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The Director of the National Park Service is pleased to announce actions on the following properties for the National Register of Historic Places. For further information contact
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KEY: State, County, Property Name, Address/Boundary, City, Vicinity, Reference Number, NHL, Action, Date, Multiple Name

ARIZONA, MARICOPA COUNTY, Pratt, Charles H., House, 4979 E. Camelback Rd., Phoenix, 96001274, LISTED, 11/07/96

ARIZONA, YAVAPAI COUNTY, Perry Mesa Archeological District (Boundary Increase), Address Restricted, Black Canyon vicinity, 96000335, LISTED, 11/12/96

COLORADO, EL PASO COUNTY, Colorado Springs Airport, Jct. of Ent Ave. and Peterson Blvd. (Peterson Air Force Base), Colorado Springs vicinity, 90001296, LISTED, 11/15/96

COLORADO, GARFIELD COUNTY, Cardiff Coke Ovens, Co. Rt. 116, approximately 1.5 mi. S. of Glenwood, Glenwood Springs vicinity, 96001331, LISTED, 11/15/96

FLORIDA, DADE COUNTY, Fuchs Bakery, 102 S. Krome St., Homestead, 96001335, LISTED, 11/15/96 (Homestead MPS)

FLORIDA, DADE COUNTY, Lindeman--Johnson House, 906 N. Krome Ave., Homestead, 96001332, LISTED, 11/15/96 (Homestead MPS)

FLORIDA, LEON COUNTY, Averitt--Winchester House, W side of FL 59, S of jct. with Moccasin Gap--Cromartie Rd., Miccosukee, 96001336, LISTED, 11/15/96

FLORIDA, ORANGE COUNTY, Tilden, Luther F., House, 940 Tildenville School Rd., Winter Garden, 96001337, LISTED, 11/15/96

FLORIDA, PALM BEACH COUNTY, Pahokee High School, 360 Main St., Pahokee, 96001334, LISTED, 11/15/96

GEORGIA, BULLOCH COUNTY, Savannah Avenue Historic District, Along Savannah Ave. and E. Grady St. between S. Crescent Cir., Statesboro, 96001339, LISTED, 11/15/96

GEORGIA, FULTON COUNTY, College Park Historic District, Roughly bounded by Vesta Ave., Yale Ave., Madison St., Harris St., and Washington Rd., College Park, 96001338, LISTED, 11/15/96

GEORGIA, JENKINS COUNTY, Downtown Millen Historic District, Along Cotton Ave. roughly bounded by N. Hendrix St., E. Winthrope Ave., N. Masonic St., and the RR line, Millen, 96001340, LISTED, 11/15/96

ILLINOIS, ALEXANDER COUNTY, McClure, Thomas J. and Caroline, House, Main St., .5 mi. E of IL 3, McClure, 96001341, LISTED, 11/15/96

ILLINOIS, LAKE COUNTY, Armour, Philip D., III, House, 900 Armour Dr., Lake Bluff, 96001342, LISTED, 11/15/96

KENTUCKY, BOURBON COUNTY, Sugar Grove, 573 Clay--Kiser Rd., Paris vicinity, 96001346, LISTED, 11/15/96

KENTUCKY, FRANKLIN COUNTY, Archeological Site 15 FR 368 (Boundary Increase), Address Restricted, Frankfort vicinity, 96001348, LISTED, 11/15/96

KENTUCKY, HARDIN COUNTY, West Point Historic District, Roughly bounded by the Salt River, 2nd, South, 13th, Mulberry, and Elm Sts., West Point, 96001344, LISTED, 11/15/96 (Hardin County MRA)

MARYLAND, BALTIMORE INDEPENDENT CITY, Cedar Grove, 301 Kendall Rd., Baltimore, 96001349, LISTED, 11/15/96

MARYLAND, CARROLL COUNTY, Lineboro Historic District, Main St, Church to Mill Sts., Lineboro, 96001350, LISTED, 11/15/96

MINNESOTA, BELTRAMI COUNTY, Buena Vista Archeological Historic District, Address Restricted, Puposky vicinity, 96001311, LISTED, 11/07/96

MINNESOTA, GOODHUE COUNTY, Spring Creek Petroglyphs, Address Restricted, Red Wing vicinity, 96001310, LISTED, 11/14/96 (American Indian Rock Art in Minnesota MPS)

MINNESOTA, HOUSTON COUNTY, Yucatan Fort Site, Address Restricted, Yucatan vicinity, 96001308, LISTED, 11/14/96 (Precontact American Indian Earthworks MPS)

MINNESOTA, TRAVERSE COUNTY, Shady Dell Site, Address Restricted, Beardsley vicinity, 96001309, OWNER OBJECTION DETERMINED ELIGIBLE, 11/14/96 (Precontact American Indian Earthworks)

MISSISSIPPI, LAUDERDALE COUNTY, Gulf, Mobile & Ohio Freight Depot, 20 22nd Ave., Meridian, 79003392, REMOVED, 11/08/96 (Meridian MRA)

MISSISSIPPI, TATE COUNTY, Senatobia Christian Church, 407 W. Tate St., Senatobia, 94000203, REMOVED, 11/08/96 (Senatobia MPS)

NEW YORK, KINGS COUNTY, Stuyvesant Heights Historic District (Boundary Increase), Roughly, Decatur St. from Tompkins to Lewis Aves., Brooklyn, 96001355, LISTED, 11/15/96

NEW YORK, NEW YORK COUNTY, St. Michael's Church, 225 W. 99th St., New York, 96001354, LISTED, 11/15/96

OKLAHOMA, OKLAHOMA COUNTY, Edwards Historic District, Roughly bounded by N. Page Ave., N.E. 16th St., N.E. Grand Blvd., and E. Park Pl., Oklahoma City, 96001028, LISTED, 10/03/96

TENNESSEE, CLAY COUNTY, Free Hills Rosenwald School, Free Hills Rd., E of TN 52, Free Hill, 96001360, LISTED, 11/15/96

TENNESSEE, SUMNER COUNTY, Cairo Rosenwald School, Zieglers Fort Rd., approximately 2.5 mi. S of TN 25, Cairo, 96001359, LISTED, 11/15/96

TENNESSEE, WHITE COUNTY, Sperry--Smith House, 121 Maple St., Sparta, 96001357, LISTED, 11/15/96

TEXAS, DE WITT COUNTY, Municipal Power Plant, 810 Front St., Yoakum, 96001356, LISTED, 11/15/96

UTAH, WAYNE COUNTY, Lee, Charles W. and Leah, House, 277 W. 100 North, Torrey, 96001325, LISTED, 11/15/96