September 27, 2002

The Director of the National Park Service is pleased to send you the following announcements and actions on properties for the National Register of Historic Places. For further information contact Edson Beall via voice (202) 354-2255 or E-mail:

Our new physical location address is:

National Park Service 2280
National Register of Historic Places
1201 "I" (Eye) Street, N.W.
Washington D.C. 20005

Please have any Fed Ex, UPS packages sent to the above address. Please continue to use alternate carriers, as all mail delivered to us via United States Postal Service is irradiated and subsequently damaged.

The National Register Archives Collection in Washington, DC, WILL BE CLOSED until further notice.

The National Register will not be able to process any requests for copies of nominations or determinations of eligibility until completion of the move. While the National Register will continue to process and list new incoming nominations, the archive collections will not be available for use.

We apologize for the short notice and request your patience and consideration.


KEY: State, County, Property Name, Address/Boundary, City, Vicinity, Reference Number, NHL, Action, Date, Multiple Name

ARKANSAS, CLARK COUNTY, Cobb--Weber House, 307 N. 6th St., Arkadelphia, 02000956, LISTED, 9/14/02

ARKANSAS, GARLAND COUNTY, Quapaw--Prospect Historic District, Roughly bounded by Quapaw and Prospect Aves., Hot Springs, 99000821, ADDITIONAL DOCUMENTATION APPROVED, 9/14/02

ARKANSAS, LAWRENCE COUNTY, French, Alice, House, AR 28, Clover Bend vicinity, 76000425, REMOVED, 9/14/02

ARKANSAS, OUACHITA COUNTY, HOMER, The (Shipwreck), Address Restricted, Camden vicinity, 02000979, LISTED, 9/14/02

ARKANSAS, PULASKI COUNTY, Cook House, 116 W. 7th St., North Little Rock, 93001250, REMOVED, 9/14/02

ARKANSAS, RANDOLPH COUNTY, Bates, Daniel V., House, U.S. 67, Pocahontas, 79000457, REMOVED, 9/14/02

ARKANSAS, SEBASTIAN COUNTY, Foster, Josiah, Building, 222 Garrison Ave., Fort Smith, 78000631, REMOVED, 9/14/02

ARKANSAS, WOODRUFF COUNTY, Augusta Bridge, US 64, over the White River, Augusta, 90000505, REMOVED, 9/14/02 (Historic Bridges of Arkansas MPS)

COLORADO, EL PASO COUNTY, Cragmor Sanatorium, 1420 Austin Bluffs Pkwy, Colorado Springs, 98000586, REMOVED, 9/16/02

COLORADO, FREMONT COUNTY, Howard Bridge, Off U.S. 50, Howard, 85000209, REMOVED, 9/16/02 (Vehicular Bridges in Colorado TR)

COLORADO, LAS ANIMAS COUNTY, Avery Bridges, Cty. Rd. over Leitensdorfer Arroyo and Apishapa River, Hoehne and Aguilar vicinity, 85001403, REMOVED, 9/16/02 (Vehicular Bridges in Colorado TR)

COLORADO, LAS ANIMAS COUNTY, Elson Bridge, Cty. Rd. 36, El Moro vicinity, 85000215, REMOVED, 9/16/02 (Vehicular Bridges in Colorado TR)

FLORIDA, HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, Bing Rooming House, 205 S. Allen St., Plant City, 02001009, LISTED, 9/14/02

FLORIDA, MARTIN COUNTY, Mount Elizabeth Archeological Site, 1707 NE Indian River Dr., Jensen Beach vicinity, 02001011, LISTED, 9/14/02

FLORIDA, SARASOTA COUNTY, Bispham--Wilson Historic District, 4613 S. Tamiami Trail, Sarasota, 02001010, LISTED, 9/14/02

GEORGIA, DE KALB COUNTY, Kirkwood School, 138 Kirkwood Rd., Atlanta, 02001045, LISTED, 9/19/02

IOWA, BLACK HAWK COUNTY, Chapple and Young Block, 316-318-320 Main St., La Port City, 02001025, LISTED, 9/20/02

IOWA, DUBUQUE COUNTY, Grand Opera House, 135 8th St., Dubuque, 02001029, LISTED, 9/20/02 (Footlights in Farm Country: Iowa Opera Houses MPS)

IOWA, LINN COUNTY, Bowman, James W. and Ida G., House, 1372 8th Ave., Marion, 02001015, LISTED, 9/14/02

IOWA, LINN COUNTY, Lane, Samuel M., House, 1776 8th Ave., Marion, 02001014, LISTED, 9/14/02

IOWA, LINN COUNTY, Pucker Street Historic District, Bounded by 13th St., 9th Ave., 20th St., and 8th Ave., Marion, 02001013, LISTED, 9/14/02

