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The Director of the National Park Service is pleased to announce actions on the following properties for the National Register of Historic Places. For further information contact
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KEY: State, County, Property Name, Address/Boundary, City, Vicinity, Reference Number, NHL, Action, Date, Multiple Name

ARIZONA, MARICOPA COUNTY, Jones, Edward L., House, 5555 N. Casa Blanca Dr., Paradise Valley, 96001474, LISTED, 12/13/96

ARKANSAS, OUACHITA COUNTY, Oakland Cemetery, Confederate Section, N of Pearl St., between Adams and Young Sts., Camden, 96001408, LISTED, 12/12/96 (Civil War Commemorative Sculpture MPS)

DELAWARE, SUSSEX COUNTY, Barnes Woods Archeological District, Address Restricted, Seaford vicinity, 96001413, LISTED, 12/11/96

ILLINOIS, WHITESIDE COUNTY, Odell Building, 202 E. Lincolnway Rd., Morrison, 96001475, LISTED, 12/13/96

LOUISIANA, WEST BATON ROUGE PARISH, Allendale Plantation Historic District, Jct. of N. River Rd. and Allendale Rd., Port Allen vicinity, 96001263, LISTED, 11/01/96

MAINE, CUMBERLAND COUNTY, Dry Mill School, 1 Game Farm Rd., Dry Mills vicinity, 96001495, LISTED, 12/13/96

MAINE, PENOBSCOT COUNTY, Sargent--Roberts House, 178 State St., Bangor, 96001476, LISTED, 12/13/96 (Historic Residential Architecture of Bangor MPS)

MASSACHUSETTS, ESSEX COUNTY, Lynn Woods Historic District, Roughly bounded by Lynnfield St., Bow Ridge, Great Woods Rd., Parkland Ave., Walnut St., Saugus Line, Lynn, 96000951, LISTED, 9/06/96

MASSACHUSETTS, WORCESTER COUNTY, Still River Baptist Church, 213 Still River Rd., Harvard, 96001479, LISTED, 12/13/96

MICHIGAN, ALLEGAN COUNTY, Felt, Dorr E., Mansion, 66th St., N of 138th Ave., Laketown Township, Saugatuck vicinity, 96001418, LISTED, 12/12/96

MICHIGAN, BARRY COUNTY, Chief Noonday Group Camp Historic District, E of Briggs Rd., approximately 1 mi. SE of jct. of Briggs Rd. and Bowens Mill Rd., Yankee Springs Township, Bowens Mill vicinity, 96001481, LISTED, 12/13/96

MICHIGAN, BARRY COUNTY, Long Lake Group Camp Historic District, Long Lake Rd., near jct. of Gun Lake Rd. and Hastings Point Rd., Yankee Springs Township, Cloverdale vicinity, 96001482, LISTED, 12/13/96

MICHIGAN, EMMET COUNTY, Four Mile Clearing Rural Historic District, Roughly, jct. of Mitchell and Fletcher Rds. and jct. of Country Club and Fletcher Rds., Bear Lake Township, Petoskey vicinity, 96001379, LISTED, 12/06/96

MISSOURI, JOHNSON COUNTY, Warren Steet Methodist Episcopal Church, 201 S. Warren St., Warrensburg, 96001483, LISTED, 12/13/96

NEW JERSEY, MERCER COUNTY, Mount Rose Distillery, Address Restricted, Hopewell vicinity, 96001471, LISTED, 12/12/96

NORTH CAROLINA, DUPLIN COUNTY, Warsaw Historic District, Roughly bounded by former Atlantic Coastline RR right-of-way,N. and S. Front, Pollock, Frisco, Plank, and Railroad Sts., Warsaw, 96001484, LISTED, 12/13/96 (Duplin County MPS)

OKLAHOMA, GRADY COUNTY, Pocasset Gymnasium, .5 mi. S of jct. of Dutton Rd. and OK 81, Pocasset, 96001489, LISTED, 12/13/96

OKLAHOMA, STEPHENS COUNTY, Duncan Armory, 100 ft. from jct. of 14th St. and unmarked alley between Fuqua Park and Ash Ave., Duncan, 96001490, LISTED, 12/13/96

OKLAHOMA, TULSA COUNTY, 66 Motel, 3660 Southwest Blvd., Tulsa, 96001487, LISTED, 12/13/96 (Route 66 in Oklahoma MPS)

OKLAHOMA, TULSA COUNTY, Eleventh Street Arkansas River Bridge, US 66 over the Arkansas R., from Tulsa to W. Tulsa, Tulsa, 96001488, LISTED, 12/13/96 (Route 66 in Oklahoma MPS)

OKLAHOMA, TULSA COUNTY, Sinclair Service Station, 3501 E. 11th St., Tulsa, 96001486, LISTED, 12/13/96 (Route 66 in Oklahoma MPS)

PUERTO RICO, VEGA BAJA MUNICIPALITY, Casa Alonso, 34 Betances St., Veja Baja, 96001491, LISTED, 12/13/96

TENNESSEE, KNOX COUNTY, Candoro Marble Works, 681 Maryville Pike, Knoxville, 96001399, OWNER OBJECTION DETERMINED ELIGIBLE, 12/04/96 (Knoxville and Knox County MPS)

TENNESSEE, KNOX COUNTY, First Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Adjacent to 620 State St., Knoxville, 96001400, LISTED, 12/04/96 (Knoxville and Knox County MPS)

TENNESSEE, KNOX COUNTY, Kingston Pike Historic District, Roughly 2728-3151, 3201, 3219, 3401, 3425, and 3643 Kingston Pike, Knoxville, 96001404, LISTED, 12/04/96 (Knoxville and Knox County MPS)

TENNESSEE, KNOX COUNTY, Old Gray Cemetery, 543 N. Broadway, Knoxville, 96001402, LISTED, 12/04/96 (Knoxville and Knox County MPS)

TENNESSEE, KNOX COUNTY, South Market Historic District, 707, 709 and 713 Market St. and 404 and 406 Church Ave., Knoxville, 96001403, LISTED, 12/04/96 (Knoxville and Knox County MPS)

TENNESSEE, KNOX COUNTY, Tennessee School for the Deaf Historic District, 2725 Island Home Blvd., Knoxville, 96001401, LISTED, 12/04/96 (Knoxville and Knox County MPS)

WASHINGTON, SPOKANE COUNTY, Central Steam Heat Plant, 152 S. Post St. and 815 W. Railroad Ave., Spokane, 96001492, LISTED, 12/13/96

WASHINGTON, WHATCOM COUNTY, Peace Arch, Peace Arch State Park, US 5 at the US--Canadian border, Blaine, 96001493, LISTED, 12/13/96

WASHINGTON, WHATCOM COUNTY, Washington Grocery Company Warehouse, 1125 Railroad Ave., Bellingham, 96001494, LISTED, 12/13/96