October 31, 2003

The Director of the National Park Service is pleased to send you the following announcements and actions on properties for the National Register of Historic Places.
For further information contact Edson Beall via voice (202) 354-2255 or E-mail: Edson_Beall@nps.gov

Our physical location address is:

National Park Service 2280
National Register of Historic Places
1201 "I" (Eye) Street, N.W.
Washington D.C. 20005

Please have any Fed Ex, UPS packages sent to the above address. Please continue to use alternate carriers, as all mail delivered to us via United States Postal Service is irradiated and subsequently damaged.


KEY: State, County, Property Name, Address/Boundary, City, Vicinity, Reference Number, NHL, Action, Date, Multiple Name

CALIFORNIA, PLUMAS COUNTY, Drakesbad Guest Ranch, Head of Warner Creek Valley, Lassen Volcanic National Park, Chester, 03001062, LISTED, 10/22/03

CALIFORNIA, TULARE COUNTY, Mineral King, Mineral King Rd, Sequoia National Park, Mineral King, 03001063, LISTED, 10/24/03

DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA STATE EQUIVALENT, Capitol Hill Historic District, Roughly bounded by Virginia Ave., SE., S. Capitol St., F St. NE., and 4th Sts. SE & NE., Washington, 76002127, ADDITIONAL DOCUMENTATION APPROVED, 7/03/03

KENTUCKY, MERCER COUNTY, Lexington, Harrodsburg, and Perryville Turnpike Rural Historic District, US 68, Harrodsburg, 03000087, LISTED, 10/23/03

LOUISIANA, RAPIDES PARISH, Pegram Plantation House, 881 Chickamaw Rd., Lecompte vicinity, 03001064, LISTED, 10/24/03

MASSACHUSETTS, MIDDLESEX COUNTY, Jackson Homestead, 527 Washington St., Newton, 73000306, ADDITIONAL DOCUMENTATION APPROVED, 10/24/03

MISSOURI, GREENE COUNTY, Woods--Evertz Stove Company Historic District, Area bounded by N. JeffersonAve., E Phelps St., N. Robberson Ave. and E. Tampa St., Springfield, 03001071, LISTED, 10/23/03

MISSOURI, JACKSON COUNTY, Triangle Battery and Service Company Building, 3001-03 Gillham Rd., Kansas City, 03001058, LISTED, 10/17/03

MISSOURI, OZARK COUNTY, harlin, John Conkin and Clara Layton, House, 403 Harlin Dr., Gainesville, 03001065, LISTED, 10/22/03

MISSOURI, ST. LOUIS INDEPENDENT CITY, Hotel Jefferson, 415 N. Tucker Blvd., St. Louis (Independent City), 03001066, LISTED, 10/24/03

NEVADA, HUMBOLDT COUNTY, Martin Hotel, 94 W. Railroad St., Winnemucca, 03001067, LISTED, 10/24/03

OHIO, BUTLER COUNTY, Spread Eagle Tavern--Conrey, James D., House, 9797 Cincinnati-Columbus Rd., Cincinnati vicinity, 03001100, LISTED, 10/24/03

OREGON, MULTNOMAH COUNTY, New Imperial Hotel, 400 SW Broadway, Portland, 03001068, LISTED, 10/24/03

PUERTO RICO, LAS PIEDRAS MUNICIPALITY, Cueva del Indio, Approx. 1.2 km N of PR 198, Las Piedra City vicinity, 03000884, LISTED, 9/04/03 (Prehistoric Rock Art of Puerto Rico MPS)

RHODE ISLAND, PROVIDENCE COUNTY, Edgewood Historic District--Taft Estate Plat, Roughly bounded by Windsor Rd, Narragansett Bay, Circuit Dr. and Broad St., Cranston, 03001069, LISTED, 10/24/03

SOUTH CAROLINA, SPARTANBURG COUNTY, Bush House, 3960 New Cut Rd., Inman vicinity, 03000695, LISTED, 10/21/03

SOUTH DAKOTA, CODINGTON COUNTY, Beskow Barn, 15689 456th Ave., South Shore vicinity, 03001072, LISTED, 10/24/03

SOUTH DAKOTA, CODINGTON COUNTY, Puhlman Farm, 44350 176th St., Hazel vicinity, 03001075, LISTED, 10/24/03

SOUTH DAKOTA, HUGHES COUNTY, Harrold School, 206 S. Nixon Ave., Harrold, 03001073, LISTED, 10/24/03 (Schools in South Dakota MPS)

SOUTH DAKOTA, KINGSBURY COUNTY, Lake Preston High School, 300 1st St., NE, Lake Preston, 03001074, LISTED, 10/24/03 (Schools in South Dakota MPS)

TENNESSEE, DAVIDSON COUNTY, Dudley, Guildfor, Sr. and Anne Dallas, House, 5401 Hillsboro Pike, Forest Hills, 03001080, LISTED, 10/23/03 (Forest Hills, Tennessee MPS)

VIRGINIA, ALBEMARLE COUNTY, Birdwood, 500 Birdwood Dr., Charlottesville vicinity, 03001094, LISTED, 10/23/03

VIRGINIA, CHARLOTTESVILLE INDEPENDENT CITY, Montebello, 1700 Stadium Rd., Charlottesville (Independent City), 03001085, LISTED, 10/23/03

VIRGINIA, CHARLOTTESVILLE INDEPENDENT CITY, Sunnyside, 2150 Barracks Rd., Charlottesville (Independent City), 03001086, LISTED, 10/23/03

VIRGINIA, COLONIAL HEIGHTS INDEPENDENT CITY, Conjurer's Neck Archeological District, Address Restricted, Colonial Heights (Independent City), 03001090, LISTED, 10/23/03

VIRGINIA, DINWIDDIE COUNTY, Petersburg Breakthrough Battlefield Historic District at Pamplin Historical Park, 6125 Boydton Plank Rd., 6619 Duncan Rd., Petersburg, 03001095, LISTED, 10/22/03

VIRGINIA, FAIRFAX COUNTY, Green Spring, 4601 Green Spring Rd., Alexandria vicinity, 03001089, LISTED, 10/22/03

VIRGINIA, FLUVANNA COUNTY, Gum Creek, 1317 Stage Junction Rd., Columbia vicinity, 03001084, LISTED, 10/22/03

VIRGINIA, GILES COUNTY, Walker's Creek Presbyterian church, Walker's Creek Valley Rd., Pearisburg vicinity, 03001088, LISTED, 10/22/03

VIRGINIA, KING GEORGE COUNTY, Nanzattico Archeological Site, Address Restricted, Index vicinity, 03001091, LISTED, 10/23/03

VIRGINIA, PULASKI COUNTY, Spring Dale, Address Restricted, Dublin, 03001087, LISTED, 10/23/03

VIRGINIA, ROANOKE COUNTY, McVitty Home, 601 W. Main St., Salem, 03001092, LISTED, 10/23/03

VIRGINIA, ROCKBRIDGE COUNTY, Lylburn Downing School, 300 Diamond St., Lexington, 03001093, LISTED, 10/23/03

VIRGINIA, RUSSELL COUNTY, Quillen, Stephen B., House, 149 Church St., Lebanon, 03001096, LISTED, 10/23/03

VIRGINIA, SOUTHAMPTON COUNTY, Simmons--Sebrell--Camp House, Zebulon Simmons Tract, Courtland, 03001097, LISTED, 10/23/03

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