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The Director of the National Park Service is pleased to announce actions on the following properties for the National Register of Historic Places. For further information contact
Edson Beall via voice (202) 354-2255, fax (202) 371-2229, or E-mail: edson_beall@nps.gov

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KEY: State, County, Property Name, Address/Boundary, City, Vicinity, Reference Number, NHL, Action, Date, Multiple Name

ARIZONA, COCHISE COUNTY, Kinjockity Ranch, 10047 E. AZ 92, Hereford, 96000759, LISTED, 7/19/96

ARIZONA, MARICOPA COUNTY, Squaw Peak Inn, 4425 E. Horseshoe Rd., Phoenix, 96000760, LISTED, 7/19/96

ARKANSAS, FAULKNER COUNTY, Dunaway, O. L., House, 920 Center St., Conway, 96000797, LISTED, 7/19/96

ARKANSAS, FAULKNER COUNTY, Harton, D. O., House, 607 Davis St., Conway, 96000796, LISTED, 7/19/96

ARKANSAS, FAULKNER COUNTY, Young Memorial, 1601 Harkrider Dr., N of Reynolds Science Hall, Conway, 96000758, LISTED, 7/19/96

CALIFORNIA, LOS ANGELES COUNTY, Bullock's Pasadena, 401 S. Lake Ave., Pasadena, 96000776, LISTED, 7/12/96

FLORIDA, ORANGE COUNTY, Griffin Park Historic District, Roughly bounded by Avondale and S. Division Aves., Carter St., and I-4, Orlando, 96000784, LISTED, 7/18/96

KANSAS, STAFFORD COUNTY, Henderson, Sarah L., House, 518 W. Stafford St., Stafford, 96000763, LISTED, 7/19/96

KANSAS, WASHINGTON COUNTY, Washington County Jail and Sheriff's Residence, 23 Commercial St., Washington, 96000762, LISTED, 7/19/96

MISSOURI, ST. FRANCOIS COUNTY, St. Francois County Jail and Sheriff's Residence, 11 N. Franklin St., Farmington, 96000764, LISTED, 7/19/96

MISSOURI, TANEY COUNTY, Bonniebrook Homestead, US 65, Walnut Shade vicinity, 84002720, REMOVED, 6/21/96

NEBRASKA, DOUGLAS COUNTY, Kimball, Mary Rogers, House, 2236 St. Mary's Ave., Omaha, 96000765, LISTED, 7/19/96

NEBRASKA, DOUGLAS COUNTY, Omaha Rail and Commerce Historic District, Roughly bounded by Jackson, 15th, 8th Sts., and UP Main Line, Omaha, 96000769, LISTED, 7/19/96

NEBRASKA, DOUGLAS COUNTY, Rose Realty--Securities Building, 305 S. 16th St., Omaha, 96000766, LISTED, 7/19/96

NEBRASKA, DOUGLAS COUNTY, Swoboda Bakery, 1422 William St., Omaha, 96000768, LISTED, 7/19/96

NEBRASKA, DOUGLAS COUNTY, The Berkeley Apartments, 649 S. 19th Ave., Omaha, 96000767, LISTED, 7/19/96

NEW YORK, ORANGE COUNTY, Haines, Benjamin, House, 114 Coleman Rd., Montgomery, 96000560, LISTED, 6/03/96

PENNSYLVANIA, MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Kastner, Jacob, Loghouse, 416 Norristown Rd., Lower Gwynedd Township, Spring House, 96000708, LISTED, 7/15/96

PENNSYLVANIA, PHILADELPHIA COUNTY, The Elverson Building, 400-440 N. Broad St., Philadelphia, 96000716, LISTED, 7/15/96

RHODE ISLAND, WASHINGTON COUNTY, Bradford Village Historic District, Roughly, Bowling Ln. from the Pawcatuck R. to Vars Ln. and Main St. from the Bradford Br. to Church Ave., Westerly, 96000573, LISTED, 5/30/96

SOUTH DAKOTA, CODINGTON COUNTY, Goodhue Lutheran Church, 15555 441st Ave., Florence vicinity, 96000745, LISTED, 7/17/96

SOUTH DAKOTA, LAWRENCE COUNTY, Nemo School House, Nemo Rd., Nemo, 96000747, LISTED, 7/17/96

SOUTH DAKOTA, MINNEHAHA COUNTY, Bridge at Iverson Crossing, 48054 266th St., Brandon vicinity, 96000746, LISTED, 7/17/96

TENNESSEE, MAURY COUNTY, Rippavilla, US 31, approximately 1.5 mi. S of jct. with Kedron Rd., Spring Hill, 96000773, LISTED, 7/19/96

TENNESSEE, MAURY COUNTY, Webster Farm, 3166 Hampshire Pike, Cross Bridges vicinity, 96000770, LISTED, 7/19/96 (Historic Family Farms in Middle Tennessee)

TENNESSEE, MOORE COUNTY, Lynchburg Historic District, Roughly bounded by Majors, Main, Elm, and Wall Sts., Lynchburg, 96000771, LISTED, 7/19/96

TENNESSEE, RUTHERFORD COUNTY, Black, Thomas C., House, 4431 Lebanon Rd., Murfreesboro vicinity, 96000231, LISTED, 7/05/96

TENNESSEE, SUMNER COUNTY, Rascoe--Harris Farm, 1135 Liberty Ln., Liberty vicinity, 96000772, LISTED, 7/19/96 (Historic Family Farms in Middle Tennessee)