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The Director of the National Park Service is sending you the following announcements and actions on properties for the National Register of Historic Places.

Impact of Mail Irradiation Program on National Register Nominations

As you may be aware, the US Postal Service (USPS) intends to irradiate mail in selected USPS facilities, including our mail facility here in Washington D.C., to sterilize it from possible anthrax contamination using high-energy electron irradiation technology. We have concerns about the possible effects of irradiation on nominations to the National Register that pass through these facilities. We are advising you to avoid using USPS for envelopes and flats that contain National Register nominations, Determinations of Eligibility, and any other material that will be archived here.

Paper will be seriously affected, losing tensile strength and increasing brittleness. In addition to accelerating the aging processes, discoloration is also to be expected. Oxidation is expected from the interaction with ozone formed in air (and within the packages) during irradiation. Photographs will be adversely affected as well. Magnetic media (floppy disks, zip disks, audio and video tape) will probably lose significant information content.

We strongly recommend using an alternate shipper such as United Parcel Service (UPS) or Federal Express (FedEx) for sending nominations to the National Register of Historic Places. Use our physical location address only:

National Register of Historic Places
Suite 400
800 North Capitol Street, NW
Washington DC 20002

For further information contact Edson Beall via voice (202) 354-2255, fax (202) 371-2229, or e-mail:


KEY: State, County, Property Name, Address/Boundary, City, Vicinity, Reference Number, NHL, Action, Date, Multiple Name

CALIFORNIA, ALAMEDA COUNTY, Remar Bakery, 1010 46th St., Emeryville, 02000328, LISTED, 4/11/02

CALIFORNIA, HUMBOLDT COUNTY, Washington School, 1910 California St., Eureka, 02000329, LISTED, 4/12/02

CALIFORNIA, LOS ANGELES COUNTY, Broadway Theater and Commercial District, 300--849 S. Broadway, Los Angeles, 79000484, ADDITIONAL DOCUMENTATION APPROVED, 4/12/02

CALIFORNIA, LOS ANGELES COUNTY, Broadway Theatre and Commercial District (Boundary Increase), 242, 248-260, 249-259, 900-911,908-910, 921-937, 930-947 S. Broadway, Los Angeles, 02000330, LISTED, 4/12/02

CONNECTICUT, LITCHFIELD COUNTY, Benedict, Francis Jr., House, 85 N. Colebrook Rd., Norfolk, 02000333, LISTED, 4/11/02

CONNECTICUT, LITCHFIELD COUNTY, Esperanza, 511 Town Hill Rd., New Hartford, 02000334, LISTED, 4/11/02

CONNECTICUT, NEW HAVEN COUNTY, Canoe Brook Historic District, Roughly along Bradley St., Cherry Hill Rd., Home Place, Lincoln Ave., Main and N. Harbor Sts., Branford, 02000335, LISTED, 4/11/02

CONNECTICUT, NEW HAVEN COUNTY, East Haven Green Historic District, 263,270,274 Hemingway Ave., 125,129,133,139,143,150 Main St., 3,7,11,15,23,27,39,47 Park Pl. & 58,100 River St., East Haven, 02000336, LISTED, 4/11/02

CONNECTICUT, NEW LONDON COUNTY, Quaker Hill Historic District, Roughly along Old Norwich Rd. from Richards Grove Rd. to Mohegan Ave. Pkwy., Waterford, 02000337, LISTED, 4/11/02

GEORGIA, BIBB COUNTY, Cherokee Brick and Tile Company, 3250 Waterville Rd., Macon, 02000338, LISTED, 4/11/02

GEORGIA, COWETA COUNTY, Newnan Cotton Mill and Mill Village Historic District, Roughly bounded by E. Washington, Wilcoxen and Farmer Sts., and CSX RR., Newnan, 02000339, LISTED, 4/11/02

GEORGIA, WARREN COUNTY, Warrenton Downtown Historic District, Roughly centered on jct. of Main and Depot Sts., Warrenton, 02000340, LISTED, 4/11/02

ILLINOIS, COOK COUNTY, Raymond Park Apartments, 1501 Hinman and 425 Grove, Evanston, 85003581, LISTED, 4/12/02 (Suburban Apartment Buildings in Evanston TR)

KENTUCKY, BOONE COUNTY, Building within Burlington Historic District, KY 18, Burlington, 79000961, PROPOSED MOVE APPROVED, 4/12/02

KENTUCKY, BOONE COUNTY, Crisler--Crisler Mounds Site, Address Restricted, Hebron vicinity, 02000341, LISTED, 4/11/02

KENTUCKY, JEFFERSON COUNTY, Bloedner, August, Monument, Cave Hill Cemetery. Jct. of Payne St. and Lexington Rd., Louisville, 97000688, ADDITIONAL DOCUMENTATION APPROVED, 4/12/02 (Civil War Monuments of Kentucky MPS)

KENTUCKY, KENTON COUNTY, Covington Downtown Commercial Historic District (Boundary Increase), Approx. located along Scott, Pine, and E. 8th Sts., Covington, 01001252, ADDITIONAL DOCUMENTATION APPROVED, 4/12/02

KENTUCKY, LOGAN COUNTY, Cedar Grove Rosenwald School, 375 Cedar Grove Rd., Olmstead vicinity, 02000342, LISTED, 4/11/02

KENTUCKY, MCCRACKEN COUNTY, Hotel Metropolitan, 724 Jackson St., Paducah, 01001251, LISTED, 4/12/02

MAINE, ANDROSCOGGIN COUNTY, Penney, Samuel, House, 78 Maple St., Mechanics Falls, 02000346, LISTED, 4/11/02

MAINE, FRANKLIN COUNTY, Coburn, John G., 360 River Rd., Carthage, 02000347, LISTED, 4/11/02

