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The Director of the National Park Service is pleased to announce actions on the following properties for the National Register of Historic Places. For further information contact
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KEY: State, County, Property Name, Address/Boundary, City, Vicinity, Reference Number, NHL, Action, Date, Multiple Name

ALABAMA, BALDWIN COUNTY, People's Supply Company, 21950 Broad St., Silverhill, 97000096, LISTED, 2/21/97

CALIFORNIA, NAPA COUNTY, Napa Abajo--Fuller Park Historic District, Roughly bounded by the Napa River, Pine, Jefferson, 3rd, 4th, and Division Sts., Napa, 97000042, LISTED, 2/19/97

COLORADO, JEFFERSON COUNTY, Rio Grande Southern Railroad, Motor No. 6, 17155 W. 44th Ave., Golden vicinity, 97000050, LISTED, 2/19/97

FLORIDA, OSCEOLA COUNTY, Grand Army of the Republic Memorial Hall, 1101 Massachusetts Ave., St. Cloud, 97000097, LISTED, 2/21/97

FLORIDA, VOLUSIA COUNTY, Coronado Historic District, Roughly bounded by Columbus, Due E., and Pine Aves., and the Indian River, New Smyrna Beach, 97000098, LISTED, 2/21/97

GEORGIA, LOWNDES COUNTY, Ewell Brown General Store, RR Ave., jct. with Lawrence St., Lake Park, 97000099, LISTED, 2/21/97

GEORGIA, RICHMOND COUNTY, First Presbyterian Church of Augusta, 642 Telfair St., Augusta, 97000100, LISTED, 2/21/97

NEBRASKA, PHELPS COUNTY, C B & Q Holdrege Depot, 700 Ironhorse St., Holdrege, 97000131, LISTED, 2/21/97

NEW JERSEY, OCEAN COUNTY, Torrey--Larrabee Store, 11 Union Ave., Lakehurst, 97000104, LISTED, 2/21/97

NEW YORK, ONONDAGA COUNTY, Gang House, 707 Danforth St., Syracuse, 97000073, LISTED, 2/21/97 (Architecture of Ward Wellington Ward in Syracuse MPS)

NEW YORK, RENSSELAER COUNTY, Koon, Henry, House, 171 Pawling Ave., Troy, 97000112, LISTED, 2/21/97

NEW YORK, ULSTER COUNTY, District School No. 14, Academy St., S of jct. with Birch Cr. Rd., Pine Hill, 97000111, LISTED, 2/21/97

NEW YORK, ULSTER COUNTY, Dupuy, J., Stone House, Krum Rd., W of jct. with Queens Hwy., Rochester, 97000110, LISTED, 2/21/97 (Rochester MPS)

NEW YORK, ULSTER COUNTY, Hoornbeck, Jacob, Stone House, Boice Mill Rd., jct. with Krum Rd., Rochester, 97000108, LISTED, 2/21/97 (Rochester MPS)

NEW YORK, ULSTER COUNTY, Morton Memorial Library, Elm St., SW of NY 28, Pine Hill, 97000119, LISTED, 2/21/97

NEW YORK, ULSTER COUNTY, Schoonmaker Stone House and Farm, Samsonville Rd., near jct. of NY 76 and Cherrytown Rd., Rochester, 97000109, LISTED, 2/21/97 (Rochester MPS)

NEW YORK, ULSTER COUNTY, Schoonmaker, C. K., Stone House, 294 Queens Hwy., Rochester, 97000107, LISTED, 2/21/97 (Rochester MPS)

OREGON, BENTON COUNTY, Willamette Valley and Coast Railroad Depot-- Coravallis, 500 S. W. 7th St., Corvallis, 97000137, LISTED, 2/21/97

OREGON, CLACKAMAS COUNTY, Johnston, Andrew J. and Anna B., Farmstead, 18025 S. Harding Rd., Oregon City vicinity, 97000140, LISTED, 2/21/97

OREGON, COOS COUNTY, Marshfield City Hall, 375 W. Central Ave., Coos Bay, 97000125, LISTED, 2/21/97

OREGON, DESCHUTES COUNTY, Odem, Milton, House, 623 S. W. 12th St., Redmond, 97000139, LISTED, 2/21/97

OREGON, DOUGLAS COUNTY, Hamilton House, 759 S. E. Kane St., Roseburg, 97000141, LISTED, 2/21/97

