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The Director of the National Park Service is pleased to announce actions on the following properties for the National Register of Historic Places. For further information contact
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KEY: State, County, Property Name, Address/Boundary, City, Vicinity, Reference Number, NHL, Action, Date, Multiple Name

CALIFORNIA, LOS ANGELES COUNTY, Charmont Apartments, 330 California Ave., Santa Monica, 96000777, LISTED, 7/25/96

CALIFORNIA, LOS ANGELES COUNTY, Town House, The, 2959--2973 Wilshire Blvd. and 607--643 S. Commonwealth Ave., Los Angeles, 96000821, OWNER OBJECTION DETERMINED ELIGIBLE, 7/22/96

CALIFORNIA, LOS ANGELES COUNTY, Villa Riviera, 800 E. Ocean Blvd., Long Beach, 96000778, LISTED, 7/25/96

CONNECTICUT, FAIRFIELD COUNTY, Hurlbutt Street School, 157 Hurlbutt St., Wilton, 96000774, LISTED, 7/25/96

CONNECTICUT, FAIRFIELD COUNTY, Round Hill Historic District, Roughly, jct. of John St. and Round Hill Rd., Greenwich, 96000779, LISTED, 7/25/96

CONNECTICUT, MIDDLESEX COUNTY, Wadsworth Estate Historic District, 15, 30, 33, 59, 73, 89 Laurel Grove Rd., Wadsworth Falls State Park, and 421 Wadsworth St., Middletown, 96000775, LISTED, 7/25/96

CONNECTICUT, NEW LONDON COUNTY, Yantic Woolen Company Mill, 6 Franklin Rd., Norwich, 96000780, LISTED, 7/25/96

CONNECTICUT, WINDHAM COUNTY, Millington Green Historic District, Roughly bounded by Millington, Tater Hill, Haywardville, and Old Hopyard Rds., East Haddam, 96000782, LISTED, 7/25/96

CONNECTICUT, WINDHAM COUNTY, Wickham Road Historic District, Roughly, jct. of Wickham and Geoffrey Rds., East Haddam, 96000781, LISTED, 7/25/96

KENTUCKY, CAMPBELL COUNTY, Monmouth Street Historic District, Monmouth St. between 3rd and 11th Sts., Newport, 96000794, LISTED, 7/25/96

KENTUCKY, GRAVES COUNTY, Mayfield Downtown Commercial District (Boundary Increase), Roughly bounded by N. 9th, W. and E. North, N. and S. 5th, E. Water, and S. and N. 8th Sts., Mayfield, 96000791, BOUNDARY INCREASE, 7/25/96

KENTUCKY, JEFFERSON COUNTY, Lindenberger--Grant House, 8200 Railroad Ave., Lyndon, 96000793, LISTED, 7/25/96

KENTUCKY, JESSAMINE COUNTY, Payne--Saunders House, 503 N. Central Ave., Nicholasville, 96000799, LISTED, 7/25/96

KENTUCKY, KENTON COUNTY, Lee--Holman Historic District, Bounded by W. Robbins, Holman, W. 12th, and Lee Sts., Covington, 96000798, LISTED, 7/25/96

MICHIGAN, CALHOUN COUNTY, Homer Village Historic District, Roughly bounded by Leigh, Burgess, Hamilton, School, and Byron Sts., Homer, 96000805, LISTED, 7/25/96

MICHIGAN, CALHOUN COUNTY, Maple Street Historic District, 161--342 Capital Ave., NE, Battle Creek, 96000806, LISTED, 7/25/96

MICHIGAN, JACKSON COUNTY, Concord Village Historic District, Roughly, Hanover St. from Spring to Michigan Sts. and N. Main St. from Railroad to Monroe Sts., Concord, 96000810, LISTED, 7/25/96

MICHIGAN, LIVINGSTON COUNTY, St. Augustine Catholic Church and Cemetery, 6481 Faussett Rd., Deerfield Township, Hartland vicinity, 96000802, LISTED, 7/25/96

MICHIGAN, MACOMB COUNTY, Clinton Grove Cemetery, 21189 Cass Ave., Clinton Township, Mt. Clemens vicinity, 96000807, LISTED, 7/25/96

MICHIGAN, MIDLAND COUNTY, Parents' and Children's Schoolhouse, 1505 Crane Ct., Midland, 96000800, LISTED, 7/25/96 (Residential Architecture of Alden B. Dow in Midland 1933--1938 MPS)

MICHIGAN, SANILAC COUNTY, Port Sanilac Masonic and Town Hall, 20 N. Ridge St., Port Sanilac, 96000808, LISTED, 7/25/96

