May 24, 2002

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The Director of the National Park Service is pleased to send you the following announcements and actions on properties for the National Register of Historic Places. For further information contact Edson Beall via voice (202) 354-2255, fax (202) 371-2229 or E-mail:


KEY: State, County, Property Name, Address/Boundary, City, Vicinity, Reference Number, NHL, Action, Date, Multiple Name

ALABAMA, COLBERT COUNTY, Sheffield Residential Historic District, Roughly bounded by Riverside Pk, River Bluff Dr., Wood, Third, Second Sts., 15th Ave., 27th St., and 19th Ave., Sheffield, 02000481, LISTED, 5/16/02

ALABAMA, ETOWAH COUNTY, Alabama City Wall Street Historic District, Roughly along Wall St., from Norris Ave. to Meighan Blvd., Gadsden, 02000484, LISTED, 5/16/02

ALABAMA, JACKSON COUNTY, Bridgeport Historic District, Roughly bounded by Bridgeport City Limits, Enrich Ave., Bridgeport, 5th Ave., Broadway Ave., 8th St., and 11th Ave., Bridgeport, 02000479, LISTED, 5/16/02

ALABAMA, JEFFERSON COUNTY, Hollywood Historic District, Roughly bounded by Al 31, AL 280 and Lakeshore Dr., Homewood, 02000482, LISTED, 5/16/02

ARKANSAS, JEFFERSON COUNTY, Sherrill Methodist Episcopal Church, South, 301 Main St., Sherrill, 02000487, LISTED, 5/16/02

ARKANSAS, MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Caddo Valley Academy Complex, 234 Hettie St., Norman, 02000485, LISTED, 5/16/02

ARKANSAS, RANDOLPH COUNTY, Pocahontas Post Office, 109 Van Bibber St., Pocahontas, 02000488, LISTED, 5/16/02

ARKANSAS, SCOTT COUNTY, Scott County Jail, (Old), 125 W. 2nd St., Waldron, 02000486, LISTED, 5/16/02

CALIFORNIA, SAN BERNARDINO COUNTY, El Garces, 950 Front St., Needles, 02000537, LISTED, 5/17/02

CALIFORNIA, YUBA COUNTY, Bok Kai Temple, Yuba River Levee at D St., Marysville, 75000498, ADDITIONAL DOCUMENTATION APPROVED, 5/15/02

COLORADO, GRAND COUNTY, Timber Creek Road Camp Barn, Timber Creek Rd., Estes Park vicinity, 87001134, PROPOSED MOVE APPROVED, 5/13/02 (Rocky Mountain National Park MRA)

FLORIDA, GULF COUNTY, USCG Cutter DUANE, 1 mi. S of Molasses Reef, Key Largo vicinity, 02000494, LISTED, 5/16/02

FLORIDA, VOLUSIA COUNTY, Orange City Town Hall, 205 E. Graves Ave., Orange City, 02000493, LISTED, 5/16/02

KANSAS, MARION COUNTY, Schaeffler, William F. and Ida G., House, 312 E. Grand, Hillsboro, 02000490, LISTED, 5/16/02

KANSAS, OSBORNE COUNTY, IOOF Lodge, Jct. of Nicholas and Mill Sts., Alton, 02000491, LISTED, 5/16/02

MISSOURI, ST. LOUIS INDEPENDENT CITY, St. Boniface Neighborhood Historic District, Roughly bounded by Koeln and Tesson Sts., Broadway, and Alabama Ave., St. Louis (Independent City), 01000948, LISTED, 5/09/02

NORTH CAROLINA, DUPLIN COUNTY, Utley--Council House, NC 1390, near jct. with NC 1387, Apex vicinity, 02000498, LISTED, 5/16/02 (Wake County MPS)

NORTH CAROLINA, WAKE COUNTY, Bloomsbury Historic District, Roughly bounded by Fairview Rd., St. Mary's St., Byrd St., Sunset Dr. and Whitaker Mill Rd., Raleigh, 02000497, LISTED, 5/16/02 (Five Points Neighborhoods, Raleigh, North Carolina MPS)

NORTH CAROLINA, WAKE COUNTY, Fuquay Springs High School, 112 N. Ennis St., Fuquay-Varina, 02000495, LISTED, 5/16/02 (Wake County MPS)

NORTH CAROLINA, WAKE COUNTY, Graves, Willis M., House, 802 Oberlin Rd., Raleigh, 02000500, LISTED, 5/16/02 (Oberlin, North Carolina MPS)

NORTH CAROLINA, WAKE COUNTY, Hall, Rev. Plummer T., House, 814 Oberlin Rd., Raleigh, 02000501, LISTED, 5/16/02 (Oberlin, North Carolina MPS)

