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The Director of the National Park Service is pleased to announce actions on the following properties for the National Register of Historic Places. For further information contact
Edson Beall via voice (202) 354-2255, fax (202) 371-2229, or E-mail: edson_beall@nps.gov

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State, County, Property Name, Address/Boundary, City, Vicinity, Reference Number, NHL, Action, Date, Multiple Name

COLORADO, CLEAR CREEK COUNTY, Dumont School, 150 Co. Rd. 260, Dumont, 96000201, LISTED, 3/01/96

COLORADO, LA PLATA COUNTY, Rochester Hotel, 726 E. Second Ave., Durango, 96000200, LISTED, 2/29/96

CONNECTICUT, HARTFORD COUNTY, Endee Manor Historic District, Roughly, along Sherman, Mills and Putnam Sts., Bristol, 96000027, LISTED, 2/29/96

DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA STATE EQUIVALENT, Key, Francis Scott, Bridge, US 29 over the Potomac R., Washington, 96000199, LISTED, 3/01/96

FLORIDA, UNION COUNTY, Townsend, James W., House, 235 SW. 4th Ave., Lake Butler, 96000222, LISTED, 2/29/96

ILLINOIS, COOK COUNTY, Boyce Building, 500--510 N. Dearborn St., Chicago, 96000080, LISTED, 2/29/96

LOUISIANA, BEAUREGARD PARISH, Beauregard Parish Training School, Jct. of Martin Luther King Dr. and Alexander St., DeRidder, 96000190, LISTED, 3/01/96

MINNESOTA, MEEKER COUNTY, Litchfield Commercial Historic District, N. Sibley Ave. between Depot and 3rd Sts., Litchfield, 96000192, LISTED, 3/01/96

MINNESOTA, MEEKER COUNTY, Universal Laboratories Building, 901 First St. N., Dassel, 96000191, LISTED, 3/01/96

MISSISSIPPI, AMITE COUNTY, McGehee, Theodore L., Plantation House, 5924 Tangipahoa Rd., Summit vicinity, 96000189, LISTED, 3/01/96

MISSISSIPPI, BOLIVAR COUNTY, Mound Bayou Bank, W. Main St., Mound Bayou, 96000187, LISTED, 3/01/96

MISSISSIPPI, COPIAH COUNTY, Copley, George Washington, House, 210 Copley St., Crystal Springs, 96000181, LISTED, 3/01/96 (Copiah County MPS)

MISSISSIPPI, COPIAH COUNTY, Illinois Central Railroad Passenger Depot, 138 N. Ragsdale Ave., Hazlehurst, 96000182, LISTED, 3/01/96 (Copiah County MPS)

MISSISSIPPI, COPIAH COUNTY, Marchetti Farm, 134 Dale Dr., Hazlehurst, 96000183, LISTED, 3/01/96 (Copiah County MPS)

MISSISSIPPI, COPIAH COUNTY, Mississippi Mills Packing and Shipping Rooms, 2058 US 51, Wesson, 96000185, LISTED, 3/01/96 (Copiah County MPS)

MISSISSIPPI, COPIAH COUNTY, Rea, James Samuel, House, 1193 US 51, Wesson, 96000184, LISTED, 3/01/96 (Copiah County MPS)

MISSISSIPPI, HINDS COUNTY, New Orleans Great Northern Railroad Passenger Depot, 618 Pearl St., Jackson, 96000188, LISTED, 3/01/96

MISSISSIPPI, MADISON COUNTY, Long Moss Plantation House, 305 Quail Rd., Canton vicinity, 96000180, LISTED, 3/01/96

NEBRASKA, DODGE COUNTY, Fremont Post Office, Old, 605 N. Broad St., Fremont, 96000223, LISTED, 2/29/96

NEBRASKA, FILLMORE COUNTY, Cesko-narodni sin--Milligan Auditorium, Jct. of Main and Birch Sts., SW corner, Milligan, 96000224, LISTED, 2/29/96

NEW HAMPSHIRE, HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, Goffstown Congregational Church, 10 Main St., Goffstown, 96000193, LISTED, 3/01/96

NEW HAMPSHIRE, HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, Peterborough Town House, 1 Grove St., Peterborough, 96000194, LISTED, 2/29/96

NEW JERSEY, BERGEN COUNTY, Terhune House, 470 Paramus Rd., Paramus, 82005390, LISTED, 2/26/96 (Stone Houses of Bergen County TR)

NEW JERSEY, ESSEX COUNTY, Edison Storage Battery Company Building, 177 Main St., West Orange, 96000055, LISTED, 2/28/96