OREGON, JACKSON COUNTY, Egan, H. Chandler and Alice B., House, 2620 Foothill Rd., Medford vicinity, 97000126, LISTED, 2/21/97

OREGON, JOSEPHINE COUNTY, Hotel Josephine Annex, 118 N.W. E St., Grants Pass, 97000133, LISTED, 2/21/97

OREGON, MARION COUNTY, Pierce, Edgar T., House, 1610 Fir St., S, Salem, 97000136, LISTED, 2/21/97

OREGON, MULTNOMAH COUNTY, Burrell Heights Apartments, 2903--2919 S.E. Clay St., Portland, 97000120, LISTED, 2/21/97 (Middle Class Apartments in East Portland MPS)

OREGON, MULTNOMAH COUNTY, Mills, Lewis H., House, 1350 S.W. Military Rd., Portland vicinity, 97000135, LISTED, 2/21/97

OREGON, MULTNOMAH COUNTY, Olympic Apartment Building, 707 N.W. 19th St., Portland, 97000128, LISTED, 2/21/97

OREGON, MULTNOMAH COUNTY, San Farlando Apartments, 2903--2925 SE Hawthorne Blvd., Portland, 97000122, LISTED, 2/21/97 (Middle Class Apartments in East Portland MPS)

OREGON, MULTNOMAH COUNTY, Senate Court Apartments, 203--223 N.E. 22nd Ave., Portland, 97000129, LISTED, 2/21/97

OREGON, MULTNOMAH COUNTY, Stephens, James B., House, 1825 S.E. 12th St., Portland, 97000134, LISTED, 2/21/97

OREGON, MULTNOMAH COUNTY, Thompson Court Apartments, 2304--2314 NE 11th Ave., Portland, 97000121, LISTED, 2/21/97 (Middle Class Apartments in East Portland MPS)

SOUTH DAKOTA, HAMLIN COUNTY, First State Bank of Hazel, Main St., W of jct. with SD 22, Hazel, 97000147, LISTED, 2/21/97

SOUTH DAKOTA, MCCOOK COUNTY, Ortman Hotel, 201 W. Main St., Canistota, 97000144, LISTED, 2/21/97

SOUTH DAKOTA, SPINK COUNTY, Redfield City Hall, Old, 517 N. Main St., Redfield, 97000146, LISTED, 2/21/97

VIRGINIA, AMHERST COUNTY, Bear Mountain Indian Mission School, Jct. of VA 643 and VA 780, SW corner, Amherst vicinity, 97000152, LISTED, 2/21/97

VIRGINIA, BRISTOL INDEPENDENT CITY, Virginia High School, 501 Piedmont Ave., Bristol, 97000159, LISTED, 2/21/97

VIRGINIA, CHARLES CITY COUNTY, Hilton, Aaron, Site, Address Restricted, Charles City vicinity, 97000148, LISTED, 2/21/97

VIRGINIA, CLARKE COUNTY, Greenway Historic District (Boundary Increase), E side of VA 255, approximately .2 mi. N of jct. with VA 723, Millwood, 97000154, LISTED, 2/21/97

VIRGINIA, FREDERICK COUNTY, Rose Hill Farm, 1985 Jones Rd., Winchester vicinity, 97000149, LISTED, 2/21/97

VIRGINIA, GRAYSON COUNTY, Grayson County Courthouse and Clerk's Office, Old, Jct. of Greenville and Justice Rds., Galax vicinity, 97000151, LISTED, 2/21/97

VIRGINIA, LOUDOUN COUNTY, Rich Bottom Farm, 16860 Hillsboro Rd., 1.5 mi. N of Purcellville, Purcellville vicinity, 97000156, LISTED, 2/21/97

VIRGINIA, LYNCHBURG INDEPENDENT CITY, Saint Paul's Vestry House, 308 7th St., Lynchburg, 97000157, LISTED, 2/21/97

VIRGINIA, MARTINSVILLE INDEPENDENT CITY, Little Post Office, 207 Starling Ave., Martinsville, 97000150, LISTED, 2/21/97

VIRGINIA, MARTINSVILLE INDEPENDENT CITY, Scuffle Hill, 311 E. Church St., Martinsville, 97000158, LISTED, 2/21/97

VIRGINIA, SHENANDOAH COUNTY, Hupp House, 551 N. Massanutten St., Strasburg, 97000155, LISTED, 2/21/97