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The Director of the National Park Service is pleased to announce actions on the following properties for the National Register of Historic Places. For further information contact
Edson Beall via voice (202) 354-2255, fax (202) 371-2229, or E-mail: edson_beall@nps.gov

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KEY: State, County, Property Name, Address/Boundary, City, Vicinity, Reference Number, NHL, Action, Date, Multiple Name

CALIFORNIA, CONTRA COSTA COUNTY, Bank of Pinole, 2361 San Pablo Ave., Pinole, 96001175, LISTED, 10/24/96

CALIFORNIA, SAN BERNARDINO COUNTY, Barton Villa, 11245 Nevada St., Redlands, 96001176, LISTED, 10/24/96

CALIFORNIA, SAN DIEGO COUNTY, Balboa Theatre, 868 4th Ave., San Diego, 96001177, LISTED, 10/24/96

FLORIDA, LEE COUNTY, Casa Rio, 2424 McGregor Blvd., Fort Myers, 96001186, LISTED, 10/24/96 (Lee County MPS)

FLORIDA, PALM BEACH COUNTY, Professional Building, 310 S. Dixie Hwy., West Palm Beach, 96001187, LISTED, 10/24/96

FLORIDA, PASCO COUNTY, Hacienda Hotel, 5621 Main St., New Port Richey, 96001185, LISTED, 10/24/96

GEORGIA, BIBB COUNTY, Ocmulgee National Monument, 1207 Emory Hwy., E of Macon, Macon, 66000099, ADDITIONAL DOCUMENTATION APPROVED, 10/17/96

IOWA, HARDIN COUNTY, New Providence School Gymnasium, 106 N. Main St., New Providence, 96000698, LISTED, 10/22/96

LOUISIANA, BOSSIER PARISH, Hughes House, 414 Sibley St., Benton, 96001163, LISTED, 10/22/96

LOUISIANA, ST. TAMMANY PARISH, New Orleans and Northeastern--New Orleans and Great Northern Railroad Depot, 1809 Front St., Slidell, 96001188, LISTED, 10/24/96

MAINE, SAGADAHOC COUNTY, Butterfield--Sampson House, 18 River Rd., Bowdoinham, 96001190, LISTED, 10/24/96

MISSOURI, PETTIS COUNTY, Building at 217 West Main Street, 217 W. Main St., Sedalia, 96001189, LISTED, 10/24/96

NORTH CAROLINA, HAYWOOD COUNTY, Ray, Clyde H., Sr., House, 803 1/2 Love Ln., Waynesville, 96001089, LISTED, 10/22/96

OREGON, LANE COUNTY, Amazon Family Housing Complex, Jct. of 24th Ave. and Patterson St., Eugene, 95000090, REMOVED, 10/22/96

PENNSYLVANIA, ALLEGHENY COUNTY, Lehner Grain-and-Cider Mill and House, Address Restricted, Verona vicinity, 96001202, LISTED, 10/24/96

PENNSYLVANIA, BEAVER COUNTY, Beaver Historic District, Roughly bounded by the C and P Railroad tracks, Fair Ave., 5th St., 3rd St., and Sassafras Ln., Beaver, 96001201, LISTED, 10/24/96

PENNSYLVANIA, CHESTER COUNTY, Greenwood Farm, 888 West Valley Dr., Tredyffrin Township, Wayne vicinity, 96001196, LISTED, 10/24/96

PENNSYLVANIA, DELAWARE COUNTY, Stonehaven, 484 Lenni Rd., jct. with New Rd., Borough of Chester Heights, Media vicinity, 96001197, LISTED, 10/24/96

PENNSYLVANIA, ERIE COUNTY, Boston Store, 716--728 State St., Erie, 96001194, LISTED, 10/24/96

PENNSYLVANIA, FAYETTE COUNTY, Frost, Josiah, House, S side of US 40, W of Searight's Corners, Menallen Township, New Salem vicinity, 96001209, LISTED, 10/24/96 (National Road in Pennsylvania MPS)

