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The Director of the National Park Service is pleased to announce actions on the following properties for the National Register of Historic Places. For further information contact
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KEY: State, County, Property Name, Address/Boundary, City, Vicinity, Reference Number, NHL, Action, Date, Multiple Name

ARIZONA, PIMA COUNTY, Hughes, Sam, Neighborhood Historic District, Roughly bounded by E. Speedway Blvd., N. Campbell Ave., E. 7th St. and N. Bentley Ave., Tucson, 94001164, ADDITIONAL DOCUMENTATION APPROVED, 9/06/96

ARKANSAS, POPE COUNTY, Russellville Downtown Historic District, Roughly bounded by W. 2nd St., Arkansas Ave., Missouri--Pacific RR tracks and El Paso St., Russellville, 96000941, LISTED, 9/03/96

CALIFORNIA, SAN FRANCISCO COUNTY, Russian Hill--Vallejo Street Crest District, Roughly 1020-1032 Broadway, 1-49 Florence, 1728-1742 Jones, 1-7 Russian Hill Pl., 1629-1715 Taylor, & 1000-1085 Vallejo, San Francisco, 87002289, ADDITIONAL DOCUMENTATION APPROVED, 8/30/96

CALIFORNIA, SIERRA COUNTY, Forest City, Off of Mountain House Rd., jct. of North and South Forks, Tahoe National Forest, Forest City, 96000942, LISTED, 9/03/96

FLORIDA, HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, Standard Oil Service Station, 1111 N. Wheeler St., Plant City, 96000974, LISTED, 9/06/96

FLORIDA, PALM BEACH COUNTY, Comeau Building, 319 Clematis St., West Palm Beach, 96000975, LISTED, 9/06/96

FLORIDA, ST. JOHNS COUNTY, Castillo de San Marcos National Monument, 1 Castillo Dr., St. Augustine, 66000062, ADDITIONAL DOCUMENTATION APPROVED, 9/06/96

GEORGIA, CLARKE COUNTY, Rocksprings Shotgun Row Historic District, 433--447 Rocksprings St., Athens, 96000875, LISTED, 8/23/96 (Shotgun Houses of Athens--Clarke County MPS)

IDAHO, BANNOCK COUNTY, Pocatello Warehouse Historic District, Roughly bounded by S. 2nd Ave., E. Halliday, E. Sutter, and the OSL RR tracks, Pocatello, 96000946, LISTED, 9/03/96

IDAHO, LATAH COUNTY, Kappa Sigma Fraternity, Gamma Theta Chapter, 918 Blake St., Moscow, 96000945, LISTED, 9/03/96

INDIANA, RIPLEY COUNTY, Old Timbers, US Army Jefferson Proving Ground, approximately .5 mi. SE of jct. of K Rd. and Northeast Exit, Madison vicinity, 96000786, LISTED, 7/30/96

KENTUCKY, TAYLOR COUNTY, Sanders, Durham, House, 1251 Sanders Rd., Campbellsville vicinity, 96000792, LISTED, 7/31/96

MASSACHUSETTS, PLYMOUTH COUNTY, Woodworth House, 47 Old Oaken Bucket Rd., Scituate, 96000317, LISTED, 4/09/96

MASSACHUSETTS, WORCESTER COUNTY, East Main Street--Cherry Street Historic District, 215--270 and 35--73 Main, 2--16 Linden, 3--24 Ash, 26--73 Cherry, 6--19 May, and 8 Park Sts., Spencer, 96000826, LISTED, 8/09/96

MICHIGAN, IOSCO COUNTY, Cooke Hydroelectric Plant, Cook Dam Rd. at the Cook Dam on the Au Sable River, Oscoda vicinity, 96000803, LISTED, 8/02/96

NEW JERSEY, CAPE MAY COUNTY, Baker, J. Thompson, House, 3008 Atlantic Ave., Wildwood City, 96000551, LISTED, 5/31/96

NORTH CAROLINA, PENDER COUNTY, Moores Creek National Battlefield, 25 mi. NW of Wilmington on NC 210, Wilmington vicinity, 66000070, ADDITIONAL DOCUMENTATION APPROVED, 6/07/96

OHIO, LUCAS COUNTY, Birmingham Historic District, Roughly bounded by Genesee, York, Esther, Magyar, Consaul, and Conrail Tracks, Toledo, 96000834, LISTED, 8/08/96 (East Toledo MPS)

OHIO, LUCAS COUNTY, East Toledo Historic District, Roughly bounded by Front, Platt, Starr, and Spring Grove, Toledo, 96000831, LISTED, 8/08/96 (East Toledo MPS)

OHIO, LUCAS COUNTY, Ira Apartments, 1302 Parkside Blvd., Toledo, 96000868, LISTED, 8/15/96

OHIO, LUCAS COUNTY, Spring Grove Historic District, Roughly bounded by Mason, Spring Grove, Greenwood, and Conrail Tracks, Toledo, 96000832, LISTED, 8/08/96 (East Toledo MPS)

OHIO, LUCAS COUNTY, Yondota Historic District, Roughly bounded by Oak, 2nd, Euclid, Starr, White, Delence, and Nevada, Toledo, 96000833, LISTED, 8/08/96 (East Toledo MPS)

SOUTH CAROLINA, RICHLAND COUNTY, Elmwood Cemetery, 501 Elmwood Ave., Columbia, 96000984, LISTED, 9/06/96

TENNESSEE, HAMILTON COUNTY, Missionary Ridge Historic District, N. and S. Crest Rd. from Delong Reservation to 700 S. Crest Rd., Chattanooga, 95001257, LISTED, 9/05/96

VIRGINIA, ROCKBRIDGE COUNTY, Kennedy--Lunsford Farm, Approximately .5 mi. S of VA 606, near jct. with VA 604, Raphine, 96000592, LISTED, 6/07/96

WISCONSIN, IOWA COUNTY, Iowa Street Historic District, Roughly, Iowa St. from Division St. to Diagonal St., Dodgeville, 96000991, LISTED, 9/06/96

WISCONSIN, SAUK COUNTY, Van Orden, Jacob, House, 531 4th Ave., Baraboo, 96000988, LISTED, 9/06/96

WISCONSIN, WAUKESHA COUNTY, Weston's Antique Apple Orchard, 19760 W. National Ave., New Berlin, 96000989, LISTED, 9/06/96

WISCONSIN, WINNEBAGO COUNTY, Smith, Hiram, House, 336 Main St., Neenah, 96000990, LISTED, 9/06/96