November 21, 2003

The Director of the National Park Service is pleased to send you the following announcements and actions on properties for the National Register of Historic Places.
For further information contact Edson Beall via voice (202) 354-2255 or E-mail:

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National Park Service 2280
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1201 "I" (Eye) Street, N.W.
Washington D.C. 20005

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KEY: State, County, Property Name, Address/Boundary, City, Vicinity, Reference Number, NHL, Action, Date, Multiple Name

ALABAMA, DALLAS COUNTY, Old Town Historic District Boundary Increase and Additional Documentation, Jefferson Davis Ave.; area roughly bounded by Broad, Dallal, US 80 and Franlin; Selma Ave.; and Franklin St., Selma, 03001137, LISTED, 11/15/03

ALABAMA, MADISON COUNTY, Building at 305 Jefferson, 305 Jefferson St., Huntsville, 03001134, LISTED, 11/15/03 (Downtown Huntsville MRA)

ALABAMA, MARSHALL COUNTY, Guntersville City School, 1120 Rayburn Ave., Guntersville, 03001135, LISTED, 11/15/03

GEORGIA, THOMAS COUNTY, Hollywood Plantation, 1701 Old Monticello Rd., Thomasville, 03001138, LISTED, 11/15/03

KANSAS, HARVEY COUNTY, Newton Main Street Historic District I, 200 thourgh 215 and 203 through 301 N. Main St., Newton, 03001145, LISTED, 11/15/03

KANSAS, HARVEY COUNTY, Newton Main Street Historic District II, 411-825 N. Main St. and 414-726 N. Main St., Newton, 03001146, LISTED, 11/15/03

LOUISIANA, LIVINGSTON PARISH, Deslattes House, 15620 LA 16, French Settlement, 03001139, LISTED, 11/13/03

MARYLAND, ANNE ARUNDEL COUNTY, Owensville Historic District, Owensville Rd. and Owensville-Sudley Rd., Owensville, 03001117, LISTED, 11/08/03

MARYLAND, ANNE ARUNDEL COUNTY, Woodwardville, 937 to 987 Patuxent Rd. and 2811 to 2825 5th Ave., Woodwardville vicinity, 03001115, LISTED, 11/08/03

MARYLAND, BALTIMORE INDEPENDENT CITY, Home of the Friendless, 1313 Druid Hill Ave., Baltimore (Independent City), 03001205, LISTED, 11/08/03

MISSISSIPPI, PANOLA COUNTY, Batesville Historic District, Roughly along Panola Ave., Boothe, Court, Church, Central, Kyle, Baker and Lester Sts., Batesville, 03000686, LISTED, 11/12/03

MISSISSIPPI, WARREN COUNTY, South Cherry Street Historic District, Along Cherry and Drummond Sts. from Harrison St. to Bowmar St. and including Chambers and Baum Sts., Vicksburg, 03001140, LISTED, 11/14/03 (Vicksburg MPS)

NEW MEXICO, LOS ALAMOS COUNTY, Bayo Road, Approx. 420 NW of jct. of Diamond Dr. and San Ildefonso Rd., Los Alamos, 03001141, LISTED, 11/07/03 (Homestead and Ranch School Era Roads and Trails of Los Alamos, New Mexico MPS)

NEW YORK, ALBANY COUNTY, Coeymans--Bronck Stone House, NY 144, Coeymans, 03001148, LISTED, 11/15/03

NEW YORK, COLUMBIA COUNTY, Houses at 37-47 North Fifth St., 37-47 N. Fifth St., Hudson, 03001142, LISTED, 11/15/03

NEW YORK, ERIE COUNTY, Delaware Avenue Methodist Episcopal Church, 339 Delaware Ave., Buffalo, 03001149, LISTED, 11/15/03

NEW YORK, NEW YORK COUNTY, Bank of the Metropolis, 31 Union Square West, New York, 03001153, LISTED, 11/15/03

NEW YORK, NEW YORK COUNTY, Brooks and Hewitt Halls, Jct. W. 116th St. and Claremont Ave., New York, 03001151, LISTED, 11/15/03

NEW YORK, NEW YORK COUNTY, Milbank, Brinckerhoff, and Fiske Halls, Roughly bounded by W. 119th and W. 120th Sts., and Broadway and Claremont Aves., New York, 03001152, LISTED, 11/15/03

NEW YORK, NEW YORK COUNTY, Students' Hall, Barnard College, 3005 Broadway, New York, 03001150, LISTED, 11/15/03

NEW YORK, SUFFOLK COUNTY, Cold Spring Harbor Fire District Hook and Ladder Company Building, Main St. at Elm Place, Cold Spring Harbor, 03001147, LISTED, 11/15/03

PENNSYLVANIA, BRADFORD COUNTY, Welles, Ellen and Charles F., House (Boundary Increase), 3 Grovedale Ln., Wyalusing vicinity, 03001156, LISTED, 11/15/03

PENNSYLVANIA, MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Knipe--Moore--Rupp Farm, Hancock, Rd. and Prospect Ave, North Wales, Upper Gwynedd Township, 03001124, LISTED, 11/07/03

PENNSYLVANIA, YORK COUNTY, Ashton--Hursh House, 204 Limekiln Rd. (Fairview Township), New Cumberland vicinity, 03001155, LISTED, 11/15/03

TENNESSEE, DYER COUNTY, Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Approx. .7 mi. W. of cattle gate at end of Cemetery Rd., Finley vicinity, 03001159, LISTED, 11/13/03

TENNESSEE, MAURY COUNTY, Mount Pleasant Commercial Historic District, Roughly bounded by N. and S. Main Sts., Public Sq. and Hay Long Ave., Mount Pleasant, 03001160, LISTED, 11/13/03 (Mount Pleasant MPS)

TENNESSEE, ROBERTSON COUNTY, Red River Blockhouse Number 1, 5461 US 41, Adams, 03001157, LISTED, 11/15/03 (Civil War Historic and Historic Archeological Resources in Tennessee MPS)

TENNESSEE, SMITH COUNTY, Battery Knob Earthworks, Address Restricted, Carthage, 03001158, LISTED, 11/14/03 (Civil War Historic and Historic Archeological Resources in Tennessee MPS)

TEXAS, BEXAR COUNTY, Carver, George Washington, Library and Auditorium, 226 N. Hackberry St., San Antonio, 03001162, LISTED, 11/15/03

TEXAS, GALVESTON COUNTY, Levy, E.S., Building, 2221-2225 Market St., Galveston, 03001163, LISTED, 11/15/03 (Galveston Central Business District MRA)

TEXAS, MCLENNAN COUNTY, Forsgard Homestead, 1116-1122 N. 4th St., Waco, 03001161, LISTED, 11/13/03

VERMONT, GRAND ISLE COUNTY, Hill, Ira, House, 2304 Main St., Isle La Motte, 03001164, LISTED, 11/13/03

VERMONT, WASHINGTON COUNTY, Union Co-operative Store Bakery, 46 1/2 Granite St., Barre, 03001166, LISTED, 11/13/03

VIRGINIA, ARLINGTON COUNTY, Lyon Park Historic District, Roughly bounded by 10th St. N, Arlington Blvd., and N. Irving St., Arlington, 03000437, LISTED, 11/12/03

VIRGINIA, KING GEORGE COUNTY, Nanzattico Archeological Site, Address Restricted, Index vicinity, 03001091, REMOVED, 11/10/03

WISCONSIN, VERNON COUNTY, Bekkedal Leaf Tobacco Warehouse, 504 E. Decker, Viroqua, 03001167, LISTED, 11/14/03

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