May 30, 2003

The Director of the National Park Service is pleased to send you the following announcements and actions on properties for the National Register of Historic Places.
For further information contact Edson Beall via voice (202) 354-2255 or E-mail:

Our physical location address is:

National Park Service 2280
National Register of Historic Places
1201 "I" (Eye) Street, N.W.
Washington D.C. 20005

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KEY: State, County, Property Name, Address/Boundary, City, Vicinity, Reference Number, NHL, Action, Date, Multiple Name

ALASKA, LAKE AND PENINSULA BOROUGH-CENSUS AREA, Kukak Cannery Archeological Historic District, Katmai Nationa Park and Preserve, Kukak Bay, 03000192, LISTED, 4/07/03

ARIZONA, PIMA COUNTY, Hughes, Sam, Neighborhood Historic District, Roughly bounded by E. Speedway Blvd., N. Campbell Ave., E. 7th St. and N. Bentley Ave., Tucson, 94001164, ADDITIONAL DOCUMENTATION APPROVED, 5/20/03

ARKANSAS, CLEVELAND COUNTY, Hall Morgan Post 83, American Legion Hut, 208 Sycamore St., 208 Sycamore St., 03000399, LISTED, 5/19/03

ARKANSAS, DALLAS COUNTY, Prosperity Baptist Church, AR 8 W, Ramsey, 03000421, LISTED, 5/22/03

ARKANSAS, PIKE COUNTY, Murfreesboro Cities Service Station, NE side of the Town Square, Murfreesboro, 03000400, LISTED, 5/19/03 (Arkansas Highway History and Architecture MPS)

ARKANSAS, PULASKI COUNTY, Center Theater, 407 S. Main St., Little rock, 03000422, LISTED, 5/22/03

ARKANSAS, STONE COUNTY, Newton Sutterfield Farmstead, 1797 Horton Hill Rd., Alco, 03000398, LISTED, 5/20/03 (Stone County MRA)

CALIFORNIA, ALAMEDA COUNTY, Claremont Hotel, 41 Tunnel Rd., Oakland, 03000427, LISTED, 5/22/03

CALIFORNIA, LOS ANGELES COUNTY, Hackett, Edward Alexander Kelley, House, 1317 S. Westlake Ave., Los Angeles, 03000428, LISTED, 5/22/03

CALIFORNIA, MADERA COUNTY, Chateau Colline, 10355 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, 03000426, LISTED, 5/22/03

CALIFORNIA, ORANGE COUNTY, Fullerton City Hall, 237 W. Commonwealth Ave., Fullerton, 03000424, LISTED, 5/22/03

CALIFORNIA, SACRAMENTO COUNTY, Westminster Presbyterian Church, 1300 N St., Sacramento, 03000425, LISTED, 5/22/03

COLORADO, DENVER COUNTY, Temple Emanuel, 51 Grape St., Denver, 03000403, LISTED, 5/19/03

GEORGIA, MORGAN COUNTY, Rutledge Historic District, Centered along Main St., The Georgia Railroad (CSX), E. Dixis Hwy, and Fairplay Rd., Rutledge, 03000429, LISTED, 5/22/03

IOWA, MUSCATINE COUNTY, Bowman Livery Stable, 219 E. Mississippi Dr., Muscatine, 74000799, REMOVED, 5/22/03

KANSAS, MARSHALL COUNTY, Robidoux Creek Pratt Truss Bridge, Sunflower Rd., 0.8 mi. W of jct. with 21st Rd., NW of Frankfort', Frankfort vicinity, 03000474, LISTED, 5/22/03 (Metal Truss Bridges in Kansas 1861--1939 MPS)

KENTUCKY, JEFFERSON COUNTY, Allison--Barrickman House (Boundary Increase), 6909 Wolf Pen Branch Rd., Louisville vicinity, 01001250, LISTED, 12/09/02

MASSACHUSETTS, MIDDLESEX COUNTY, Fells Connector Parkways, Metropolitan System of Greater Boston, Fellsway East:E. Border Rd. To Fellsway W;Fellsway West: Fulton St. to Fellway E;Fellsway:Fellsway E to Wellington Br, Malden and Medford, 03000379, LISTED, 5/09/03 (Metropolitan Park System of Greater Boston MPS)

MASSACHUSETTS, MIDDLESEX COUNTY, Fellsmere Park Parkways, Metropolitan Park System of Greater Boston, W. border Rd, Boundary rd., Malden, 03000381, LISTED, 5/09/03 (Metropolitan Park System of Greater Boston MPS)

MASSACHUSETTS, SUFFOLK COUNTY, Lynn Fells Parkway, Metropolitan Park System of Greater Boston, Lynn Fells Parkway, Melrose, Saugus, 03000380, LISTED, 5/09/03 (Metropolitan Park System of Greater Boston MPS)

MASSACHUSETTS, WORCESTER COUNTY, Brookfield Cemetery, Main St., Brookfield, 03000384, LISTED, 5/09/03

NEW MEXICO, EDDY COUNTY, Armandine, 1301 N. Canal St., Carlsbad, 03000418, LISTED, 5/22/03

