August 16, 2002

(Due to our phyisical move, the next Weekly List will be on or about August 30, 2002)

We're Moving. See our new address below

The Director of the National Park Service is pleased to send you the following announcements and actions on properties for the National Register of Historic Places. For further information contact Edson Beall via voice (202) 354-2255, fax (202) 371-2229 or E-mail:

Dear Colleagues:

As of Monday August 19, 2002, our new physical location address will be:

National Park Service
National Register of Historic Places
1201 "I" (Eye) Street, N.W. 8th floor
Washington D.C. 20005

Please have any Fed Ex, UPS packages you expect us to receive on or after 8/19, sent to the above address. Please continue to use alternate carriers, as all mail delivered to us via United States Postal Service is irradiated and subsequently damaged.

The National Register Archives Collection at 800 North Capitol Street, Washington, DC, WILL BE CLOSED until further notice.

As many of you are aware, the National Park Service is relocating its offices on August 19, 2002. Our move coordinators anticipate that the process of boxing up the National Register archives, dismantling the machines, moving the files and equipment, reinstalling the machines, and refiling the nominations will take 20 -30 days. We anticipate completing the project by the end of August and hope to be up and running by early September.

As a result, the National Register will not be able to process any requests for copies of nominations or determinations of eligibility until completion of the move. While the National Register will continue to process and list new incoming nominations, the archive collections will not be available for use.

We apologize for the short notice and request your patience and consideration.

Additional information regarding our new telephone numbers will be provided under separate cover.


KEY: State, County, Property Name, Address/Boundary, City, Vicinity, Reference Number, NHL, Action, Date, Multiple Name

ARKANSAS, RANDOLPH COUNTY, St.Mary's AME Church--Pocahontas Colored School, 1708 Archer St., Pocahontas, 02000830, LISTED, 8/05/02

CALIFORNIA, SAN DIEGO COUNTY, Mohnike Adobe, 12115 Black Mountain Rd., San Diego, 02000779, LISTED, 7/17/02

CONNECTICUT, HARTFORD COUNTY, Union Village Historic District, Roughly bounded by Union Pond, Oakland St., RR Right of Way, Marble St., Hockanum R., Manchester, 02000831, LISTED, 8/06/02

CONNECTICUT, NEW HAVEN COUNTY, Prospect Hill Historic District, Off CT 10, New Haven, 79002670, ADDITIONAL DOCUMENTATION APPROVED, 8/08/02

FLORIDA, DUVAL COUNTY, St. George Episcopal Church, 10560 Ft. George Rd. E, Jacksonville, 02000839, LISTED, 8/09/02 (Florida's Carpenter Gothic Churches MPS)

FLORIDA, POLK COUNTY, Thompson and Company Cigar Factory, 255 N. Third St., Bartow, 02000838, LISTED, 8/09/02 (Bartow MPS)

GEORGIA, CANDLER COUNTY, Metter High School, Jct. of College St. and Vertia St., Metter, 02000840, LISTED, 8/09/02

GEORGIA, MARION COUNTY, Ables, Alfred and Jane, House, 230 E. Fifth Ave., Buena Vista, 02000841, LISTED, 8/09/02

ILLINOIS, DE KALB COUNTY, Glidden, Joseph F., House, 917 W. Lincoln Hwy., De Kalb, 73002159, ADDITIONAL DOCUMENTATION APPROVED, 8/07/02

ILLINOIS, DU PAGE COUNTY, Henderson, Frank B., House, 301 S. Kenilworth, Elmhurst, 02000844, LISTED, 8/09/02

ILLINOIS, JACKSON COUNTY, Giant City Stone Fort Site, Stone Fort Rd., Makanda vicinity, 02000848, LISTED, 8/09/02

ILLINOIS, LAKE COUNTY, Karcher Hotel, 405 Washington St., Waukegan, 02000845, LISTED, 8/09/02

MAINE, OXFORD COUNTY, First Universalist Society of West Sumner, 1114 Main St., Sumner, 02000850, LISTED, 8/09/02

MISSISSIPPI, CHICKASAW COUNTY, Okolona College, US 245 N, 1.1 mi N of jct. with MS 41 and MS 32, Okolona, 02000853, LISTED, 8/09/02

MISSISSIPPI, COAHOMA COUNTY, WROX Building, 257 Delta Ave., Clarksdale, 02000854, LISTED, 8/09/02

MISSISSIPPI, FORREST COUNTY, Hub City Historic District (Boundary Increase), Roughly along Main, Market, Newman and Walnut Sts., Hattiesburg, 02000855, LISTED, 8/09/02

MISSISSIPPI, FORREST COUNTY, Parkhaven Historic District, Roughly along S. 22nd Ave. and S. 21st Ave., from Hardy to Mamie Sts., Hattiesburg, 02000856, LISTED, 8/09/02

MISSISSIPPI, HARRISON COUNTY, Benton, Thomas and Melinda, House, 14115 Rippy Rd., Gulfport, 02000857, LISTED, 8/09/02

MISSISSIPPI, NOXUBEE COUNTY, Scales, William Henry, House, 1108 Magnolia Dr., Macon, 02000858, LISTED, 8/09/02

MISSISSIPPI, PIKE COUNTY, Lieb-Rawls House, 303 Magnolia St., Magnolia, 84000051, REMOVED, 8/07/02 (Magnolia MRA)

MISSISSIPPI, TISHOMINGO COUNTY, Edwards, R. D., House, 603 Indian Creek Rd., Iuka, 91000933, REMOVED, 8/07/02 (Iuka MPS)

MISSOURI, CHARITON COUNTY, Dalton Vocational School Historic District, jct. of Fourth St. and MO J, Dalton vicinity, 02000832, LISTED, 8/05/02

MISSOURI, GREENE COUNTY, Mid-town Historic District (Boundary Increase I), Roughly along N. Robberson Ave. and N. Jefferson Ave., Springfield, 02000851, LISTED, 8/09/02

MISSOURI, GREENE COUNTY, Walnut Street Historic District (Boundary Increase I), Roughly along E. Walnut St., from the 700 and 800 Blocks, Springfield, 02000833, LISTED, 8/05/02


OREGON, UMATILLA COUNTY, Meacham Hotel, Main St., Meacham, 01000830, LISTED, 8/06/02

WASHINGTON, KING COUNTY, Pagani, Luigi and Aurora, House, 32907 Merino St., Black Diamond, 02000861, LISTED, 8/09/02

WASHINGTON, KING COUNTY, Rector Hotel, 619-621 Third Ave., Seattle, 02000863, LISTED, 8/09/02

WASHINGTON, SPOKANE COUNTY, Hillyard Historic Business District, N. 4912-5220 Market St., E. 3108-3117 Olympia Ave., Spokane, 02000860, LISTED, 8/09/02

WISCONSIN, SAUK COUNTY, Gust Brothers' Store, 101 Fourth St., Baraboo, 02000834, LISTED, 8/05/02

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