March 4, 2005

The Director of the National Park Service is pleased to send you the following announcements and actions on properties for the National Register of Historic Places.
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KEY: State, County, Property Name, Address/Boundary, City, Vicinity, Reference Number, NHL, Action, Date, Multiple Name

ARIZONA, GILA COUNTY, Pine Community Center Historic District, Bounded by Randall Dr., AZ 87/260, unnamed service Rd., and Pine Creek Dr., Pine, 05000068, LISTED, 2/24/05

ARIZONA, MARICOPA COUNTY, Coronado Neighborhood Historic District, Roughly bounded by Virginia Ave., Fourteenth St., McDowell Rd., and Seventh St., Phoenix, 86000206, ADDITIONAL DOCUMENTATION APPROVED, 2/24/05

ARIZONA, PIMA COUNTY, Blenman--Elm Historic District, Bounded by Grant, Country Club, Speedway and Campbell, Tucson, 03000318, ADDITIONAL DOCUMENTATION APPROVED, 2/24/05

ARIZONA, PIMA COUNTY, Catalina Vista Historic District, Bounded by Grant, Tucson Blvd., Elm St., and Campbell Ave., Tucson, 03000317, ADDITIONAL DOCUMENTATION APPROVED, 2/24/05

CALIFORNIA, LOS ANGELES COUNTY, Green--Rankin--Bembridge House, 953 Park Circle Dr., Long Beach, 05000002, LISTED, 2/10/05

GEORGIA, BIBB COUNTY, Holt, Walter R., House, 3776 Vineville Ave., Macon, 05000076, LISTED, 2/24/05

GEORGIA, COWETA COUNTY, Sargent Historic District, Roughly centered on the Arnall Mill Complex at the jct. of GA 16 and Old Carrolton Rd., Sargent, 05000077, LISTED, 2/24/05

GEORGIA, RABUN COUNTY, Kilby, James Henry and Rachel, House, 28 Tumbling Waters Ln., Clayton vicinity, 05000078, LISTED, 2/24/05

GEORGIA, TROUP COUNTY, West Point Freight Depot, 305 W. 5th St., West Point, 05000075, LISTED, 2/24/05

MASSACHUSETTS, BARNSTABLE COUNTY, Kelley, Mercelia Evelyn Eldredge, House, 2610 Main St., Chatham, 05000080, LISTED, 2/24/05

MASSACHUSETTS, ESSEX COUNTY, Lynn Memorial City Hall and Auditorium, 3 City Hall Square, Lynn, 05000082, LISTED, 2/24/05

MASSACHUSETTS, HAMPSHIRE COUNTY, West Hatfield Historic District, 3-12 Church Ave., 2 Linseed Rd., 23-42 West St., Hatfield, 05000079, LISTED, 2/24/05

MASSACHUSETTS, PLYMOUTH COUNTY, Camp Kiwanee Historic District, 1 Camp Kiwanee Rd., Hanson, 05000081, LISTED, 2/24/05

MISSOURI, JACKSON COUNTY, Harry S. Truman National Historic Site (Boundary Increase), 601 and 605 W. Truman Rd. and 216 N. Delaware St., Independence, 05000083, LISTED, 2/23/05

MISSOURI, ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Norwood Hills Country Club, 1 Norwood Hills Country Club Dr., Ferguson, 05000084, LISTED, 2/25/05

NEVADA, MINERAL COUNTY, Hawthorne USO Building, 950 E St., Hawthorne, 02000703, LISTED, 2/18/05

NEW YORK, NASSAU COUNTY, Felix, Pauline, House, 151 W. Penn St., Long Beach, 05000090, LISTED, 2/24/05

NEW YORK, NASSAU COUNTY, Schenck--Mann House, 222 Convent Rd., Syosset, 05000089, LISTED, 2/24/05

NEW YORK, NEW YORK COUNTY, Look Building, 488 Madison Ave., New York, 05000087, LISTED, 2/24/05

NEW YORK, NEW YORK COUNTY, Seville Hotel, 22 East 29th St., New York, 05000088, LISTED, 2/24/05

NEW YORK, NEW YORK COUNTY, Williams, R.C., Warehouse, 259-273 Tenth Ave., New York, 05000086, LISTED, 2/24/05

NEW YORK, OSWEGO COUNTY, Oswego City Library, 120 E. 2nd St., Oswego, 71000554, ADDITIONAL DOCUMENTATION APPROVED, 12/17/04

NEW YORK, SUFFOLK COUNTY, Prince, Henry W., Building, 54325 Main Rd., Southold, 05000091, LISTED, 2/24/05

NORTH CAROLINA, RANDOLPH COUNTY, Lewis--Thornburg Farm, NC 1107, approx 1.5 mi. S of jct. with NC 1170, Asheboro vicinity, 05000085, LISTED, 2/24/05

OHIO, CUYAHOGA COUNTY, South Brooklyn Commercial District, Roughly along Pearl and Broadview Rds., Cleveland, 05000092, LISTED, 2/25/05

OHIO, HAMILTON COUNTY, Eastwood Historic District, Roughly along Eastwood, Collinwood, Overbrook, Madison and Duck Creek Rds., Cincinnati, 05000093, LISTED, 2/25/05

OREGON, MULTNOMAH COUNTY, Boschke--Boyd House, 2211 NE Thompspn St., Portland, 05000094, LISTED, 2/25/05

OREGON, MULTNOMAH COUNTY, McDougall--Campbell House, 3846 N.W. Thurman St., Portland, 05000095, LISTED, 2/25/05

PENNSYLVANIA, BEDFORD COUNTY, Coffee Pot, The, Business Rte 30, Bedford Township, 05000097, LISTED, 2/24/05

PENNSYLVANIA, BUCKS COUNTY, Eakin, John, Farm, 3298 PA 212, Main St., Springtown, Sprinfield Township, 05000100, LISTED, 2/24/05

PENNSYLVANIA, ELK COUNTY, Swedish Lutheran Parsonage, 230 Kane Street Wilcox, Jones Township, 05000099, LISTED, 2/24/05

PENNSYLVANIA, LANCASTER COUNTY, Woodward Hill Cemetery, Bounded by Strawberry St., S. Queen St., and Chedapeake St., Lancaster, 05000098, LISTED, 2/24/05

WISCONSIN, ONEIDA COUNTY, McCord Village (Boundary Increase), Address Restricted, Lynne vicinity, 05000102, LISTED, 2/24/05

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