OHIO, WARREN COUNTY, Landen Mounds I and II, Address Restricted, Foster vicinity, 75001549, ADDITIONAL DOCUMENTATION APPROVED, 5/20/03

OREGON, MULTNOMAH COUNTY, Hochapfel, Edward C., House, 1520 SW 11th Ave., Portland, 83002171, REMOVED, 5/20/03

TENNESSEE, MADISON COUNTY, Hollywood Cemetery, 406 Hollywood Dr., Jackson, 03000430, LISTED, 5/22/03

TEXAS, TARRANT COUNTY, Bratton, Andrew "Cap" and Emma Doughty, House, 310 E. Broad St., Mansfield, 03000432, LISTED, 5/22/03 (Mansfield, Texas MPS)

TEXAS, TARRANT COUNTY, Buchanan-Hayter-Witherspoon House, 306 E. Broad St., Mansfield, 03000433, LISTED, 5/22/03 (Mansfield, Texas MPS)

TEXAS, TARRANT COUNTY, Chorn, Lester H. and Mabel Bryant, House, 303 E. Broad St., Mansfield, 03000434, LISTED, 5/22/03 (Mansfield, Texas MPS)

TEXAS, TARRANT COUNTY, Man, Ralph Sandiford and Julia Boisseau, House, 604 W. Broad St., Mansfield, 03000435, LISTED, 5/22/03 (Mansfield, Texas MPS)

TEXAS, TARRANT COUNTY, Wallace--Hall House, 210 S. Main St., Mansfield, 03000436, LISTED, 5/22/03 (Mansfield, Texas MPS)

VIRGINIA, ARLINGTON COUNTY, Cherrydale Historic District, Roughly bounded by Lorcom Ln., N. Utah and N. Taylor Sts., and I-66, Arlington, 03000461, LISTED, 5/22/03

VIRGINIA, ARLINGTON COUNTY, Crossman, George, House, 2501 N. Underwood St., Arlington, 03000455, LISTED, 5/22/03

VIRGINIA, ARLINGTON COUNTY, Maywood Historic District, Roughly bounded by Lorcom Ln., Spout Run Parkway, I-66, Lee Highway, N. Oakland St., N. Nelson St., and N. Lincoln St., Arlington, 03000460, LISTED, 5/22/03

VIRGINIA, ARLINGTON COUNTY, Saegmuller House, 5101 Little Falls Rd., Arlington, 03000453, LISTED, 5/22/03

VIRGINIA, ARLINGTON COUNTY, Walter Reed Gardens Historic District, 2900-2906 13th St. S, 2900-2914 13th Rd S, 1301-1319 S. Walter Reed Dr., Arlington, 03000451, LISTED, 5/22/03 (Garden Apartments, Apartment Houses and Apartment Complexes in Arlington County, Virginia MPS)

VIRGINIA, CAROLINE COUNTY, Bowling Green Historic District, Roughly along and bounded by Bowling Green Bypass, Broadus Ave., Lakewood Rd., N. Main St., and Paige Rd., Bowling Green vicinity, 03000439, LISTED, 5/22/03

VIRGINIA, FAIRFAX COUNTY, Gunnell, William, House, 600 Insbruck Ave., Great Falls vicinity, 03000447, LISTED, 5/22/03

VIRGINIA, HENRICO COUNTY, Beth Elon, 4600 Nine Mile Rd., Richmond, 03000446, LISTED, 5/22/03

VIRGINIA, LOUDOUN COUNTY, Ketoctin Baptist Church, Approx. 2 mi. N of VA 7 at the jct of Allder School Rd. and Ketoctin Church Rd., Round Hill, 03000452, LISTED, 5/22/03

VIRGINIA, LOUDOUN COUNTY, Unison Historic District, Area including parts of Unison and Bloomfield Rds., Middleburg vicinity, 03000442, LISTED, 5/22/03

VIRGINIA, MECKLENBURG COUNTY, Colonial Theatre, 220 S. Mecklenburg Ave., South Hill, 03000448, LISTED, 5/19/03

VIRGINIA, NORFOLK INDEPENDENT CITY, Ballentine Place Historic District, Roughly bounded by Cromwell Ave., Cape Henry Ave., McKann Ave., and Lafayetter Blvd., Norfolk (Independent City), 03000459, LISTED, 5/22/03

VIRGINIA, PAGE COUNTY, Luray Downtown Historic District, Roughly E. Main St., W. Main St., S. Court St., and s. Broad St., Luray, 03000438, LISTED, 5/22/03

VIRGINIA, ROANOKE COUNTY, Pleasant Grove, 4377 W. Main St., Salem, 03000449, LISTED, 5/22/03

VIRGINIA, WYTHE COUNTY, Sanders Farm, 3908 Fort Chiswell Rd., Max Meadows vicinity, 03000454, LISTED, 5/22/03

WEST VIRGINIA, DODDRIDGE COUNTY, West Union Downtown Historic District, Roughly bounded by B&O RR, Court St, and Cottage St., West Union, 03000458, LISTED, 5/22/03

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