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The Director of the National Park Service is pleased to announce actions on the following properties for the National Register of Historic Places. For further information contact
Edson Beall via voice (202) 354-2255, fax (202) 371-2229, or E-mail: edson_beall@nps.gov

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KEY: State, County, Property Name, Address/Boundary, City, Vicinity, Reference Number, NHL, Action, Date, Multiple Name

ARIZONA, PIMA COUNTY, Pie Allen Historic District, Roughly bounded by N. Euclid Ave., E. 6th St., N. Park Ave., and E. 10th St., Tucson, 96000648, LISTED, 6/20/96

CONNECTICUT, LITCHFIELD COUNTY, Lakeville Historic District, Bounded by Millerton Rd., Sharon Rd., Allen St., and Holley St., Salisbury, 96000845, LISTED, 8/02/96

CONNECTICUT, NEW LONDON COUNTY, Lighthouse Inn, 6 Guthrie Pl., New London, 96000822, LISTED, 8/02/96

FLORIDA, ORANGE COUNTY, Winter Garden Downtown Historic District, Roughly bounded by Woodland, Tremaine, Henderson, and Lake View Sts., Winter Garden, 96000850, LISTED, 8/01/96

FLORIDA, ORANGE COUNTY, Winter Garden Historic Residential District, Roughly bounded by Plant, Boyd, Tilden, and Central Sts., Winter Garden, 96000849, LISTED, 8/01/96

FLORIDA, SARASOTA COUNTY, Sanderling Beach Club, 105 Beach Rd., Sarasota, 94000618, PROPOSED MOVE APPROVED, 7/26/96

FLORIDA, VOLUSIA COUNTY, Daytona Beach Surfside Historic District, Roughly bounded by Auditorium Blvd., the Atlantic Ocean, US 92, and the Halifax River, Daytona Beach, 96000851, LISTED, 8/01/96 (Daytona Beach MPS)

ILLINOIS, CHAMPAIGN COUNTY, Lincoln Building, 44 E. Main St., Champaign, 96000854, LISTED, 8/01/96

ILLINOIS, JOHNSON COUNTY, Ater--Jaques House, 207 W. Elm St., Urbana, 96000855, LISTED, 8/01/96

ILLINOIS, KANE COUNTY, LaSalle Street Auto Row Historic District, 56--84 LaSalle St. and 57--83 S. LaSalle St., Aurora, 96000856, LISTED, 8/01/96

ILLINOIS, LOGAN COUNTY, Mattfeldt, Theodore H. O., House, 202 S. Marion St., Mt. Pulaski, 96000853, LISTED, 8/01/96

ILLINOIS, MACON COUNTY, Trobaugh--Good House, 1495 Brozio Ln., Decatur, 96000858, LISTED, 8/01/96

ILLINOIS, MCLEAN COUNTY, US Army Aircraft C-53-DO-41-20124, 1.25 mi. E of jct. of IL 9 and IL 5, Bloomington, 96000857, LISTED, 8/01/96

INDIANA, JENNINGS COUNTY, Benville Bridge, US Army Proving Ground, approximately 1 mi. E off Perimeter Rd., San Jacinto vicinity, 96000789, LISTED, 7/30/96

INDIANA, JENNINGS COUNTY, Edward's Ford Bridge, US Army Jefferson Proving Ground, off Northwest Rd., Nebraska vicinity, 96000788, LISTED, 7/30/96

INDIANA, RIPLEY COUNTY, Collin's Ford Bridge, US Army Proving Ground, approximately .75 mi. W of New Marion, New Marion vicinity, 96000787, LISTED, 7/30/96

INDIANA, RIPLEY COUNTY, Marble Creek Bridge, US Army Jefferson Proving Ground, approximately .75 mi. W of jct. of G and W. Recovery Rds., San Jacinto vicinity, 96000785, LISTED, 7/30/96

KANSAS, NEOSHO COUNTY, Austin Bridge, SE of Chanute at Neosho River, Chanute vicinity, 77000592, REMOVED, 8/02/96

KENTUCKY, FAYETTE COUNTY, Wolf Wile Department Store Building, 248--250 E. Main St., Lexington, 96000795, LISTED, 7/31/96

KENTUCKY, MORGAN COUNTY, Cooper, Judge John E., House, 709 N. Main St., West Liberty, 96000824, LISTED, 8/01/96

MASSACHUSETTS, BERKSHIRE COUNTY, Congregational Church of West Stockbridge, 45 Main St., West Stockbridge, 96000899, LISTED, 7/30/96

MASSACHUSETTS, BRISTOL COUNTY, Attleborough Falls Gasholder Building, 380 Elm St., North Attleborough, 96000848, LISTED, 8/02/96

MISSISSIPPI, BOLIVAR COUNTY, Taborian Hospital, US 61, jct. of McGinnis St., Mound Bayou, 96000827, LISTED, 8/02/96

NEW YORK, ST. LAWRENCE COUNTY, Fine Town Hall, 91 NY 58, Fine, 96000829, LISTED, 8/02/96

NORTH CAROLINA, DURHAM COUNTY, Golden Belt Historic District (Boundary Increase), 1000--1004 E. Main St., Durham, 96000816, LISTED, 7/30/96

NORTH CAROLINA, GASTON COUNTY, Mount Holly Cotton Mill, 250 N. Main St., Mount Holly, 96000830, LISTED, 8/01/96

OREGON, BENTON COUNTY, Hull--Oakes Lumber Company, 23837 Dawson Rd., Monroe vicinity, 96000869, LISTED, 8/02/96

SOUTH CAROLINA, ORANGEBURG COUNTY, Stroman, William P., House, 1017 N. Boulevard, Orangeburg, 96000836, LISTED, 8/01/96 (Orangeburg MRA)

SOUTH CAROLINA, UNION COUNTY, Union Community Hospital, 213 W. Main St., Union, 96000835, LISTED, 8/01/96 (Union MPS)

SOUTH DAKOTA, BUTTE COUNTY, Belle Fourche River Bridge, NE of Belle Fourche off US 212, Belle Fourche vicinity, 86000923, REMOVED, 8/01/96 (Rural Butte and Meade Counties MRA)

SOUTH DAKOTA, BUTTE COUNTY, Fruitdale Bridge, 1/2 mi. S of Fruitdale, Fruitdale vicinity, 86000925, REMOVED, 8/01/96 (Rural Butte and Meade Counties MRA)

WASHINGTON, GRAYS HARBOR COUNTY, McCleary Hotel, Old, 42 Summit Rd., McCleary, 96000842, LISTED, 8/02/96

WASHINGTON, LEWIS COUNTY, Hillside Historic District, Roughly bounded by Jefferson Ave., Hill St., Washington Ave., and 9th St., Chehalis, 96000841, LISTED, 8/01/96

WASHINGTON, YAKIMA COUNTY, Edgar Rock Lodge, 380 Old Naches Rd., Naches, 96000843, LISTED, 8/01/96