NORTH CAROLINA, WAKE COUNTY, Hayes Barton Historic District, Roughly bounded by St. Mary's St., Fairview Rd., Aycock St., Scales St. and Williamson Dr., Raleigh, 02000496, LISTED, 5/16/02 (Five Points Neighborhoods, Raleigh, North Carolina MPS)

NORTH CAROLINA, WAKE COUNTY, Latta, Rev. M.L., House, 1001 Parker St., Raleigh, 02000502, LISTED, 5/16/02 (Oberlin, North Carolina MPS)

NORTH CAROLINA, WAKE COUNTY, Turner, John T. and Mary, House, 1002 Oberlin Rd., Raleigh, 02000499, LISTED, 5/16/02 (Oberlin, North Carolina MPS)

OHIO, ERIE COUNTY, Second Baptist Church, 315 Decatur St., Sandusky, 02000061, LISTED, 5/14/02

PENNSYLVANIA, LUZERNE COUNTY, Wyoming Monument, US 11, Wyoming Ave. and Susquehanna St., Wyoming Borough, 02000509, LISTED, 5/13/02

SOUTH CAROLINA, RICHLAND COUNTY, Elmwood Park Historic District (Boundary Increase), 2113 Park St., Columbia, 02000477, LISTED, 5/13/02

UTAH, CACHE COUNTY, Richmond Interurban Depot, 196 West Main, Richmond, 02000508, LISTED, 5/16/02

UTAH, CARBON COUNTY, Bruno, Giacomo and Maria, House and Farmstead, 524 N. Main St., Helper, 02000506, LISTED, 5/16/02

UTAH, SUMMIT COUNTY, Watson, Patrick B., House, 962 Norfolk Ave., Park City, 02000504, LISTED, 5/16/02 (Residences of Mining Boom Era Park City MPS)

VIRGINIA, APPOMATTOX COUNTY, Appomattox Historic District, Roughly along High, Church, Highland, VA 131, Linden, Lee Grant, Oakleigh and Evergreen, Appomattox vicinity, 02000510, LISTED, 5/16/02

VIRGINIA, CAMPBELL COUNTY, Oak Grove, 7378 Gladys Rd., Altavista, 02000516, LISTED, 5/16/02

VIRGINIA, CARROLL COUNTY, Hillsville Historic District, 300-500 Blks of Main St., Hillsville, 02000522, LISTED, 5/16/02

VIRGINIA, CARROLL COUNTY, Pless, A.G., Jr. House, 942 Glendale Rd., Galax, 02000526, LISTED, 5/16/02

VIRGINIA, FLOYD COUNTY, Glenanna, 204 W. Main St., Floyd, 02000523, LISTED, 5/16/02

VIRGINIA, FREDERICK COUNTY, Opequon Historic District, Jct. of VA 622 and VA 620, Winchester vicinity, 02000515, LISTED, 5/16/02

VIRGINIA, FREDERICKSBURG INDEPENDENT CITY, Washington Avenue Historic District, 1200-1500 blks of Washington Ave., and 620 Lewis St., Fredericksburg (Independent City), 02000518, LISTED, 5/16/02

VIRGINIA, HANOVER COUNTY, Montpelier Historic District, Roughly along Mountain Rd., Montpelier vicinity, 02000517, LISTED, 5/16/02

VIRGINIA, HENRICO COUNTY, Rocky Mills, 211 Ross Rd., Richmond vicinity, 02000513, LISTED, 5/13/02

VIRGINIA, MECKLENBURG COUNTY, Boydton Historic District, Roughly the Boydton corporate limits except for section including and NW of VA 58, Boydton, 02000511, LISTED, 5/16/02

VIRGINIA, RICHMOND INDEPENDENT CITY, Manchester Residential and Commercial Historic District, Roughly bounded by 9th St., McDonough St., Cowardin Ave., and Stockton St., Richmond (Independent City), 02000521, LISTED, 5/16/02

VIRGINIA, TAZEWELL COUNTY, Tazewill Historic District, Main, Church, Tower, and Pine Sts., and Central Ave., Tazewell, 02000519, LISTED, 5/16/02

VIRGINIA, WARREN COUNTY, Riverton Historic District, Roughly along Crisman Dr., Duck St., Old Winchester Pike, Queens Hwy., Riverside Dr., Rugby St., and Strasburg Rd., Front Royal, 02000514, LISTED, 5/16/02

VIRGINIA, WASHINGTON COUNTY, Grove, The, 14071 Lee Hwy, Bristol vicinity, 02000525, LISTED, 5/16/02

VIRGINIA, WISE COUNTY, Hotel Norton, 798 Park Ave., Norton, 02000524, LISTED, 5/16/02

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