March 26, 2004

The Director of the National Park Service is pleased to send you the following announcements and actions on properties for the National Register of Historic Places.
For further information contact Edson Beall via voice (202) 354-2255 or E-mail:

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National Park Service 2280
National Register of Historic Places
1201 "I" (Eye) Street, N.W.
Washington D.C. 20005

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KEY: State, County, Property Name, Address/Boundary, City, Vicinity, Reference Number, NHL, Action, Date, Multiple Name

ALASKA, FAIRBANKS NORTH STAR BOROUGH-CENSUS AREA, F.E. Company Gold Dredge No. 5, Upper Dome Creek, Fairbanks vicinity, 04000186, LISTED, 3/18/04

ARIZONA, MARICOPA COUNTY, Robson Historic District, Roughly bounded by Country Club Dr., Robson and 2nd Sts., Mesa, 03000530, ADDITIONAL DOCUMENTATION APPROVED, 3/18/04

COLORADO, JEFFERSON COUNTY, Deaton Sculptured House, 24501 Ski Hill Dr., Golden vicinity, 02000385, LISTED, 2/24/04

ILLINOIS, CRAWFORD COUNTY, Harper, John B., House, 102 N. Lincoln, Palestine, 03001199, LISTED, 3/15/04

INDIANA, MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Seybold, George, House, 111 E. Main St., Waveland, 02001172, ADDITIONAL DOCUMENTATION APPROVED, 3/18/04

IOWA, JOHNSON COUNTY, Shambaugh, Benjamin F. and Bertha M. Horack, House, 219 N. Clinton St., Iowa City, 96000895, REMOVED, 3/18/04

MASSACHUSETTS, MIDDLESEX COUNTY, Alewife Brook Parkway, Alewife Brook Parkway, Cambridge, 04000249, LISTED, 3/18/04 (Metropolitan Park System of Greater Boston MPS)

MASSACHUSETTS, MIDDLESEX COUNTY, Wheeler--Minot Farmhouse, 341 Virginia Rd., Concord, 04000190, LISTED, 3/19/04

MASSACHUSETTS, NORFOLK COUNTY, Furnace Brook Parkway, Furnace Brook Parkway, Quincy, 04000248, LISTED, 3/18/04 (Metropolitan Park System of Greater Boston MPS)

MASSACHUSETTS, NORFOLK COUNTY, Hammond Pond Parkway, Hammond Pond Parkway, Brookline, 04000250, LISTED, 3/18/04 (Metropolitan Park System of Greater Boston MPS)

MASSACHUSETTS, PLYMOUTH COUNTY, Whitman Park, Park, Maple, Whitman, Hayden Ave., Whitman, 04000187, LISTED, 3/18/04

MASSACHUSETTS, SUFFOLK COUNTY, Nix's Mate Daybeacon, Nubble Channel, The Narrows, Boston Harbor, Boston, 04000189, LISTED, 3/18/04

MASSACHUSETTS, WORCESTER COUNTY, East Princeton Village Historic District, Roughly Main St., Leominster Rd., Princeton, 04000188, LISTED, 3/18/04

MONTANA, ROSEBUD COUNTY, Bones Brothers Ranch, W of Custer National Forest, Birney vicinity, 04000220, LISTED, 3/19/04

PENNSYLVANIA, BERKS COUNTY, Pine Forge Mansion and Industrial Site, Pine Forge Rd and Douglass Dr., Pine Forge, Douglas Township, 04000191, LISTED, 3/18/04 (Iron and Steel Resources of Pennsylvania MPS)

PENNSYLVANIA, ERIE COUNTY, Park Dinor, 4019 Main St., Erie, Lawrence Park Township, 04000192, LISTED, 3/18/04

PENNSYLVANIA, PHILADELPHIA COUNTY, Steppacher, Walter M. and Brother Shirt Factory, 146-150 N. 13th St., Philadephia, 04000193, LISTED, 3/18/04

PENNSYLVANIA, YORK COUNTY, Dill's Tavern, 227 N. Baltimore St., Dillsburg, 04000195, LISTED, 3/18/04

RHODE ISLAND, PROVIDENCE COUNTY, Angell--Ballou House, 49 Ridge Rd., Smithfield, 04000196, LISTED, 3/18/04

RHODE ISLAND, PROVIDENCE COUNTY, Louttit Laundry, 93 Cranston St., Providence, 04000197, LISTED, 3/18/04

TENNESSEE, KNOX COUNTY, Airplane Service Station, 6829 Clinton Hwy, Knoxville, 04000198, LISTED, 3/18/04

WASHINGTON, SPOKANE COUNTY, Davenport Hotel, 807 W. Sprague, Spokane, 75001874, ADDITIONAL DOCUMENTATION APPROVED, 3/18/04

WASHINGTON, WHITMAN COUNTY, Cordova Theater, 135 N. Grand Ave., Pullman, 04000200, LISTED, 3/18/04 (Movie Theaters in Washington State MPS)

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