Please note new mailing information below March 29, 2002



The Director of the National Park Service is sending you the following announcements and actions on properties for the National Register of Historic Places.

Impact of Mail Irradiation Program on National Register Nominations

As you may be aware, the US Postal Service (USPS) intends to irradiate mail in selected USPS facilities, including our mail facility here in Washington D.C., to sterilize it from possible anthrax contamination using high-energy electron irradiation technology. We have concerns about the possible effects of irradiation on nominations to the National Register that pass through these facilities. We are advising you to avoid using USPS for envelopes and flats that contain National Register nominations, Determinations of Eligibility, and any other material that will be archived here.

Paper will be seriously affected, losing tensile strength and increasing brittleness. In addition to accelerating the aging processes, discoloration is also to be expected. Oxidation is expected from the interaction with ozone formed in air (and within the packages) during irradiation. Photographs will be adversely affected as well. Magnetic media (floppy disks, zip disks, audio and video tape) will probably lose significant information content.

We strongly recommend using an alternate shipper such as United Parcel Service (UPS) or Federal Express (FedEx) for sending nominations to the National Register of Historic Places. Use our physical location address only:

National Register of Historic Places Suite 400 800 North Capitol Street, NW Washington DC 20002

For further information contact Edson Beall via voice (202) 354-2255, fax (202) 371-2229, or e-mail:

KEY: State, County, Property Name, Address/Boundary, City, Vicinity, Reference Number, NHL, Action, Date, Multiple Name

CONNECTICUT, FAIRFIELD COUNTY, Gores, Landis, House, 192 Cross Ridge Rd., New Canaan, 02000189, LISTED, 3/21/02

GEORGIA, PICKENS COUNTY, Cagle House, GA 108, approx. 1 1/2 mi. W of GA 5/515, Tate vicinity, 02000191, LISTED, 3/20/02

GEORGIA, SEMINOLE COUNTY, Donalsonville Historic District, Roughly bounded by the Seaboard RR line, W. Thirt St., and Morris and S. Tennille Aves., Donalsonville, 02000190, LISTED, 3/20/02

ILLINOIS, ADAMS COUNTY, Lewis Round Barn, NW of Clayton, Clayton vicinity, 84000916, REMOVED, 3/14/02 (Round Barns in Illinois TR)

ILLINOIS, COOK COUNTY, New Michigan Hotel, 2135 S. Michigan Ave., Chicago, 83003562, REMOVED, 3/14/02

ILLINOIS, COOK COUNTY, Washington School, 7970 Washington Blvd., River Forest, 97000864, REMOVED, 3/14/02

ILLINOIS, DOUGLAS COUNTY, Illinois Central Interlocking Tower, W of Illinois Central RR Tracks and N of Baltimore & Ohio RR Tracks, Tuscola, 90001722, REMOVED FROM ELIGIBLE LIST, 3/14/02

ILLINOIS, JOHNSON COUNTY, Ater--Jaques House, 207 W. Elm St., Urbana, 96000855, REMOVED, 3/14/02

ILLINOIS, KANE COUNTY, Old Hotel, 241 Main St., Sugar Grove, 89001464, REMOVED, 3/14/02

ILLINOIS, VERMILION COUNTY, Temple Building, 102-106 N. Vermilion St., Danville, 00001457, REMOVED, 3/14/02

INDIANA, ADAMS COUNTY, Geneva Downtown Commercial Historic District, 144-455 E. Line St., Geneva, 02000196, LISTED, 3/21/02

INDIANA, BARTHOLOMEW COUNTY, Newsom--Marr Farm, 4950 S 150 E, Columbus, 02000195, LISTED, 3/20/02

INDIANA, CARROLL COUNTY, Wabash and Erie Canal Culvert #100, Towpath Rd. over Burnett's Creek, Lockport vicinity, 02000194, LISTED, 3/20/02

INDIANA, FLOYD COUNTY, Division Street School, 1803 Conservative St., New Albany, 02000193, LISTED, 3/20/02

INDIANA, FRANKLIN COUNTY, Stockheughter Covered Bridge, 27046 Enochsburg Rd., Batesville vicinity, 02000198, LISTED, 3/20/02

