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The Director of the National Park Service is pleased to announce actions on the following properties for the National Register of Historic Places. For further information contact
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KEY: State, County, Property Name, Address/Boundary, City, Vicinity, Reference Number, NHL, Action, Date, Multiple Name

ALABAMA, MARSHALL COUNTY, Snellgrove, Thomas A., Homestead, 5115 E. Mann Ave., 310 Mill Ave., Boaz, 96000167, LISTED, 2/23/96

ALASKA, KETCHIKAN GATEWAY BOROUGH-CENSUS AREA, Stedman--Thomas Historic District, Stedman, Thomas, Inman, Brown, and Tatsudu Sts., Ketchikan, 96000062, LISTED, 2/21/96

ARIZONA, MARICOPA COUNTY, Country Club Park Historic Subdivision, Thomas Rd. to Virginia Ave. and 7th St. to Dayton St., Phoenix, 94001484, ADDITIONAL DOCUMENTATION APPROVED, 2/23/96 (Residential Subdivisions and Architecture in Phoenix MPS)

ARIZONA, MARICOPA COUNTY, Fairview Place Historic District, Encanto Blvd. to McDowell Rd., 15th Ave. to the alley W of 17th Ave., Phoenix, 94001483, ADDITIONAL DOCUMENTATION APPROVED, 2/23/96 (Residential Subdivisions and Architecture in Phoenix MPS)

COLORADO, ADAMS COUNTY, Gregory, William J., House, 8140 Lowell Blvd., Westminster, 96000166, LISTED, 2/23/96

COLORADO, BOULDER COUNTY, Fox Mine Office, 1226 S. Cherryvale Rd., Boulder, 96000168, LISTED, 2/23/96

COLORADO, DENVER COUNTY, First National Bank Building, 818 17th St., Denver, 96000165, LISTED, 2/23/96

CONNECTICUT, FAIRFIELD COUNTY, Nichols Satinet Mill Site, Address Restricted, Newtown, 96000129, LISTED, 2/23/96

CONNECTICUT, NEW HAVEN COUNTY, Hammanasset Paper Mill Site, Address Restricted, Madison vicinity, 96000128, LISTED, 2/23/96

CONNECTICUT, WINDHAM COUNTY, New Roxbury Ironworks Site, Address Restricted, Woodstock vicinity, 96000130, LISTED, 2/23/96

FLORIDA, CLAY COUNTY, Winterbourne, 2104 Winterbourne W., Orange Park, 96000161, LISTED, 2/23/96

FLORIDA, SARASOTA COUNTY, Triangle Inn, 351 S. Nassau St., Venice, 96000175, LISTED, 2/23/96 (Venice MPS)

GEORGIA, FULTON COUNTY, Selig Company Building, 330--346 Marietta St., Atlanta, 96000158, LISTED, 2/22/96

GEORGIA, WHITFIELD COUNTY, Masonic Lodge No. 238, 600 S. Hamilton St., Dalton, 96000127, LISTED, 2/22/96

ILLINOIS, BROWN COUNTY, Dewitt, Benjamin, House, Address Restricted, Versailles vicinity, 83000300, REMOVED, 12/08/95

ILLINOIS, CASS COUNTY, Park House, 200 W. 2nd St., Beardstown, 83000304, REMOVED, 12/08/95

ILLINOIS, CHAMPAIGN COUNTY, Mahomet Graded School, Main St., Mahomet, 87002035, REMOVED, 12/08/95

ILLINOIS, COOK COUNTY, McCarthy Building, Washington and Dearborn Sts., Chicago, 76000698, REMOVED, 12/08/95

ILLINOIS, COOK COUNTY, Unity Building, 127 N. Dearborn St., Chicago, 79000829, REMOVED, 12/08/95

ILLINOIS, COOK COUNTY, Western Methodist Book Concern Building, 12 W. Washington St., Chicago, 75000654, REMOVED, 12/08/95

ILLINOIS, DE KALB COUNTY, US Post Office--DeKalb, 100 W. Lincoln Hwy., DeKalb, 94001596, REMOVED, 12/08/95

ILLINOIS, DOUGLAS COUNTY, McCarty, John, Round Barn, NW of Filson, Filson vicinity, 82000394, REMOVED, 12/08/95 (Round Barns of Illinois TR)

ILLINOIS, FAYETTE COUNTY, Forehand, Clarence, Round Barn, W of Vandalia off IL 185, Vandalia vicinity, 82000395, REMOVED, 12/08/95 (Round Barns of Illinois TR)

ILLINOIS, FULTON COUNTY, Elrod Bridge, Spans Spoon River SE of Smithfield, Smithfield vicinity, 80001362, REMOVED, 12/08/95 (Metal Highway Bridges of Fulton County TR)