PENNSYLVANIA, MERCER COUNTY, Pierce, Jonas J., House, 18 E. Shenango St., Sharpsville, 96001206, LISTED, 10/24/96

PENNSYLVANIA, PHILADELPHIA COUNTY, St. Joseph's House for Homeless Industrious Boys, 1511 and 1515--1527 Allegheny Rd., Philadelphia, 96001204, LISTED, 10/24/96

PENNSYLVANIA, PHILADELPHIA COUNTY, Terminal Commerce Building, 401 N. Broad St., Philadelphia, 96001203, LISTED, 10/24/96

PENNSYLVANIA, SOMERSET COUNTY, Hair, Matthew, Farm, Off PA 601, 1 mi. N of Boswell, Hollsopple, 96001207, LISTED, 10/24/96

PENNSYLVANIA, WASHINGTON COUNTY, Beallsville Historic District, Roughly, Main St., Chestnut Alley, and South Alley between West Alley and Oak Alley, Borough of Beallsville, Ellsworth vicinity, 96001205, LISTED, 10/24/96 (National Road of Pennsylvania MPS)

PENNSYLVANIA, WASHINGTON COUNTY, Centerville Historic District, Roughly, Old National Pike--US 40 from Linton Rd. to jct. ofOld National Pike--US 40 and PA 481, Centerville, 96001208, LISTED, 10/24/96 (National Road in Pennsylvania MPS)

PENNSYLVANIA, WASHINGTON COUNTY, Scenery Hill Historic District, Roughly, National Pike East--US 40 between Scenery Hill Cemetery and Kinder Rd., Scenery Hill, 96001198, LISTED, 10/24/96 (National Road in Pennsylvania MPS)

SOUTH CAROLINA, RICHLAND COUNTY, Sidney Park Colored Methodist Episcopal Church, 1114 Blanding St., Columbia, 96001222, LISTED, 10/24/96

SOUTH DAKOTA, BROOKINGS COUNTY, St. Mary's School, 220 E. 3rd St., Elkton, 96001228, LISTED, 10/24/96

SOUTH DAKOTA, DAY COUNTY, Barber, Charles A., Farmstead (Boundary Increase), .5 mi. W. of Lily, approximately 5 mi. W. of SD 25, Lily vicinity, 96001226, LISTED, 10/24/96

SOUTH DAKOTA, FALL RIVER COUNTY, Edgemont Block, 610 2nd Ave., Edgemont, 96001232, LISTED, 10/24/96

SOUTH DAKOTA, LAWRENCE COUNTY, Baker Bungalow, 740 8th St., Spearfish, 96001231, LISTED, 10/24/96

SOUTH DAKOTA, MINNEHAHA COUNTY, Brooks Brothers Home, 1006--1008 South Dakota Ave., Sioux Falls, 96001225, LISTED, 10/24/96

SOUTH DAKOTA, ROBERTS COUNTY, Sisseton Carnegie Library, 215 Oak St., E., Sisseton, 96001227, LISTED, 10/24/96

UTAH, SEVIER COUNTY, Monroe Methodist Episcopal Church, 55 W. 100 West, Monroe, 80003962, REMOVED, 10/07/96

UTAH, UTAH COUNTY, Bunnell, Stephen and Mary, House, 970 S. 800 West, Utah Valley State College, Orem, 96001171, LISTED, 10/22/96

UTAH, UTAH COUNTY, Spanish Fork Fire Station, 365 N. Main St., Spanish Fork, 85000818, REMOVED, 10/07/96 (Public Works Buildings TR)

UTAH, UTAH COUNTY, Spanish Fork National Guard Armory, 360 N. Main, Spanish Fork, 86000749, REMOVED, 10/07/96 (Public Works Buildings TR)

WISCONSIN, WAUKESHA COUNTY, James, Samuel D., House, 726 N. East Ave., Waukesha, 83004687, LISTED, 10/24/96 (Waukesha MRA)