IOWA, LINN COUNTY, Pyle, Glenn O. and Lucy O., House, 1540 8th Ave., Marion, 02001016, LISTED, 9/14/02

IOWA, MARSHALL COUNTY, State Center Commercial Historic District, Main St. Blks 200-100 West and 100 East, State Center, 02001034, LISTED, 9/20/02 (Iowa's Main Street Commercial Architecture MPS)

LOUISIANA, ST. TAMMANY PARISH, Cousin, Francois, House, 28061 Main St., Lacombe, 02000982, LISTED, 9/16/02 (Louisiana's French Creole Architecture MPS)

MISSOURI, ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Bellecourt Apartments, 1107-1123 Bellevue Ave., Richmond Heights, 02000983, LISTED, 9/16/02

NEW HAMPSHIRE, HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, Brick Schoolhouse, 432 NH 123, Sharon, 02000957, LISTED, 9/14/02

NEW HAMPSHIRE, HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, Smith, Gov. John Butler, House, 62 School St., Hillsborough, 02000959, LISTED, 9/14/02

NEW HAMPSHIRE, MERRIMACK COUNTY, Bennett Farm, 11 Bennett Rd., Henniker, 02000960, LISTED, 9/14/02

NEW HAMPSHIRE, ROCKINGHAM COUNTY, Deerfield Center Historic District, 1 Candia Rd., 1-14 Old Center Road South, Deerfield, 02000958, LISTED, 9/14/02

NORTH CAROLINA, CHEROKEE COUNTY, First Baptist Church, 101 Chestnut St., Andrews, 02000962, LISTED, 9/14/02

NORTH CAROLINA, CHOWAN COUNTY, Edenton Station, United States Fish and Fisheries Commission, 200 blk. Old Fish Hatchery Rd., Edenton, 02000961, LISTED, 9/14/02

NORTH CAROLINA, CLEVELAND COUNTY, Central Shelby Historic District (Boundary Increase), Roughly bounded by E. Elm, S. Lafayette, Blanton, N. Thompson, W. Sumter, N. Lafayette, Kendal, & S. Delalb Sts., Shelby, 02000963, LISTED, 9/14/02

NORTH CAROLINA, CLEVELAND COUNTY, Central Shelby Historic District, Roughly Washington St. from Gidney to Sumter;Graham and Warren St to Morgan;and Marion St.from Washington St to Thompson, Shelby, 83001841, ADDITIONAL DOCUMENTATION APPROVED, 9/14/02

NORTH CAROLINA, CRAVEN COUNTY, Smith Jr., Isaac H., House, 605 Johnson St., New Bern, 02000965, LISTED, 9/14/02

NORTH CAROLINA, CUMBERLAND COUNTY, Stedman, Frank H., House, 1516 Morganton Rd., Fayetteville, 02000966, LISTED, 9/14/02

NORTH CAROLINA, EDGECOMBE COUNTY, Edgemont Historic District (Boundary Increase), Roughly bounded by Cokey Rd., George St., Eastern Ave., Edgewood St., and School St., Rocky Mount, 02000989, LISTED, 9/14/02

NORTH CAROLINA, EDGECOMBE COUNTY, Porter Houses and Armstrong Kitchen, 821 Wells Rd., Whitakers vicinity, 02000988, LISTED, 9/14/02

NORTH CAROLINA, GASTON COUNTY, Belmont Hosiery Mill, 608 S. Main St., Belmont, 02000987, LISTED, 9/16/02

NORTH CAROLINA, GASTON COUNTY, Mayworth School, 236 Eighth Ave., Cramerton, 02000986, LISTED, 9/16/02

NORTH CAROLINA, GUILFORD COUNTY, Buffalo Presbyterian Church and Cemetery, 800 and 803 Sixteenth St., Greensboro, 02000985, LISTED, 9/16/02

OKLAHOMA, CREEK COUNTY, Sapulpa Downtown Historic District, Roughly bounded by Hobson Ave., Elm St., Lee Ave., and Main St., Sapulpa, 02000975, LISTED, 9/14/02

OKLAHOMA, MCCURTAIN COUNTY, Rouleau Hotel, 20 E. Main St., Idabel, 02000974, LISTED, 9/14/02

OKLAHOMA, OKLAHOMA COUNTY, Hopewell Baptist Church, 5801 NW 178th St., Edmond, 02001018, LISTED, 9/14/02 (Bruce Goff Designed Resources in Oklahoma MPS)

OKLAHOMA, OSAGE COUNTY, Marland Filling Station, 102 South Wood, Hominy, 02000970, LISTED, 9/14/02

OKLAHOMA, TULSA COUNTY, Parriott, Foster B., House, 2216 E. 30th St., Tulsa, 02000971, LISTED, 9/14/02

