSIPPI, MARION COUNTY, Downtown Columbia Historic District, Roughly bounded by Broad, and Church Sts., and Meak, Honey and Beef Alleys., Columbia, 97000633, LISTED, 6/27/97

MISSOURI, CAPE GIRARDEAU COUNTY, House at 323 Themis Street, 323 Themis St., Cape Girardeau, 97000629, LISTED, 6/27/97

MISSOURI, VERNON COUNTY, Vernon County Courthouse, Bounded by Cherry, Cedar, Walnut, and Main Sts., Nevada, 97000630, LISTED, 6/27/97

NORTH CAROLINA, LINCOLN COUNTY, Magnolia Grove (Boundary Increase), Jct of NC 1309 and NC 1313, Iron Station vicinity, 97000570, LISTED, 6/27/97

OREGON, DESCHUTES COUNTY, Sather, Evan Andreas, House, 7 NW. Tumalo Ave., Bend, 97000577, LISTED, 6/27/97

OREGON, DOUGLAS COUNTY, Smith, Henry Clay, House, 275 Winston Section Rd., Winston vicinity, 97000585, LISTED, 6/27/97

OREGON, WASCO COUNTY, Reuter, Dr. J. A., House, 420 E. Eighth St., The Dalles, 97000578, LISTED, 6/27/97

SOUTH CAROLINA, ORANGEBURG COUNTY, South Carolina State College Historic District, 300 College St., Orangeburg, 96001024, LISTED, 6/19/97

(Civil Rights Movement in Orangeburg County MPS) VERMONT, BENNINGTON COUNTY, Furnace Grove Historic District, VT 9, 1 mi. E. of jct of VT 9 and Burgess Rd., Bennington, 97000646, LISTED, 6/27/97

VERMONT, CHITTENDEN COUNTY, Moquin's Bakery, 78 Rose St., Burlington, 97000645, LISTED, 6/27/97

WISCONSIN, CLARK COUNTY, Silver Dome Ballroom, The, US 10, 1 mi. W of jct. of US 10 and Collier Rd., Hewett, 97000647, LISTED, 6/27/97