ILLINOIS, KANE COUNTY, Aurora Watch Factory, 603--621 LaSalle St., Aurora, 86001009, REMOVED, 12/08/95

ILLINOIS, KNOX COUNTY, Wolf Covered Bridge, NW of Yates City, on CR 17 over Spoon River, Yates City vicinity, 74000763, REMOVED, 12/08/95

ILLINOIS, MADISON COUNTY, Rutherford House, 1006 Pearl St., Alton, 82002584, REMOVED, 12/08/95

ILLINOIS, MASSAC COUNTY, McCartney, R. W., Music Hall, 116--120 E. Fourth St., Metropolis, 86001490, REMOVED, 12/08/95

ILLINOIS, STEPHENSON COUNTY, Leek, Clyde, Round Barn, N. Dakota Rd., Dakota, 84001161, REMOVED, 12/08/95 (Round Barns in Illinois TR)

ILLINOIS, WINNEBAGO COUNTY, Limestones, The, 118--122 S. Main, Rockford, 86001491, REMOVED, 12/08/95

ILLINOIS, WINNEBAGO COUNTY, Svea Music Hall, 326 7th St., Rockford, 82002608, REMOVED, 12/08/95

INDIANA, VANDERBURGH COUNTY, Daescher Building, 12-12 1/2 SE 2nd St., Evansville, 82000089, REMOVED, 12/06/95 (Downtown Evansville MRA)

LOUISIANA, LINCOLN PARISH, Adams, Charles P., House, 549 Main St., Grambling, 96000145, LISTED, 2/23/96

LOUISIANA, RAPIDES PARISH, Melady House, 5800 England Dr., Alexandria vicinity, 96000160, LISTED, 2/23/96

MASSACHUSETTS, BARNSTABLE COUNTY, Brewster Old King's Highway Historic District, Roughly, MA 6A from E of Paines Creek Rd. to Bittersweet Dr. and parts of Briar and Lower Rds., Brewster, 96000162, LISTED, 2/23/96

MASSACHUSETTS, WORCESTER COUNTY, Paddock Farm, 259 Salisbury St., Holden, 96000143, LISTED, 2/23/96

MASSACHUSETTS, WORCESTER COUNTY, Willard--Fisk House, 123 Whitney St., Jefferson, 96000163, LISTED, 2/23/96

MINNESOTA, CLAY COUNTY, Thompson, Hannah C. and Peter E., House, 361 Second St., NE., Barnesville, 96000173, LISTED, 2/23/96

MINNESOTA, WILKIN COUNTY, Johnson, J. A., Blacksmith Shop, Jct. of Main Ave. W. and 2nd St. W., Rothsay, 96000174, LISTED, 2/23/96

MISSISSIPPI, JONES COUNTY, Laurel Central Historic District, Roughly bounded by Tenth and Thirteenth Sts., First Ave., Seventh and Fifth Sts., and Eighth Ave., Laurel, 86001908, ADDITIONAL DOCUMENTATION APPROVED, 2/23/96

MONTANA, LEWIS AND CLARK COUNTY, Helena West Main Street Historic District, 500--600 blocks of W. Main St., Helena, 96000119, LISTED, 2/22/96

MONTANA, MISSOULA COUNTY, Bellows House, 1637 S. Higgins Ave., Missoula, 96000120, LISTED, 2/22/96

MONTANA, POWDER RIVER COUNTY, Cross Ranch Headquarters, E of MT 59, roughly 26 mi. S of Broadus, Broadus vicinity, 96000118, LISTED, 2/23/96

NEVADA, CLARK COUNTY, Boulder Dam Park Museum, NV 169, W side, Overton, 96000126, LISTED, 2/22/96

NEW YORK, BROOME COUNTY, Washingtonian Hall, 3725 River Rd., Endwell, 96000134, LISTED, 2/23/96

NEW YORK, CHAUTAUQUA COUNTY, Brocton Arch, Jct. of Main St. with Lake and Highland Aves., Brocton, 96000133, LISTED, 2/22/96

NEW YORK, GREENE COUNTY, Leeds Dutch Reformed Church, Co. Rt. 23B (Susquehanna Tpk.), Leeds, 96000141, LISTED, 2/22/96

NEW YORK, GREENE COUNTY, New Baltimore Hamlet Historic District, Roughly, Main St. from NY 144 to S jct. with Mill St. and along NY 144, Church and New Sts. and Washington and Madison, New Baltimore, 96000139, LISTED, 2/23/96

NEW YORK, MADISON COUNTY, Lenox District No. 4 Schoolhouse, Timmerman Rd. N side, at jct. with Old Co. Rd., Clockville, 96000135, LISTED, 2/23/96

NEW YORK, MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Stone Grist Mill Complex, 1679 Mill Rd., St. Johnsville vicinity, 96000140, LISTED, 2/23/96

