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The Director of the National Park Service is pleased to announce actions on the following properties for the National Register of Historic Places. For further information contact
Edson Beall via voice (202) 354-2255, fax (202) 371-2229, or E-mail: edson_beall@nps.gov

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KEY: State, County, Property Name, Address/Boundary, City, Vicinity, Reference Number, NHL, Action, Date, Multiple Name

CALIFORNIA, LOS ANGELES COUNTY, San Pedro Municipal Ferry Building, Berth 84, Foot of 6th St., San Pedro, 96000392, LISTED, 4/12/96

CONNECTICUT, HARTFORD COUNTY, Simsbury Center Historic District, Roughly, Hopmeadow St. from West St. to Massaco St., Simsbury, 96000356, LISTED, 4/12/96

GEORGIA, BURKE COUNTY, Haven Memorial Methodist Episcopal Church, Barron St., S of Jct. of Barron and 6th Sts., Waynesboro, 96000397, LISTED, 4/12/96

HAWAII, KAUAI COUNTY, Yamase Building, 4493 Moana Rd., Waimea, 96000398, LISTED, 4/12/96

IOWA, GUTHRIE COUNTY, Masonic Temple Building, 1311 N. 2nd St., Stuart, 96000400, LISTED, 4/12/96

MARYLAND, SOMERSET COUNTY, St. Paul's Methodist Episcopal Church, Jct. of MD 413 and Sign Rd., Westover, 96000403, LISTED, 4/12/96

MISSOURI, PIKE COUNTY, Louisiana Public Library, 121 N. 3rd St., Louisiana, 96000401, LISTED, 4/12/96

NEW YORK, DELAWARE COUNTY, First Old School Baptist Church of Roxbury and Vega Cemetery, Near Jct. of Co. Rt. 36 and Cartwright Rd., Roxbury vicinity, 96000371, LISTED, 4/12/96

NEW YORK, ERIE COUNTY, Citizens National Bank, 5 W. Main St., Springville, 96000295, LISTED, 4/05/96

SOUTH CAROLINA, BEAUFORT COUNTY, Knights of Wise Men Lodge, Martin Luther King Dr., S of Jct. of Martin Luther King Dr. and US 21, St. Helena Island, 96000408, LISTED, 4/12/96 (St. Helena Island MPS)

SOUTH CAROLINA, GEORGETOWN COUNTY, Friendfield Plantation, Roughly bounded by US 521--17A, the Sampit River, Whites Cr., and Creek Rd., Georgetown vicinity, 96000409, LISTED, 4/12/96 (Georgetown County Rice Culture MPS)

SOUTH CAROLINA, SPARTANBURG COUNTY, Palmetto Theater, 172 E. Main St., Spartanburg, 96000405, LISTED, 4/12/96

TENNESSEE, SEVIER COUNTY, Andes, Riley H., House, Douglas Dam Rd., Sevierville, 80003854, ADDITIONAL DOCUMENTATION APPROVED, 4/12/96

TENNESSEE, SHELBY COUNTY, Vollintine Evergreen Historic District, Roughly bounded by Watkins St., Vollintine Ave., Faxon Ave., Jackson Ave., and University St., Memphis, 96000410, LISTED, 4/12/96

TENNESSEE, TROUSDALE COUNTY, Averitt--Herod House, 395 Herod Ln., Hartsville vicinity, 96000411, LISTED, 4/12/96

UTAH, SALT LAKE COUNTY, Carlson Hall, 369 S. University St., Salt Lake City, 96000414, LISTED, 4/12/96 (Public Works Buildings TR)

VERMONT, ADDISON COUNTY, Wesleyan Methodist Church, Quaker Village Rd., near Jct. of Baker Ct. and Quaker Village Rd., Weybridge, 96000387, LISTED, 4/12/96

WASHINGTON, KITSAP COUNTY, Fort Ward Historic District (Boundary Increase), Fort Ward, approximately .5 mi N of Beans Pt., Bainbridge Island, 96000415, LISTED, 4/12/96

WISCONSIN, GREEN COUNTY, Cadiz Township Joint District No. 2 School, 214 School St., Browntown, 96000419, LISTED, 4/12/96

WISCONSIN, MILWAUKEE COUNTY, Friedmann Row, 1537, 1539, 1541, 1543 N. Cass St. and 731 E. Pleasant St., Milwaukee, 96000420, LISTED, 4/12/96

WISCONSIN, OZAUKEE COUNTY, Nieman, Edwin J., Sr., House, 13030 N. Cedarbur dRd., Mequon, 96000418, LISTED, 4/12/96