July 9, 2004

The Director of the National Park Service is pleased to send you the following announcements and actions on properties for the National Register of Historic Places.
For further information contact Edson Beall via voice (202) 354-2255 or E-mail: Edson_Beall@nps.gov

Our physical location address is:

National Park Service 2280
National Register of Historic Places
1201 "I" (Eye) Street, N.W.
Washington D.C. 20005

Please have any Fed Ex, UPS packages sent to the above address. Please continue to use alternate carriers, as all mail delivered to us via United States Postal Service is irradiated and subsequently damaged.


KEY: State, County, Property Name, Address/Boundary, City, Vicinity, Reference Number, NHL, Action, Date, Multiple Name

ARIZONA, LA PAZ COUNTY, Harquahala Peak Observatory, E of Wenden off U.S. 60, Wenden vicinity, 75000370, ADDITIONAL DOCUMENTATION APPROVED, 7/01/04

ARIZONA, LA PAZ COUNTY, Old La Paz, Address Restricted, Ehrenberg vicinity, 70000117, ADDITIONAL DOCUMENTATION APPROVED, 7/01/04

ARIZONA, LA PAZ COUNTY, Old Presbyterian Church, SW of Parker on 2nd Ave., Parker vicinity, 71000122, ADDITIONAL DOCUMENTATION APPROVED, 7/01/04

ARIZONA, LA PAZ COUNTY, Parker Jail, N side of Agency Rd. in Pop Harvey Park, Parker, 75000369, ADDITIONAL DOCUMENTATION APPROVED, 7/01/04

ARIZONA, LA PAZ COUNTY, Ripley Intaglios, Address Restricted, Ehrenberg vicinity, 75000368, ADDITIONAL DOCUMENTATION APPROVED, 7/01/04

ARIZONA, MARICOPA COUNTY, Roosevelt Historic District, Roughly bounded by Portland and Fillmore Sts., Central and 7th Aves., Phoenix, 83003490, ADDITIONAL DOCUMENTATION APPROVED, 6/30/04 (Roosevelt Neighborhood MRA)

ARIZONA, YAVAPAI COUNTY, Whipple Heights Historic District, E. Gurley, N. Virginia and Washington, E. Moeller Sts., Prescott vicinity, 00001388, ADDITIONAL DOCUMENTATION APPROVED, 6/28/04

ARKANSAS, LAWRENCE COUNTY, Imboden Methodist Episcopal Church, South, 113 Main St., Imboden, 04000505, LISTED, 6/30/04

DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA STATE EQUIVALENT, 2nd Baptist Church, 816 3rd St. NW, Washington, 04000625, LISTED, 6/30/04

GEORGIA, COLQUITT COUNTY, Moultrie Commercial Historic District, Roughly bounded by NE. First Ave., SE. Second Ave., W. First St. and E. Fourth St., Moultrie, 94000543, ADDITIONAL DOCUMENTATION APPROVED, 7/02/04

IOWA, SCOTT COUNTY, Wilkinson, Thomas C., House, 117 McManus St., Davenport, 84001592, ADDITIONAL DOCUMENTATION APPROVED, 6/28/04 (Davenport MRA)

MICHIGAN, MARQUETTE COUNTY, Longyear Building, 210 North Front St., Marquette, 04000657, LISTED, 7/01/04

MICHIGAN, WAYNE COUNTY, Broadway Avenue Historic District, Broadway bet. Gratiot and Grand R., Detroit, 04000656, LISTED, 7/01/04

MISSOURI, BUCHANAN COUNTY, Museum Hill Historic District, Roughly bounded by 9th, Francis, 12th, Jules, 15th and Messanie Sts., St. Joseph, 91000112, ADDITIONAL DOCUMENTATION APPROVED, 7/02/04 (St. Joseph MPS)

NORTH CAROLINA, GUILFORD COUNTY, Downtown Greensboro Historic District, Elm, S. Davie, S. Green, and E. and W. Washington Sts., Greensboro, 82003458, ADDITIONAL DOCUMENTATION APPROVED, 7/02/04

OKLAHOMA, PAYNE COUNTY, Oklahoma A & M College Agronomy Barn and Seed House, 2902 W. 6th St. Building #610, Stillwater, 04000519, LISTED, 5/27/04

RHODE ISLAND, WASHINGTON COUNTY, Hope Valley Historic District, Main St., Hopkinton, 04000654, LISTED, 7/03/04

SOUTH CAROLINA, JASPER COUNTY, Honey Hill--Boyd's Neck Battlefield, Address Restricted, Ridgeland vicinity, 04000655, LISTED, 7/03/04

WASHINGTON, THURSTON COUNTY, Tenino Downtown Historic District, Sussex St. SE, Tenino, 02001616, LISTED, 6/25/04

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