INDIANA, OWEN COUNTY, Secrest--Wampler House, 1816 Concord Rd., Gosport vicinity, 02000199, LISTED, 3/20/02

INDIANA, PULASKI COUNTY, Vurpillat's Opera House, Jct. of Market and Main Sts., Winamac, 02000201, LISTED, 3/20/02

INDIANA, ST. JOSEPH COUNTY, Normain Heights Historic District, Roughly 2300-2900 N. Main, 2300-2800 Normandy, & 100-200 blks. E. Ardennes, Palau, Bastogne, Leyte, Saint Lo & Guam, Mishawaka, 02000203, LISTED, 3/20/02

INDIANA, TIPPECANOE COUNTY, Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity House, 314 Russell St., West Lafayette, 02000197, LISTED, 3/20/02

INDIANA, TIPPECANOE COUNTY, Cairo Skywatch Tower, Cty. Rd. 850 N at Cty. Rd. 100 W, Cairo vicinity, 02000202, LISTED, 3/21/02

INDIANA, VIGO COUNTY, Linton Township High School and Community Building, 13041 Pimento Circle, Pimento, 02000200, LISTED, 3/20/02 (Indiana's Public Common and High Schools MPS)

KANSAS, CRAWFORD COUNTY, Whitesitt-Shirk Historic District, 116 E. Lindburg and 120 E. Lindburg, Pittsburg, 02000204, LISTED, 3/20/02

MASSACHUSETTS, BERKSHIRE COUNTY, US Post Office--Williamstown Main, 56 Spring St., Williamstown, 86002243, ADDITIONAL DOCUMENTATION APPROVED, 3/22/02

MICHIGAN, VAN BUREN COUNTY, Marshall's Store, 102 E. St. Joseph St., Lawrence, 02000205, LISTED, 3/20/02

MISSISSIPPI, HOLMES COUNTY, Acona Church, Cemetery, and School, MS 17, Lexington vicinity, 02000210, LISTED, 3/20/02

MISSISSIPPI, ISSAQUENA COUNTY, Grace Archeological Site, Address Restricted, Grace vicinity, 02000206, LISTED, 3/21/02

MISSISSIPPI, NOXUBEE COUNTY, Macon Historic District, Roughly bounded by Adams, Pearl, West, and Wayne Sts., Macon, 02000207, LISTED, 3/21/02

MISSISSIPPI, PIKE COUNTY, Enochs, Phillip Henry, House, 1001 Dogwood Dr., Fernwood, 02000208, LISTED, 3/20/02

MISSOURI, GREENE COUNTY, West Walnut Street Commercial Historic District, Roughly 400-300 blks. of W. Walnut St., 300-400blks. of S. Campbell Ave., Springfield, 02000211, LISTED, 3/20/02 (Springfield MPS)

MONTANA, CASCADE COUNTY, Tower Rock, 8 mi. S of Cascade at I-15 Interchange 247, Cascade vicinity, 02000213, LISTED, 3/18/02

MONTANA, YELLOWSTONE COUNTY, Billings West Side School, 415 Broadwater Ave., Billings, 02000214, LISTED, 3/20/02

NEW JERSEY, MIDDLESEX COUNTY, Livingston Homestead, 81 Harrison Ave., Highland Park, 02000215, LISTED, 3/20/02

NEW JERSEY, WARREN COUNTY, Richey, John, House, 6 Schetzer Ln., Franklin, 02000216, LISTED, 3/20/02

NEW YORK, GREENE COUNTY, Bronk--Silvester House, 188 Mansion St., Coxsackie, 02000140, LISTED, 3/12/02

NEW YORK, ORANGE COUNTY, Walden, Jacob T., Stone House, N. Montgomery St., Walden, 02000138, LISTED, 3/12/02

NEW YORK, ULSTER COUNTY, Bevier Stone House, 2687 NY 209, Marbletown, 02000135, LISTED, 3/12/02

OHIO, ALLEN COUNTY, Lima Stadium, 100 S. Calument Ave. and E. Market St., Lima, 02000219, LISTED, 3/21/02

OHIO, HAMILTON COUNTY, Weston, John Henry, House, 1321 Michigan Ave., Cincinnati, 02000218, LISTED, 3/20/02