NEW YORK, ULSTER COUNTY, Baker, Sebastian, Stone House, 10 Dug Rd., Rochester, 96000136, LISTED, 2/22/96 (Rochester MPS)

NEW YORK, ULSTER COUNTY, Wynkoop, Cornelius, Stone House, US 209, Marbletown, 96000138, LISTED, 2/23/96

NEW YORK, YATES COUNTY, Lake View Cemetery, W. Lake Rd., Penn Yan, 96000137, LISTED, 2/23/96

NORTH CAROLINA, CHATHAM COUNTY, Deep River Camelback Truss Bridge, Adjacent to NC 2153 over Deep R., Cumnock-Gulf vicinity, 95000696, ADDITIONAL DOCUMENTATION APPROVED, 2/23/96

OHIO, BELMONT COUNTY, Barnesville Historic District, Roughly bounded by Arch, Main, Gardner, Chestnut, Bond and Cherry Sts., Barnesville, 84002899, ADDITIONAL DOCUMENTATION APPROVED, 2/23/96

OHIO, DARKE COUNTY, Broadway Bridge, Broadway over Greenville Cr., Greenville, 96000114, LISTED, 2/22/96

OHIO, MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Skywood Farms, 732 W. Alex--Bell Rd., Centerville, 96000117, LISTED, 2/22/96

OHIO, RICHLAND COUNTY, Plymouth Greenlawn Cemetery Chapel, Greenlawn Cemetery, Plymouth, 96000116, LISTED, 2/22/96

OHIO, WASHINGTON COUNTY, Coal Run Historic District, Roughly, along Main, Maple and Hill Sts., Coal Run, 96000115, LISTED, 2/22/96

OREGON, DOUGLAS COUNTY, Roaring Camp Bridge, W of Drain, Drain vicinity, 79002056, REMOVED, 1/17/96 (Oregon Covered Bridges TR)

OREGON, JACKSON COUNTY, Medford Central Firehall, 110 E. Sixth St., Medford, 96000172, LISTED, 2/23/96

OREGON, LANE COUNTY, Dorris, Benjamin Franklin, House, 707 E. 17th Ave., Eugene, 96000171, LISTED, 2/23/96

OREGON, LANE COUNTY, McKenzie Fish Hatchery, Old, 44645 McKenzie Hwy., Leaburg vicinity, 96000142, LISTED, 2/23/96

OREGON, LANE COUNTY, Oregon Power Company's Springfield Substation, 590 Main St., Springfield, 96000170, LISTED, 2/23/96

OREGON, MULTNOMAH COUNTY, Neighbors of Woodcraft Building, 1410 SW. Morrison St., Portland, 96000123, LISTED, 2/22/96

OREGON, MULTNOMAH COUNTY, North Bank Depot Buildings, 1029--1101 NW. Hoyt St., Portland, 96000124, LISTED, 2/22/96

OREGON, MULTNOMAH COUNTY, Portland Van and Storage Building, 407 NE. Broadway, Portland, 96000125, LISTED, 2/22/96

OREGON, MULTNOMAH COUNTY, Rose City Electric Automobile Garage, 124 NW. Twentieth Ave., Portland, 96000122, LISTED, 2/22/96

OREGON, MULTNOMAH COUNTY, Stokes, Francis Marion, Fourplex, 2253 NW. Pettygrove St., Portland, 96000121, LISTED, 2/22/96

PENNSYLVANIA, ADAMS COUNTY, Conewago Mass House, N of McSherrystown on SR 476, Conewago Township, McSherrystown vicinity, 78002332, REMOVED, 1/11/96

TEXAS, DALLAS COUNTY, Dallas High School Historic District, 2218 Bryan St., Dallas, 96000035, LISTED, 2/20/96

TEXAS, EL PASO COUNTY, Rio Vista Farm Historic District, 800--801 Rio Vista Rd., Socorro, 96000131, LISTED, 2/22/96

UTAH, MILLARD COUNTY, Desert Experimental Range Station Historic District, 2.5 mi. N of US 21, 42 mi. W of Milford, Milford vicinity, 94000267, LISTED, 4/11/94

UTAH, SAN JUAN COUNTY, Swallow's Nest, 2 N. Grayson Pkwy., Blanding, 96000164, LISTED, 2/23/96

VERMONT, ORANGE COUNTY, Taplin, Major John, Farmstead, S side Town Hwy. 10, 1.0 mi. W of jct. with VT 25, Corinth, 94000187, ADDITIONAL DOCUMENTATION APPROVED, 2/23/96

WISCONSIN, DOOR COUNTY, Noble, Alexander, House, 4167 WI 42, Fish Creek, 96000159, LISTED, 2/23/96