October 18, 2002

The Director of the National Park Service is pleased to send you the following announcements and actions on properties for the National Register of Historic Places. For further information contact Edson Beall via voice (202) 354-2255 or E-mail: edson_beall@nps.gov

Our new physical location address is:

National Park Service 2280
National Register of Historic Places
1201 "I" (Eye) Street, N.W.
Washington D.C. 20005

Please have any Fed Ex, UPS packages you expect us to receive on or after 8/19, sent to the above address. Please continue to use alternate carriers, as all mail delivered to us via United States Postal Service is irradiated and subsequently damaged.

The National Register Archives Collection in Washington, DC, WILL BE CLOSED until further notice.

The National Register will not be able to process any requests for copies of nominations or determinations of eligibility until completion of the move. While the National Register will continue to process and list new incoming nominations, the archive collections will not be available for use.

We apologize for the inconvenience and request your patience and consideration.


KEY: State, County, Property Name, Address/Boundary, City, Vicinity, Reference Number, NHL, Action, Date, Multiple Name

ALABAMA, LAUDERDALE COUNTY, Locust Street Historic District, Roughly bounded by Pine St., College St., Locust St., and Irvine Ave., florence, 02001065, LISTED, 10/03/02

MASSACHUSETTS, PLYMOUTH COUNTY, Kingston Center Historic District, Main, Green Sts, Kingston, 02001085, LISTED, 10/04/02

MISSOURI, BATES COUNTY, Hudson City School, Approx. 1 mi. NW of MO 52 and Hwy. W, Appleton City vicinity, 02001110, LISTED, 10/10/02

MISSOURI, RIPLEY COUNTY, Sylvan School, Cty Rd H4, approx. 2 mi. SW of jct. MO 142 and W, Naylor, 02001109, LISTED, 10/10/02

NEW JERSEY, MONMOUTH COUNTY, Grover House, 940 W. Front St., Middletown, 02001121, LISTED, 10/10/02

NEW JERSEY, WARREN COUNTY, Allamuchy Freight House, Rte. 612, Allamuchy, 02001056, LISTED, 9/23/02

NEW MEXICO, EDDY COUNTY, Tansill, Rober Weems and Mary E., House, 1612 N. Guadalupe St., Carlsbad, 02001111, LISTED, 10/10/02

NEW YORK, CAYUGA COUNTY, Sterling District No. 5 Schoolhouse, NY104A, Sterling, 02001119, LISTED, 10/10/02

NEW YORK, ERIE COUNTY, Garrison Cemetery, Aero Dr., Cheetowaga, 02001113, LISTED, 10/10/02

NEW YORK, JEFFERSON COUNTY, Taylor, Emma Flower, Mansion, 241 Clinton St., Watertown, 02001114, LISTED, 10/10/02

NEW YORK, KINGS COUNTY, Senator Street Historic District, 318-370 and 317-347 Senator St., Brooklyn, 02001115, LISTED, 10/10/02

NEW YORK, NEW YORK COUNTY, Stanton Street Shul, 180 Stanton St., New York, 02001116, LISTED, 10/10/02

NEW YORK, ONTARIO COUNTY, First Baptist Church, 134 N. main St., Geneva, 02001118, LISTED, 10/10/02

NEW YORK, ONTARIO COUNTY, Genesee Park Historic District, Genesee Park, Genesee Park Place, and Genesee and Lewis Sts., Geneva, 02001117, LISTED, 10/10/02

NEW YORK, ULSTER COUNTY, Vosburg Turning Mill Complex, 52 Hutchin Hill Rd., Woodstock, 02001120, LISTED, 10/10/02

NORTH CAROLINA, WASHINGTON COUNTY, Creswell Historic District, Roughly bounded by 208 E. Main St. and 310 W. Main St., 302-304 S. Sixth Sts., and 219 N. Sixth St., Creswell, 02001112, LISTED, 10/10/02

OHIO, SUMMIT COUNTY, Humberger House, 7616 N 2nd Ave., Clinton, 02001122, LISTED, 10/11/02 (Canal, Railroad, and Industrial Resources of the Village of Clinton/Warwick, Ohio MPS)

OHIO, SUMMIT COUNTY, Price, Jonathan, House, 7903 Main St., Clinton, 02001103, LISTED, 10/07/02 (Canal, Railroad, and Industrial Resources of the Village of Clinton/Warwick, Ohio MPS)

OHIO, SUMMIT COUNTY, Smith, David, House, 7966 Cleveland--Massillon Rd., Clinton, 02001104, LISTED, 10/04/02 (Canal, Railroad, and Industrial Resources of the Village of Clinton/Warwick, Ohio MPS)

OHIO, SUMMIT COUNTY, Sorrick--Oster Store, 7846 Main St., Clinton, 02001123, LISTED, 10/11/02 (Canal, Railroad, and Industrial Resources of the Village of Clinton/Warwick, Ohio MPS)

OKLAHOMA, HARPER COUNTY, Cooper Bison Kill Site, Address Restricted, Fort Supply vicinity, 02000171, LISTED, 10/07/02

OREGON, MULTNOMAH COUNTY, Keck, H.C., House--Mt. Olivet Parsonage, 53 NE Thompson St., Portland, 02001124, LISTED, 10/10/02 (Eliot Neighborhood MPS)


WISCONSIN, DANE COUNTY, Dowling Apartment Building, 445-447 W. Wilson St., Madison, 02001127, LISTED, 10/07/02

WISCONSIN, DANE COUNTY, Hotel Loraine, 119-123 W. Washington Ave., Madison, 02001125, LISTED, 10/10/02

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