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The Director of the National Park Service is pleased to announce actions on the following properties for the National Register of Historic Places. For further information contact
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KEY: State, County, Property Name, Address/Boundary, City, Vicinity, Reference Number, NHL, Action, Date, Multiple Name

ARKANSAS, GARLAND COUNTY, Hot Springs Railroad Warehouse Historic District, 401--439 Broadway, Hot Springs, 96000526, LISTED, 5/27/96

GEORGIA, MCDUFFIE COUNTY, Pine Top Farm, Jct. of US 78 and US 278, 2 mi. E of Thomson, Thomson vicinity, 96000582, LISTED, 6/05/96

KANSAS, SEDGWICK COUNTY, Monroe--Mahan House, 1357 S. Broadway, Wichita, 96000583, LISTED, 6/07/96

KENTUCKY, HARLAN COUNTY, Benham Historic District, KY 160, Central Ave., McKnight and Cypress Sts., Benham, 83002785, ADDITIONAL DOCUMENTATION APPROVED, 6/03/96

MAINE, CUMBERLAND COUNTY, Portland Packing Company Factory, 14--26 York St., Portland, 96000651, LISTED, 6/07/96

MAINE, OXFORD COUNTY, Bennett, Nathaniel and Elizabeth, House, W side of Crockett Ridge Rd., 1.4 mi. N of jct. with ME 117, Norway vicinity, 96000652, LISTED, 6/07/96

MAINE, WASHINGTON COUNTY, Union Evangelical Church, N side of Addison Ridge Rd., 2 mi. S of US 1, Addison vicinity, 96000654, LISTED, 6/07/96

MASSACHUSETTS, BRISTOL COUNTY, Moreland Terrace Historic District, Roughly bounded by Moreland Terrace, Ash, Bedford, and Page Sts., New Bedford, 96000610, LISTED, 6/03/96

MICHIGAN, BENZIE COUNTY, Benzie County Courthouse, 7157 Crystal Ave., Beulah, 96000611, LISTED, 6/03/96

MICHIGAN, OAKLAND COUNTY, Hubbard--Kesby House, 1965 W. Dawson Rd., Milford, 96000612, LISTED, 6/03/96

MISSOURI, ADAIR COUNTY, Harris, Capt. Thomas C., House, 1308 N. Franklin St., Kirksville, 73001034, ADDITIONAL DOCUMENTATION APPROVED, 6/07/96

NEW HAMPSHIRE, CARROLL COUNTY, Remick, Capt. Enoch, House, 4 Great Hill Rd., Tamworth, 96000616, LISTED, 6/03/96

NEW HAMPSHIRE, HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, Victory Park Historic District, 405 Pine, 148 Concord, 111 and 129 Amherst Sts., Manchester, 96000615, LISTED, 6/03/96

NEW JERSEY, HUDSON COUNTY, Hale--Whitney Mansion, 100 Broadway, Bayonne, 96000657, LISTED, 6/07/96

NEW JERSEY, HUNTERDON COUNTY, Riegel Ridge Community Center, Co. Rt. 519, approximately 1.5 mi N of NJ--PA state line, Holland Township, Milford vicinity, 96000656, LISTED, 6/07/96

NEW JERSEY, WARREN COUNTY, Port Murray Historic District, Roughly, Port Murray Rd. from Cherry Tree Bend Rd. to Hoffman Rd., Mansfield Township, Washington vicinity, 96000658, LISTED, 6/07/96

NORTH CAROLINA, BUNCOMBE COUNTY, Asheville School, Roughly bounded by Patton Ave., Southern RR line, US 40, Sand Hill Rd., and Malvern Hills subdivision, Asheville, 96000614, LISTED, 6/03/96

OREGON, BENTON COUNTY, King, Isaac, House and Barn, N of Philomath off OR 223, Philomath vicinity, 75001579, ADDITIONAL DOCUMENTATION APPROVED, 6/03/96

OREGON, DOUGLAS COUNTY, Winchester Dam, N. Umpqua River at Hwy. 99, Winchester, 96000627, LISTED, 6/03/96

OREGON, JACKSON COUNTY, Hanscom Hall, 201 Talent Ave., Talent, 96000626, LISTED, 6/03/96

OREGON, JACKSON COUNTY, Medford Southern Pacific Railroad Passenger Depot, 147 N. Front St., Medford, 96000629, LISTED, 6/03/96

OREGON, JEFFERSON COUNTY, Lueddemann, Max and Ollie, House, 96 SE 9th St., Madras, 96000620, LISTED, 6/03/96

OREGON, LANE COUNTY, Woodmen of the World Hall, 291 W. 8th Ave., Eugene, 96000618, LISTED, 6/03/96

OREGON, LINN COUNTY, Baker, Hiram, House, 515 E. Grant St., Lebanon, 96000621, LISTED, 6/03/96

OREGON, MULTNOMAH COUNTY, Olson, August, House, 2509 NE 18th St., Portland, 96000624, LISTED, 6/03/96

OREGON, UNION COUNTY, Roesch Building, 105 Fir St., La Grande, 96000623, LISTED, 6/03/96

TENNESSEE, GILES COUNTY, Batte--Brown--Blackburn House, 318 W. Madison St., Pulaski, 96000659, LISTED, 6/07/96

UTAH, EMERY COUNTY, San Rafael Bridge, Co. Rd. 3-32 over the San Rafael River, approximately 23 mi. SE of Castle Dale, Castle Dale vicinity, 96000617, LISTED, 6/03/96

VIRGINIA, FRANKLIN COUNTY, Cahas Mountain Rural Historic District, Jct. of VA 613 and US 220, Peak of Cahas Mt. to near RoanokeCo. line, Boones Mill, 96000593, LISTED, 6/07/96

WEST VIRGINIA, MONONGALIA COUNTY, Downtown Morgantown Historic District, Roughly bounded by Chestnut and Spruce Sts. between Foundry and Willey Sts., Morgantown, 96000441, LISTED, 5/02/96

WEST VIRGINIA, OHIO COUNTY, Warwood Fire Station, 1609 Warwood Ave., Wheeling, 96000440, LISTED, 5/02/96

WEST VIRGINIA, PRESTON COUNTY, Tunnelton Railroad Depot, Boswell St., N of the jct. of Boswell and South Sts., Tunnelton, 96000437, LISTED, 5/02/96

WEST VIRGINIA, TUCKER COUNTY, Western Maryland Depot, 166 1/2 Main St., Parsons, 96000444, LISTED, 5/02/96