OHIO, WARREN COUNTY, Waynesville Main Street Historic District, Main St., Waynesville, 02000220, LISTED, 3/20/02

OKLAHOMA, CREEK COUNTY, Frank, John, House, 1300 Luker Ln., Sapulpa, 02000221, LISTED, 3/20/02

PENNSYLVANIA, BUCKS COUNTY, Atkinson Road Bridge, Atkinson Rd. and Pidcock's Creek, Solebury Twp, 02000222, LISTED, 3/20/02

PENNSYLVANIA, BUCKS COUNTY, Buckmanville Historic District, Street Rd. bet. Windy Bush and Buckmanville Rds., Upper Makefield, 02000224, LISTED, 3/20/02

PENNSYLVANIA, BUCKS COUNTY, Ivyland Historic District, Bouned by Jacksonbille Rd., Wilson, Greeley, and Chase Aves., Ivyland, 02000225, LISTED, 3/21/02

PENNSYLVANIA, FRANKLIN COUNTY, Harbaugh's Reformed Church, 14301 and 14269 Harbaugh Church Rd., Washington, 02000228, LISTED, 3/20/02

PENNSYLVANIA, MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Curtis Arboretum, 1250 W. Church rd., Cheltenham, 02000229, LISTED, 3/20/02

PENNSYLVANIA, PHILADELPHIA COUNTY, Bell Telephone Exchange Building, 8-12 N. Preston St., Philadelphia, 02000227, LISTED, 3/20/02

PENNSYLVANIA, WASHINGTON COUNTY, Ross, Frank L., Farm, PA 519, 0.3 mi. N of US 40, North Bethlehem, 02000226, LISTED, 3/20/02

RHODE ISLAND, KENT COUNTY, Read School, 1670 Flat River Rd., Coventry, 02000231, LISTED, 3/20/02

TENNESSEE, DAVIDSON COUNTY, Nashville Financial Historic District, Third Ave., North and Union St., Nashville, 02000232, LISTED, 3/20/02

TENNESSEE, FAYETTE COUNTY, Oakland Presbyterian Church, 14780 TN S, Oakland, 02000235, LISTED, 3/20/02

TENNESSEE, MADISON COUNTY, Mt. Olivet Cemetery, E. Forest Ave., Jackson, 02000237, LISTED, 3/20/02

TENNESSEE, ROANE COUNTY, Molyneux Chevrolet Company--Rockwood Fire Department Building, 104 N. Chamberlain St., Rockwood, 02000234, LISTED, 3/20/02

TENNESSEE, SHELBY COUNTY, Elmwood Cemetery, 824 Dudley St., Memphis, 02000233, LISTED, 3/20/02

TENNESSEE, SHELBY COUNTY, Gotten, Nicholas, House, 2969 Court St., Bartlett, 02000236, LISTED, 3/20/02

WASHINGTON, PIERCE COUNTY, Albers Brothers Mill, 1821 Dock St., Tacoma, 02000247, LISTED, 3/19/02

WASHINGTON, THURSTON COUNTY, Erickson, Jonas and Maria Lovisa, Farmstead, 13121 Independence Rd., Rochester, 02000251, LISTED, 3/20/02 (Agriculture in Thurston County MPS)

WEST VIRGINIA, KANAWHA COUNTY, Smith--Giltinan House, 1223 Virginia St., E, Charleston, 02000253, LISTED, 3/20/02

WEST VIRGINIA, LEWIS COUNTY, Upper Glady School, Cty Rd. 52--1.9 mi. N of McCord Run Rd., Crawford vicinity, 02000252, LISTED, 3/20/02

WEST VIRGINIA, MARION COUNTY, Fairmont Senior High School, 1 Loop Park, Fairmont, 02000254, LISTED, 3/22/02

WEST VIRGINIA, POCAHONTAS COUNTY, Beard, Richard, House, Off Cty. Rd. 31 on Kyle Beard Rd., Hillsboro vicinity, 02000255, LISTED, 3/20/02

WYOMING, PARK COUNTY, Mammoth Hot Springs Historic District, North Entrance Rd. and Mammoth-Norris Rd., Yellowstone National Park, 02000257, LISTED, 3/20/02

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