NEW JERSEY, MONMOUTH COUNTY, CHAUNCY JEROME JR Shipwreck Site, Address Restricted, Long Branch City vicinity, 96000205, LISTED, 3/01/96

NEW YORK, GREENE COUNTY, Prattsville Commercial Building, NY 23, Prattsville, 96000203, LISTED, 3/01/96

NEW YORK, LIVINGSTON COUNTY, Murray Street Historic District, 33--47 and 32--46 Murray St., Mount Morris, 96000178, LISTED, 3/01/96 (Mount Morris MPS)

NEW YORK, LIVINGSTON COUNTY, South Main Street Historic District, 123--159 and 124--158 S. Main St., Mount Morris, 96000177, LISTED, 3/01/96 (Mount Morris MPS)

NEW YORK, LIVINGSTON COUNTY, State and Eagle Streets Historic District, 16--34 and 15--39 State St. and 6--12 Eagle St., Mount Morris, 96000179, LISTED, 3/01/96 (Mount Morris MPS)

NEW YORK, NASSAU COUNTY, Jerusalem District No. 5 Schoolhouse, Old Jerusalem Rd., Levittown, 96000204, LISTED, 3/01/96

NEW YORK, WESTCHESTER COUNTY, Mandel, Richard H., House, 323 Haines Rd., Bedford Hills, 96000176, LISTED, 3/01/96

NORTH CAROLINA, AVERY COUNTY, Crossnore Presbyterian Church, US 221/NC 194 E side, opposite jct. with Dellinger Rd., Crossnore, 96000206, LISTED, 3/01/96

NORTH CAROLINA, BUNCOMBE COUNTY, Weaverville United Methodist Church, 85 N. Main St., Weaverville, 96000195, LISTED, 3/01/96

NORTH CAROLINA, GUILFORD COUNTY, Taplin, A. E., Apartment Building, 408 W. Parkway Ave., High Point, 96000196, LISTED, 3/01/96

NORTH CAROLINA, MECKLENBURG COUNTY, Hopewell Presbyterian Church and Cemetery, 10500 Beatties Ford Rd., Huntersville vicinity, 96000198, LISTED, 3/01/96

OHIO, DELAWARE COUNTY, Historic Northwest District, Roughly bounded by Pennsylvania Ave., N. Sandusky St., W. William St., Elizabeth St., W. Fountain St. and N. Franklin St, Delaware, 96000225, LISTED, 2/29/96

OHIO, HAMILTON COUNTY, Gruen Watch Company--Time Hill, 401 E. McMillan St., Cincinnati, 96000219, LISTED, 2/29/96

OHIO, PORTAGE COUNTY, Mott Drug Store, 8107 Main St., Garrattsville, 96000221, LISTED, 2/29/96

OHIO, SUMMIT COUNTY, Diamond Match Historic District, 3, 21 and 27 Fourth St., NW. and 8 Second St., NW., Barberton, 96000218, LISTED, 2/29/96

OREGON, CLATSOP COUNTY, West, Oswald, Coastal Retreat, 1981 Pacific Ave., Cannon Beach, 92000066, ADDITIONAL DOCUMENTATION APPROVED, 3/01/96

SOUTH CAROLINA, GREENVILLE COUNTY, Parker High School Auditorium, 900 Woodside Ave., City View, 96000144, LISTED, 2/26/96

VIRGINIA, CULPEPER COUNTY, Culpeper National Cemetery, 305 U.S. Ave., Culpeper, 96000029, LISTED, 2/26/96 (Civil War Era National Cemeteries MPS)

VIRGINIA, HAMPTON INDEPENDENT CITY, Hampton National Cemetery, Jct. of Cemetery Rd. and Marshall Ave., Hampton (Independent City), 96000038, LISTED, 2/26/96 (Civil War Era National Cemeteries)

VIRGINIA, HENRICO COUNTY, Glendale National Cemetery, Jct of VA 156 and VA 600, 1 mi. S, Providence Forge vicinity, 96000026, LISTED, 2/26/96 (Civil War Era National Cemeteries MPS)

VIRGINIA, STAUNTON INDEPENDENT CITY, Staunton National Cemetery, 901 Richmond Ave., Staunton (Independent City), 96000034, LISTED, 2/26/96 (Civil War Era National Cemeteries)

VIRGINIA, WINCHESTER INDEPENDENT CITY, Winchester National Cemetery, 401 National Ave., Winchester (Independent City), 96000032, LISTED, 2/26/96 (Civil War Era National Cemeteries)