OREGON, JACKSON COUNTY, Siskiyou--Hargandine Historic District, Roughly bounded by East Main, Morse, Beach, Iowa, and Pioneer Sts., Ashland, 02001008, LISTED, 9/14/02

OREGON, MULTNOMAH COUNTY, Armstrong, Alfred J. and Georgia A., House, 509 NW Prescott St., Portland, 02001017, LISTED, 9/14/02

OREGON, MULTNOMAH COUNTY, Irvington Bowman Apartments, 1825 and 1835 NE 16th Ave., Portland, 02000968, LISTED, 9/14/02

OREGON, MULTNOMAH COUNTY, Lynch, Matthew J. and Florence, House and Garden, 337 SW. Kingston Ave., Portland, 02000674, LISTED, 9/15/02

OREGON, MULTNOMAH COUNTY, West Coast Woods Model Home, 7211 N. Fowler Ave., Portland, 02000969, LISTED, 9/14/02

PENNSYLVANIA, PIKE COUNTY, Milford Historic District (Boundary Increase), Roughly encompassing the gridded portion of Milford, Milford, 02000951, LISTED, 9/09/02

PENNSYLVANIA, SOMERSET COUNTY, Wolf, Penrose, Building, 450 Main St., Rockwood, 02000967, LISTED, 9/13/02

TEXAS, DALLAS COUNTY, G & J Manufacturing, 3912 Willow St., Dallas, 02000992, LISTED, 9/14/02

TEXAS, GRAYSON COUNTY, Hall Furniture Building, 118 W. Lamar, Sherman, 02000994, LISTED, 9/14/02

TEXAS, SMITH COUNTY, Moore Grocery Co. Building, 408 N. Broadway, Tyler, 02000991, LISTED, 9/13/02

TEXAS, SMITH COUNTY, Tyler Grocery Company, 416 N. Broadway, Tyler, 02000993, LISTED, 9/14/02 (Tyler, Texas MPS)

TEXAS, SMITH COUNTY, Williams--Anderson House, 1313 W. Claude St., Tyler, 02000995, LISTED, 9/14/02 (Tyler, Texas MPS)

VIRGINIA, CHARLOTTE COUNTY, Maple Roads, 1325 Richardson Rd., Keysville, 02000999, LISTED, 9/14/02

VIRGINIA, FRANKLIN COUNTY, Booth--Lovelace House, 130 Lovelace Ln., Hardy vicinity, 02000996, LISTED, 9/14/02

VIRGINIA, GOOCHLAND COUNTY, Dover Slave Quarter Complex, 845 Dover Rd., Manakin-Sabot, 02001005, LISTED, 9/15/02

VIRGINIA, HOPEWELL INDEPENDENT CITY, Downtown Hopewell Historic District, Boundary includes Main St., Appomattox St., Hopewell St., and East Broadway, Hopewell (Independent City), 02000977, LISTED, 9/14/02

VIRGINIA, LOUDOUN COUNTY, Woodgrove, 16860 Woodgrove Rd., Round Hill vicinity, 02001004, LISTED, 9/14/02

VIRGINIA, LOUISA COUNTY, Longwood, 924 Longwood Dr., Gordonville vicinity, 02000998, LISTED, 9/14/02

VIRGINIA, NEWPORT NEWS INDEPENDENT CITY, Medical Arts Building, 2901 West Avenue, Newport News (Independent City) vicinity, 02001001, LISTED, 9/14/02

VIRGINIA, PORTSMOUTH INDEPENDENT CITY, Shea Terrace Elementary School, 253 Constitution Ave., Portsmouth (Independent City), 02001002, LISTED, 9/15/02

VIRGINIA, RICHMOND INDEPENDENT CITY, Todd, E.M., Company, 1128 Hermitage Rd., Richmond (Independent City), 02000997, LISTED, 9/14/02

VIRGINIA, ROANOKE INDEPENDENT CITY, Roanoke Downtown Historic District, Roughly bounded by 3rd St., Norfolk Ave., Jefferson St., and Bullitt Ave., Roanoke (Independent City), 02000978, LISTED, 9/14/02

VIRGINIA, ROCKBRIDGE COUNTY, Marlbrook, 4973 Forge Rd., Glasgow vicinity, 02001000, LISTED, 9/14/02

VIRGINIA, ROCKBRIDGE COUNTY, Sunnyside, 160 Kendal Dr., Lexington vicinity, 02001003, LISTED, 9/14/02

VIRGINIA, SCOTT COUNTY, Fulkerson--Hilton House, Address Restricted, Hiltons vicinity, 02001006, LISTED, 9/14/02

VIRGINIA, SUFFOLK INDEPENDENT CITY, Suffolk Historic District (Boundary Increase II), Roughly bounded by N and W RR tracks, County St., and Liberty St., Bank St., Market St., Clay St. and Poplar Sts., Suffolk (Independent City), 02000976, LISTED, 9/14/02

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