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The Director of the National Park Service is pleased to announce actions on the following properties for the National Register of Historic Places. For further information contact
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KEY: State, County, Property Name, Address/Boundary, City, Vicinity, Reference Number, NHL, Action, Date, Multiple Name

FLORIDA, DADE COUNTY, Bow, Lily Lawrence, Library, 212 N.W. 1st Ave., Homestead, 96000823, LISTED, 8/05/96 (Homestead MPS)

GEORGIA, HANCOCK COUNTY, Hurt--Rives Plantation, Address Restricted, Sparta vicinity, 96000874, LISTED, 8/08/96

ILLINOIS, FULTON COUNTY, Odd Fellows Opera Block, Jct. of Main and Mechanic Sts., SW corner, Ellisville, 96000876, LISTED, 8/08/96

MARYLAND, SOMERSET COUNTY, Pritchard, Dr. William B., House, 29994 Polks Rd., Princess Anne vicinity, 96000879, LISTED, 8/08/96

MARYLAND, WICOMICO COUNTY, Honeysuckle Lodge, 1601 Camden Ave., Salisbury, 96000880, LISTED, 8/08/96

MICHIGAN, WAYNE COUNTY, Mies van der Rohe Residential District and Lafayette Park, Roughly bounded by Lafayette Ave., Rivard, Antietam, and Orleans Sts., Detroit, 96000809, LISTED, 8/01/96

MONTANA, MISSOULA COUNTY, Bluebird Building, 220--224 N. Higgins Ave., Missoula, 96000881, LISTED, 8/08/96 (Missoula MPS)

N. MARIANA ISLANDS, SAIPAN MUNICIPALITY, Unai Achugao Archaeological Site, Address Restricted, Punton Achugao vicinity, 96000825, LISTED, 8/08/96

NEW YORK, GREENE COUNTY, Ulster and Delaware Railroad Station, NY 23A, Hamlet of Haines Falls, Hunter, 96000861, LISTED, 8/08/96

NEW YORK, ORANGE COUNTY, Smith House, The, 2727 Albany Post Rd., Montgomery, 96000863, LISTED, 8/08/96

NEW YORK, OTSEGO COUNTY, Fly Creek Methodist Church, Co. Rt. 26, N of jct. with NY 28, Fly Creek, 96000859, LISTED, 8/08/96

NEW YORK, SARATOGA COUNTY, CATAWISSA (tugboat), Lock 3, NY State Barge Canal, Erie Div., Waterford, 96000828, LISTED, 8/08/96

NEW YORK, ULSTER COUNTY, Cragsmoor Historic District, Roughly bounded by Henry, Cragsmoor, and Sam's Pt. Rds., Hamlet of Cragsmoor, Wawarsing, 96000860, LISTED, 8/08/96

NORTH CAROLINA, GASTON COUNTY, Dallas Historic District, Bounded by Holland, Main, Gaston and Trade Sts., Dallas, 73001344, ADDITIONAL DOCUMENTATION APPROVED, 8/08/96

OHIO, CUYAHOGA COUNTY, Euclid, The--Seventy-First Street Building, 7002--70030 Euclid Ave., Cleveland, 96000866, LISTED, 8/08/96

OHIO, HANCOCK COUNTY, Marion Township School District No. 3, 8884 Co. Rt. 236, Findlay vicinity, 96000883, LISTED, 8/08/96

OHIO, LAKE COUNTY, Young, Benjamin and Mary, House, 7597 S. Center St., Mentor, 96000867, LISTED, 8/08/96

OHIO, SCIOTO COUNTY, Zottman House, 11 Offners St., Portsmouth, 96000882, LISTED, 8/08/96

PENNSYLVANIA, BUCKS COUNTY, Rhoads Homestead, 102--106 W. Bridge St., New Hope, 85003655, LISTED, 8/08/96 (New Hope MRA)

SOUTH CAROLINA, ORANGEBURG COUNTY, All Star Bowling Lane, 559 E. Russell St., Orangeburg, 96000837, LISTED, 8/07/96 (Civil Rights Movement in Orangeburg County MPS)

TEXAS, BEXAR COUNTY, Yturri--Edmunds House, 257 Yellowstone St., San Antonio, 96000870, LISTED, 8/08/96

UTAH, SALT LAKE COUNTY, Allsop--Jensen House, 8829 S. 400 East St., Sandy, 96000885, LISTED, 8/08/96 (Sandy City MPS)

UTAH, SALT LAKE COUNTY, Bateman Agriculture and Development Company, 198 E. 8760 South St., Sandy, 96000888, LISTED, 8/08/96 (Sandy City MPS)

UTAH, SALT LAKE COUNTY, Cohn, Henry A. and Tile S., House, 1369 E. Westminister Ave., Salt Lake City, 96000871, LISTED, 8/05/96

UTAH, SALT LAKE COUNTY, Cushing, Ernest and Sadie, House, 60 E. Pioneer Ave., Sandy, 96000887, LISTED, 8/08/96 (Sandy City MPS)

UTAH, SALT LAKE COUNTY, Dobbs, Emma Olive, House, 578 E. 8885 South St., Sandy, 96000889, LISTED, 8/08/96 (Sandy City MPS)

UTAH, SALT LAKE COUNTY, Mattson, John and Mary, House, 239 E. Main St., Sandy, 96000886, LISTED, 8/08/96 (Sandy City MPS)

UTAH, SALT LAKE COUNTY, Riverton Elementary School, 12830 S. Redwood Rd., Riverton, 96000872, LISTED, 8/08/96

VIRGINIA, ROANOKE INDEPENDENT CITY, The Coffee Pot, 2902 Brambleton Ave., SW, Roanoke, 96000575, LISTED, 5/31/96

VIRGINIA, SALEM INDEPENDENT CITY, Downtown Salem Historic District, Roughly, Main St. from Broad St. to College Ave., Salem, 96000591, LISTED, 6/05/96

WASHINGTON, PIERCE COUNTY, Parkland Lutheran Children's Home, 12123 A St., Tacoma, 96000838, LISTED, 8/07/96 (Norwegian Settlement in Parkland MPS)

WISCONSIN, VILAS COUNTY, Region Nine Training School, 611 Sheridan St., Eagle River, 96000890, LISTED, 8/08/96

A correction is hereby made to the REMOVED action on the Weekly List dated August 9, 1996 for the following property:

KANSAS, NEOSHO COUNTY Austin Bridge SE of Chanute at Neosho River, Chanute vicinity, 77000592, PROPOSED MOVE APPROVED, 8/02/96