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The Director of the National Park Service is pleased to announce actions on the following properties for the National Register of Historic Places. For further information contact
Edson Beall via voice (202) 354-2255, fax (202) 371-2229, regular or E-mail: Edson_Beall@nps.gov

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KEY: State, County, Property Name, Address/Boundary, City, Vicinity, Reference Number, NHL, Action, Date, Multiple Name

ALABAMA, TUSCALOOSA COUNTY, Downtown Tuscaloosa Historic District (Boundary Increase II), 2500--2508, 2501--2519, 2516, 2521 7th St. and 2525 S. Lurleen Wallace Blvd., Tuscaloosa, 96001029, LISTED, 1/23/97

ARKANSAS, PHILLIPS COUNTY, Chicago Mill Company Office Building, 129 N. Washington St., West Helena, 96001133, LISTED, 10/31/96 (West Helena MPS)

ARKANSAS, PHILLIPS COUNTY, Denison House, 427 Garland Ave., West Helena, 96001132, LISTED, 10/31/96 (West Helena MPS)

ARKANSAS, PHILLIPS COUNTY, Faust House, 114 Richmond Hill, West Helena, 96001130, LISTED, 10/31/96 (West Helena MPS)

ARKANSAS, PHILLIPS COUNTY, Gemmill-Faust House, 321 St. Andrew's Terrace, West Helena, 96001134, LISTED, 10/31/96 (West Helena MPS)

ARKANSAS, PHILLIPS COUNTY, Myers House, 221 St. Andrew's Terrace, West Helena, 96001136, LISTED, 10/31/96 (West Helena MPS)

ARKANSAS, PHILLIPS COUNTY, Nelson House, 303 St. Andrew's Terrace, West Helena, 96001135, LISTED, 10/31/96 (West Helena MPS)

ARKANSAS, PULASKI COUNTY, Central High School Neighborhood Historic District (BoundaryIncrease), 1850 S. Park St., Little Rock, 96001555, LISTED, 1/17/97

CALIFORNIA, SOLANO COUNTY, Mare Island Historic District(Boundary Increase), Roughly bounded by Mare Island Straight, Causeway St., Cedar Ave., Mesa Rd., Ribeiro Rd., and Tyler Rd., Vallejo vicinity, 96001058, LISTED, 1/21/97

FLORIDA, BREVARD COUNTY, Gleason, William H., House, 1736 Pineapple Ave., Melbourne, 96001608, LISTED, 1/25/97

IDAHO, TWIN FALLS COUNTY, Twin Falls Warehouse Historic District, Roughly bounded by 2nd Ave., 4th St. S and W, and Minidoka Ave., Twin Falls, 96001592, LISTED, 1/15/97

IOWA, BLACK HAWK COUNTY, Chicago, Great Western Railroad--Waterloo Frieght Depot, Sixth St., Waterloo, 88001325, LISTED, 1/17/97 (Waterloo MPS)

LOUISIANA, OUACHITA PARISH, Bynum House, 604 Grammont St., Monroe, 96001611, LISTED, 1/25/97

LOUISIANA, OUACHITA PARISH, Harvey House, 608 Grammont St., Monroe, 96001610, LISTED, 1/25/97

MINNESOTA, MEEKER COUNTY, District No. 48 School, off Co. Hwy. 6, approximately 1 mi. S of US 12, Collinwood Township, Dassel vicinity, 96001612, LISTED, 1/25/97

MINNESOTA, STEELE COUNTY, Bridge No. L-5573, Twp. Rd. 95 over the Straight River, E of US 65, Clinton Falls Township, Owatonna vicinity, 96001613, LISTED, 1/25/97 (Iron and Steel Bridges in Minnesota MPS)

NEBRASKA, LANCASTER COUNTY, Charlton, William H., House, US 77, approximately 1 mi. S of jct. with NE 33, Roca vicinity, 96001614, LISTED, 1/25/97

NEBRASKA, SCOTTS BLUFF COUNTY, Tri-State Land Company Headquarters Building, 13 W. Overland St., Scottsbluff, 96001615, LISTED, 1/25/97

OHIO, ASHLAND COUNTY, City Hall and Opera House, 156 N. Water St., Loudonville, 96001618, LISTED, 1/25/97

OHIO, CLARK COUNTY, Ollie's Tavern, 10516 Marquart Rd., New Carlisle vicinity, 96001619, LISTED, 1/25/97

OHIO, LORAIN COUNTY, Smith, Charles William and Anna, House, 651 W. Broad St., Elyria, 96001623, LISTED, 1/25/97

OHIO, STARK COUNTY, Eagles Building--Strand Theater, 243 E. Main St., Alliance, 96001624, LISTED, 1/25/97

TEXAS, HUNT COUNTY, Katy Depot, 3201 Lee St., Greenville, 96001625, LISTED, 1/25/97

TEXAS, TRAVIS COUNTY, Wroe--Bustin House, 506 Baylor St., Austin, 96001626, LISTED, 1/25/97

VIRGINIA, LOUDOUN COUNTY, Cleremont Farm, E side of VA 619, .6 mi. NE of VA 743, Upperville vicinity, 96001627, LISTED, 1/25/97

WISCONSIN, CALUMET COUNTY, High Cliff Mounds, Address Restricted, Sherwood vicinity, 96001629, LISTED, 1/25/97

WISCONSIN, COLUMBIA COUNTY, Church Hill Historic District, Roughly bounded by Adams, Pleasant, Lock, and Franklin Sts., Portage, 96001628, LISTED, 1/25/97