March 5, 2004

The Director of the National Park Service is pleased to send you the following announcements and actions on properties for the National Register of Historic Places.
For further information contact Edson Beall via voice (202) 354-2255 or E-mail:

Our physical location address is:

National Park Service 2280
National Register of Historic Places
1201 "I" (Eye) Street, N.W.
Washington D.C. 20005

Please have any Fed Ex, UPS packages sent to the above address. Please continue to use alternate carriers, as all mail delivered to us via United States Postal Service is irradiated and subsequently damaged.


KEY: State, County, Property Name, Address/Boundary, City, Vicinity, Reference Number, NHL, Action, Date, Multiple Name

CALIFORNIA, PLACER COUNTY, Mountain Quarries Bridge, North Fork of the American River, Auburn vicinity, 04000014, LISTED, 2/11/04

COLORADO, PROWERS COUNTY, Holly SS Ranch Barn, 407 West Vinson, Holly, 04000068, LISTED, 2/25/04

ILLINOIS, CHAMPAIGN COUNTY, Kappa Kappa Gamma Sorority House, 1102 S. Lincoln Ave., Urbana, 04000074, LISTED, 2/25/04 (Fraternity and Sorority Houses at the Urbana--Champaign Campus of the University of Illinois MPS)

ILLINOIS, CHAMPAIGN COUNTY, Phi Delta Theta Fraternity House, 309 E. Chalmers St., Champaign, 04000070, LISTED, 2/25/04 (Fraternity and Sorority Houses at the Urbana--Champaign Campus of the University of Illinois MPS)

ILLINOIS, COOK COUNTY, Maynard, Isaac N., Rowhouses, 119,121,123 W. Delaware Place, Chicago, 04000077, LISTED, 2/25/04 (Land Subdivisions with Set-Aside Parks, Chicago, IL MPS)

ILLINOIS, LOGAN COUNTY, Downey Building, 110-112 Southwest Arch St., Atlanta, 04000069, LISTED, 2/25/04

KANSAS, FRANKLIN COUNTY, Pleasant Valley School District #2, 2905 Thomas Rd., Wellsville vicinity, 04000078, LISTED, 2/26/04

KANSAS, JOHNSON COUNTY, Ensor Farm, 18995 W. 183rd St., Olathe, 04000079, LISTED, 2/27/04

LOUISIANA, CONCORDIA PARISH, Concordia Parish Courthouse, 405 Carter St., Vidalia, 04000081, LISTED, 2/26/04

LOUISIANA, LAFOURCHE PARISH, Bayou Boeuf Elementary School, 4138 LA 307, Thibodaux vicinity, 04000082, LISTED, 2/25/04

MASSACHUSETTS, BARNSTABLE COUNTY, Waquoit Historic District, Portions of Main St., Barrows, Carrige House; Collins, Martin, Moonakis, Takemmeh, Waquoit Landing, Parson, Studley, Whi, Falmouth, 04000086, LISTED, 2/26/04

MASSACHUSETTS, FRANKLIN COUNTY, Bissell Bridge, Heath Rd., MA 8A over Mill Brook, Charlemont, 04000083, LISTED, 2/26/04

MASSACHUSETTS, HAMPSHIRE COUNTY, Center Cemetery, Sam Hill Rd., Worthington, 04000084, LISTED, 2/26/04

MASSACHUSETTS, SUFFOLK COUNTY, Haskell, Edward H., Home for Nurses, 220 Fisther Ave., 63 Parker Hill Ave., Boston, 04000085, LISTED, 2/26/04

MISSOURI, LAFAYETTE COUNTY, Hicklin School, MO 24, Lexington vicinity, 04000088, LISTED, 2/24/04

MISSOURI, ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Greenwood Cemetery, 6571 St. Louis Ave., Hillsdale, 04000090, LISTED, 4/24/04

MISSOURI, ST. LOUIS INDEPENDENT CITY, Seven-Up Company Headquarters, 1300-16 Convention Plaza (Formerly Delmar), St. Louis (Independent City), 04000089, LISTED, 2/24/04

NEW YORK, OTSEGO COUNTY, Kenyon Residences, 60 and 62 Main St., Mt. Vision, 04000093, LISTED, 2/26/04

TEXAS, BROWN COUNTY, Fisk, Greenleaf, House, 418 Milton Ave., Brownwood, 04000103, LISTED, 2/25/04

TEXAS, COOKE COUNTY, Bomar, E.P. and Alice, House, 417 S. Denton St., Gainesville, 04000099, LISTED, 2/25/04

TEXAS, DALLAS COUNTY, Harlan Building, 2018 Cadiz St., Dallas, 04000102, LISTED, 2/26/04

TEXAS, LIVE OAK COUNTY, Live Oak County Jail, Public square in Oakville, Oakville, 04000098, LISTED, 2/25/04

TEXAS, PRESIDIO COUNTY, Building 98, Fort D.A. Russell, West Bonnie St., Marfa, 04000100, LISTED, 2/25/04

VIRGINIA, ALBEMARLE COUNTY, Scottsville Historic District (Boundary Increase), Roughly bounded bb the James River, Town Limit, the Riverview and Mount Walla, Oakwood and Cliffsiede, and Chester, Scottsville, 04000034, LISTED, 2/11/04

VIRGINIA, ALBEMARLE COUNTY, Scottsville Historic District, VA 6, Scottsville, 76002093, ADDITIONAL DOCUMENTATION APPROVED, 2/11/04

VIRGINIA, ARLINGTON COUNTY, Lee Gardens North Historic District, 2300-2341 N. 11th St., Arlington, 04000109, LISTED, 2/26/04 (Garden Apartments, Apartment Houses and Apartment Complexes in Arlington County, Virginia MPS)

VIRGINIA, ARLINGTON COUNTY, Stratford Junior High School, 4100 Vacation Ln., Arlington, 04000110, LISTED, 2/26/04

VIRGINIA, ARLINGTON COUNTY, Waverly Hills Historic District, Roughly bounded by 20th Rd. N, N. Utah St, I-66, N. Glebe Rd. and N. Vermont St., Arlington, 04000111, LISTED, 2/26/04

VIRGINIA, CHESAPEAKE INDEPENDENT CITY, Albermarle and Chesapeake Canal Historic District, Albemarel and Chesapeake Canal, Chesapeake (Independent city), 04000035, LISTED, 2/11/04

VIRGINIA, PITTSYLVANIA COUNTY, Hill Grove School, 2580 Wards rd., Hurt vicinity, 04000104, LISTED, 2/25/04

VIRGINIA, STAUNTON INDEPENDENT CITY, Cobble Hill Farm, 101 Woodlee Rd., Staunton, 04000105, LISTED, 2/25/04

WISCONSIN, COLUMBIA COUNTY, Columbus Fireman's Park Complex, 1049 Park Ave., Columbus, 04000106, LISTED, 2/25/04

WISCONSIN, KENOSHA COUNTY, Isermann, Anthony and Caroline, House, 6416 Seventh Ave., Kenosha, 04000108, LISTED, 2/25/04

WISCONSIN, KENOSHA COUNTY, Isermann, Frank and Jane, House, 6500 Seventh Ave., Kenosha, 04000107, LISTED, 2/25/04

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