MICHIGAN, ST. JOSEPH COUNTY, Morse--Scoville House, 685 S. Washington, Constantine, 96000801, LISTED, 7/25/96

MICHIGAN, WAYNE COUNTY, Deming, Paul Harvey, House, 111 Lake Shore Rd., Gross Pointe Farms, 96000811, LISTED, 7/25/96

MICHIGAN, WAYNE COUNTY, Remick, Jerome H., and Company, Building, 1250 Library Ave., Detroit, 96000804, LISTED, 7/25/96

MICHIGAN, WAYNE COUNTY, Royal Palm Hotel, 2305 Park Ave., Detroit, 96000812, LISTED, 7/25/96

MISSISSIPPI, COPIAH COUNTY, Pleasant Valley Methodist Church, Pleasant Valley Rd., .8 mi. E of MS 28, Hazlehurst vicinity, 96000703, LISTED, 7/12/96 (Copiah County MPS)

MISSISSIPPI, LOWNDES COUNTY, St. Paul's Episcopal Church Rectory, Old, 300 Main St., Columbus, 96000702, LISTED, 7/12/96

NEW JERSEY, ESSEX COUNTY, North Broad Street Historic District, 136--148 Broad St., Newark, 96000813, LISTED, 7/23/96

NEW YORK, BROOME COUNTY, New York State Inebriate Asylum, 425 Robinson St., Binghamton, 96000814, LISTED, 7/24/96

NEW YORK, HERKIMER COUNTY, Russia Corners Historic District, Roughly, jct. of Military and Beecher Rds., Russia, 96000815, LISTED, 7/25/96

NEW YORK, ORANGE COUNTY, Bookstaver, Jacob, House, 198 Schmitt Ln., Montgomery, 96000558, LISTED, 6/03/96

NEW YORK, ORANGE COUNTY, Canterbury Presbyterian Church, 30 Clinton St., Cornwall, 96000556, LISTED, 6/03/96 (Cornwall MPS)

NEW YORK, ORANGE COUNTY, Cromwell Manor, Angola Rd., approximately .25 mi. S of jct. with US 9W, Cornwall, 96000555, LISTED, 6/03/96 (Cornwall MPS)

NEW YORK, ORANGE COUNTY, Firthcliffe Firehouse, 196 Willow Ave., Cornwall, 96000554, LISTED, 6/03/96 (Cornwall MPS)

NEW YORK, ORANGE COUNTY, Mountainville Grange Hall, NY 32, S of jct. with Creamery Rd., Cornwall, 96000557, LISTED, 6/03/96 (Cornwall MPS)

NORTH DAKOTA, CASS COUNTY, Shea Site, Address Restricted, Embden vicinity, 96000817, LISTED, 7/25/96

RHODE ISLAND, BRISTOL COUNTY, O'Bannon Mill, 90 Bay Spring Ave., Barrington, 96000891, LISTED, 7/23/96

SOUTH CAROLINA, RICHLAND COUNTY, Southern Cotton Oil Company, 737 Gadsden St., Columbia, 94001552, LISTED, 7/25/96

TENNESSEE, FAYETTE COUNTY, Lauderdale Courts Public Housing Project, Danny Thomas Blvd., Alabama Ave., Exchange Ave., 3rd St., and Winchester, Memphis, 96000819, LISTED, 7/25/96 (Public Housing Projects in Memphis MPS)

TENNESSEE, FAYETTE COUNTY, LeMoyne Gardens Public Housing Project, Walker, Porter, Provine, and Neptune Sts., Memphis, 96000820, LISTED, 7/25/96 (Public Housing Projects in Memphis MPS)

TENNESSEE, MCMINN COUNTY, Etowah Historic District, Roughly bounded by 5th St., Washington Ave., 11th St., and Indiana Ave., Etowah, 96000818, LISTED, 7/25/96

VERMONT, BENNINGTON COUNTY, East Arlington Village Historic District, Roughly bounded by Old Mill, Ice Pond, E. Arlington, and Warm Brook Rds., Maple and Pleasnt Sts., and the Lane, Arlington, 96000689, LISTED, 7/05/96

VIRGINIA, BUCKINGHAM COUNTY, Mount Ida, VA 610, New Canton vicinity, 87000624, PROPOSED MOVE APPROVED, 7/18/96

WASHINGTON, SPOKANE COUNTY, Littlebrook, 16704 N. Dartford Dr., Spokane, 96000840, LISTED, 7/26/96