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The Director of the National Park Service is pleased to announce actions on the following properties for the National Register of Historic Places. For further information contact
Edson Beall via voice (202) 354-2255, fax (202) 371-2229, or E-mail: edson_beall@nps.gov

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KEY: State, County, Property Name, Address/Boundary, City, Vicinity, Reference Number, NHL, Action, Date, Multiple Name

COLORADO, FREMONT COUNTY, Atwater, Samuel H., House, 821 Macon Ave., Canon City, 96000241, LISTED, 3/07/96

FLORIDA, ESCAMBIA COUNTY, Emanuel Point Shipwreck Site, Address Restricted, Pensacola vicinity, 96000227, LISTED, 3/04/96

FLORIDA, POLK COUNTY, Jenks, Holland, House, 116 Raintree Ct., Auburndale, 96000254, LISTED, 3/07/96

GEORGIA, SUMTER COUNTY, Dismuke Storehouse, 505 N. Lee St., Americus, 96000247, LISTED, 3/07/96

IOWA, BUCHANAN COUNTY, Purdy, Eliphalet W. and Catherine E. Jaquish, House, 215 3rd Ave. SW., Independence, 96000237, LISTED, 3/07/96

IOWA, FLOYD COUNTY, Dr. Salsbury's Laboratories, Main Office and Production Laboratory Building, 500 Gilbert St., Charles City, 96000235, LISTED, 3/07/96

IOWA, SAC COUNTY, Seven Oaks, 707 Audubon St., Sac City, 96000236, LISTED, 3/07/96

LOUISIANA, POINTE COUPEE PARISH, Poydras High School, 460 W. Main St., New Roads, 96000229, LISTED, 3/07/96

MAINE, AROOSTOOK COUNTY, Olsson, Anders and Johanna, Farm, 114 West--Lebanon Rd., New Sweden vicinity, 96000245, LISTED, 3/07/96

MAINE, SOMERSET COUNTY, Birch Island House, Birch Island, Holeb vicinity, 96000246, LISTED, 3/07/96

MAINE, SOMERSET COUNTY, Norridgewock Female Academy, US 2 N side, .05 mi. W of jct. with ME 8, Norridgewock, 96000244, LISTED, 3/07/96

MAINE, WASHINGTON COUNTY, Wallace, Everett, House, US 1 W side, .05 mi. N of jct. with Wyman Rd., Milbridge, 96000243, LISTED, 3/07/96

MASSACHUSETTS, NORFOLK COUNTY, Cohasset Common Historic District, Bounded by Highland Ave., N. Main St., William B. Long, Jr., Rd. and Robert E. Jason Rd., Cohasset, 96000058, LISTED, 2/28/96

MISSISSIPPI, MARSHALL COUNTY, Byhalia Historic District, Roughly, along Church, Chulahoma (MS 309) and Senter Sts., Byhalia, 96000256, LISTED, 3/07/96

NEW JERSEY, MORRIS COUNTY, Morristown School, Jct. of Whippany Rd. and Hanover Ave., Morris Township, Morristown, 96000047, LISTED, 2/28/96

NORTH CAROLINA, ORANGE COUNTY, Hogan, Alexander, Plantation, Address Restricted, Chapel Hill vicinity, 96000186, LISTED, 3/04/96

TENNESSEE, BEDFORD COUNTY, Fly Manufacturing Company Building, 204 S. Main St., Shelbyville, 96000226, LISTED, 3/07/96

VERMONT, LAMOILLE COUNTY, Peoples Academy--Copley Building, Grout Observatory and Community Bandshell, 5 Copley Ave., Morristown, 96000255, LISTED, 3/07/96 (Educational Resources of Vermont MPS)

VERMONT, WASHINGTON COUNTY, Goddard College Greatwood Campus, Jct. of US 2 and VT 214, Plainfield, 96000253, LISTED, 3/07/96

VERMONT, WINDSOR COUNTY, Reading Town Hall, Jct. of VT 106 and Pleasant St., Reading, 96000252, LISTED, 3/07/96 (Historic Government Buildings MPS)

WISCONSIN, DANE COUNTY, Longfellow School, 1010 Chandler St., Madison, 96000239, LISTED, 3/07/96

WISCONSIN, MARATHON COUNTY, Marchetti, Louis, House, 111 Grant St., Wausau, 96000240, LISTED, 3/07/96

WISCONSIN, MARQUETTE COUNTY, Montello Commercial Historic District, Roughly, parts of W. Montello and Main Sts. at the Montello R. and the quarry on E. Montello St., Montello, 96000238, LISTED, 3/07/96

WISCONSIN, ROCK COUNTY, Benton Avenue Historic District, Roughly bounded by Benton Ave., Wilton Ave., Sherman Ave., Richardson St., Blaine Ave. and Prairie Ave., Janesville, 96000251, LISTED, 3/07/96

WISCONSIN, WALWORTH COUNTY, Delavan's Vitrified Brick Street, 100--300 blocks of E. Walworth Ave., Delavan, 96000234, LISTED, 3/07/96

WISCONSIN, WAUKESHA COUNTY, East Broadway Historic District, Roughly, Broadway from Fisk Ave. to Morningside Dr., Waukesha, 96000249, LISTED, 3/07/96

WISCONSIN, WINNEBAGO COUNTY, North Main Street Historic District, Roughly, N. Main St. from Parkway Ave. to Algoma Blvd., and Market St. NW. to High Ave., Oshkosh, 96000250, LISTED, 3/07/96

WISCONSIN, WINNEBAGO COUNTY, Omro Downtown Historic District, Jct. of Main St. and S. Webster Ave., Omro, 96000248, LISTED, 3/07/96