MAINE, KENNEBEC COUNTY, Powder House Lot, High St., 1/4 mi. S. of jct. with Winthrop St., Hallowell, 02000348, LISTED, 4/11/02

MAINE, OXFORD COUNTY, Broad Street Historic District, Broad St. and the Common, Bethel, 77000078, ADDITIONAL DOCUMENTATION APPROVED, 4/12/02

MAINE, PISCATAQUIS COUNTY, Breakwater, The, S. tip of Kineo Is., W. side of Kineo Cove (Kineo Township), Rockwood vicinity, 02000349, LISTED, 4/11/02

MAINE, WALDO COUNTY, Tranquility Grange No. 344, 1 mi. N. of jct. ME 52 and ME 173, Lincolnville Center, 02000350, LISTED, 4/11/02

MAINE, WASHINGTON COUNTY, Boynton High School, Former, 78 High St., Eastport, 02000351, LISTED, 4/11/02

MAINE, YORK COUNTY, Welch, Andrew, Homestead, 1286 Middle Rd., Parsonsfield, 02000352, LISTED, 4/11/02

MARYLAND, MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Salmon--Stohlman House, 4728 Dorset Ave., Chevy Chase, 02000353, LISTED, 4/11/02

MISSISSIPPI, OKTIBBEHA COUNTY, Outlaw, Dossey A., Plantation, 2173 Oktoc Rd., Starkville, 02000354, LISTED, 4/11/02

MISSOURI, BENTON COUNTY, Central Cole Camp Historic District, Roughly consists of the 100 blks. of E and W Main St., most of Maple St.,105 E. Butterfield,106 N Olive, 107 N Boonville, Cole Camp, 02000355, LISTED, 4/11/02 (Cole Camp, Missouri MPS)

MISSOURI, CAPE GIRARDEAU COUNTY, Marquette Hotel, 338 Broadway St., Cape Girardeau, 02000356, LISTED, 4/11/02

MISSOURI, STE. GENEVIEVE COUNTY, Ste. Genevieve Historic District, Roughly bounded by Main St. and St. Mary's Rd., Roberts, 7th, and Seraphin Sts., Ste. Genevieve, 02000357, LISTED, 4/11/02 (Ste. Genevieve, Missouri MPS)

NEVADA, CHURCHILL COUNTY, Churchill County Jail, 10 W Williams Ave., Fallon, 01001546, LISTED, 4/09/02

NEW YORK, COLUMBIA COUNTY, Van Valkenburgh, James G. House, 31 Co. Rd. 13, Chatham, 02000358, LISTED, 4/11/02

NEW YORK, DUTCHESS COUNTY, Beth David Synagogue, E. Main St., Amenia, 02000308, LISTED, 4/08/02

NEW YORK, GENESEE COUNTY, Batavia Cemetery, Harvester Ave., Batavia, 02000309, LISTED, 4/08/02

NEW YORK, MONTGOMERY COUNTY, West Hill School, 3 Otsego St., Canajoharie, 02000359, LISTED, 4/11/02

NEW YORK, SUFFOLK COUNTY, First Congregational Church of New Village, N. side of Middle Country Rd. W. of Elliot Ave., Lake Grove, 02000361, LISTED, 4/11/02

TENNESSEE, DAVIDSON COUNTY, Shute--Turner House, 4112 Brandywine Point Blvd., Nashville, 97001138, REMOVED, 3/22/02

TENNESSEE, LOUDON COUNTY, Hackney Chapel AME Zion Church, Address Restricted, Lenoir City vicinity, 00000729, ADDITIONAL DOCUMENTATION APPROVED, 4/08/02 (Rural African-American Churches in Tennessee MPS)

VIRGINIA, ALBEMARLE COUNTY, Advance Mills, Jct. VA 743 and VA 641, Advance Mills vicinity, 02000362, LISTED, 4/12/02

VIRGINIA, BATH COUNTY, Mustoe House, Rt. 2, Box 211, Hot Springs vicinity, 02000363, LISTED, 4/12/02

VIRGINIA, RICHMOND INDEPENDENT CITY, Barton Heights Cemeteries, 1600 Lamb Ave., Richmond (Independent City) vicinity, 02000364, LISTED, 4/10/02

VIRGINIA, RICHMOND INDEPENDENT CITY, Carver Residential Historic District, 700-1500 blks. W. Leigh, 700-1400 blks. W. Catherine, Clay, & Marshall, Richmond (Independent City), 02000365, LISTED, 4/12/02

VIRGINIA, RICHMOND INDEPENDENT CITY, Chestnut Hill--Plateau Historic District, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th Aves. from Brooklyn Park Blvd. to Trigg St., Richmond, 02000366, LISTED, 4/12/02

VIRGINIA, SMYTH COUNTY, Saltville Historic District, Main St., 1st Ave., Palmer Ave, Palmer Ln., Stadium Dr., and Henrytown Rd., Saltville, 02000367, LISTED, 4/12/02

VIRGINIA, WAYNESBORO INDEPENDENT CITY, Port Republic Road Historic District, Alpha, Beta, Elkton Sts., Fairview Ave., Fontaine St., Minden Pl., Port Republic Rd., Riverside Dr. and Shiloh Ave., Waynesboro (Independent City), 02000368, LISTED, 4/12/02

VIRGINIA, WAYNESBORO INDEPENDENT CITY, Tree Streets Historic District, Roughly bounded by Pine Ave., Eleventh St., S. Wayne Ave., 16th St., and Oak Ave., Waynesboro, 02000369, LISTED, 4/12/02

WISCONSIN, WAUPACA COUNTY, Main Street Historic District, Roughly along S. and N. Main Sts. from W. Union to Granite Sts., Waupaca, 02000370, LISTED, 4/12/02

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