Please note new mailing information below February 22, 2002



The Director of the National Park Service is sending you the following announcements and actions on properties for the National Register of Historic Places.

Impact of Mail Irradiation Program on National Register Nominations

As you may be aware, the US Postal Service (USPS) intends to irradiate mail in selected USPS facilities, including our mail facility here in Washington D.C., to sterilize it from possible anthrax contamination using high-energy electron irradiation technology. We have concerns about the possible effects of irradiation on nominations to the National Register that pass through these facilities. We are advising you to avoid using USPS for envelopes and flats that contain National Register nominations, Determinations of Eligibility, and any other material that will be archived here.

Paper will be seriously affected, losing tensile strength and increasing brittleness. In addition to accelerating the aging processes, discoloration is also to be expected. Oxidation is expected from the interaction with ozone formed in air (and within the packages) during irradiation. Photographs will be adversely affected as well. Magnetic media (floppy disks, zip disks, audio and video tape) will probably lose significant information content.

We strongly recommend using an alternate shipper such as United Parcel Service (UPS) or Federal Express (FedEx) for sending nominations to the National Register of Historic Places. Use our physical location address only:

National Register of Historic Places Suite 400 800 North Capitol Street, NW Washington DC 20002

For further information contact Edson Beall via voice (202) 354-2255, fax (202) 371-2229, or e-mail:


KEY: State, County, Property Name, Address/Boundary, City, Vicinity, Reference Number, NHL, Action, Date, Multiple Name

FLORIDA, ALACHUA COUNTY, Winecoff House, 102 NE Seminary Ave., Micanopy, 02000001, LISTED, 2/14/02

FLORIDA, MARTIN COUNTY, Burn Brae Plantation--Krueger House, 1170 South East Ocean Blvd., Stuart, 02000002, LISTED, 2/14/02

FLORIDA, ST. LUCIE COUNTY, Fort Pierce Old Post Office, 500 Orange Ave., Fort Pierce, 01000567, LISTED, 2/11/02

ILLINOIS, RICHLAND COUNTY, Olney Carnegie Library, 401 E. Main St., Olney, 02000037, LISTED, 2/14/02 (Illinois Carnegie Libraries MPS)

MASSACHUSETTS, SUFFOLK COUNTY, Immaculate Conception Rectory, 108 Beach St., Revere, 01001559, LISTED, 2/11/02

MICHIGAN, BERRIEN COUNTY, Fidelity Building, 162 Pipestone St., Benton Harbor, 02000042, LISTED, 2/14/02

MICHIGAN, CALHOUN COUNTY, Milk Producers Company Barn, 47 S. Cass St., Battle Creek, 02000043, LISTED, 2/14/02

MICHIGAN, WAYNE COUNTY, Leland, Nellie, School, 1395 Antietam St., Detriot, 02000044, LISTED, 2/14/02

MISSISSIPPI, HARRISON COUNTY, Biloxi Veterans Administration Medical Center, 400 Veterans Ave., Biloxi, 02000045, LISTED, 2/14/02

MISSOURI, JOHNSON COUNTY, Howard School, 400 W. Culton St., Warrensburg, 02000046, LISTED, 2/14/02

MISSOURI, OZARK COUNTY, Hodgson-Aid Mill, MO 181, Sycamore vicinity, 02000015, LISTED, 2/12/02

MONTANA, LEWIS AND CLARK COUNTY, Montana State Arsenal, Armory and Drill Hall, 1100 North Main, Helena, 02000048, LISTED, 2/14/02

MONTANA, STILLWATER COUNTY, 4K Ranch, Fiddler Creek Rd., Dean, 02000049, LISTED, 2/14/02

NEBRASKA, SHERMAN COUNTY, Archeological Site 25SM20, Address Restricted, Loup City vicinity, 01001276, LISTED, 2/12/02

NEW YORK, CLINTON COUNTY, Lyon Mountain Railroad Station, 2914 First St., Lyon Mountain, 02000005, LISTED, 2/14/02

NEW YORK, LEWIS COUNTY, Lewis County Fairgrounds, Bostwick St., Lowville, 02000006, LISTED, 2/14/02

NORTH CAROLINA, RUTHERFORD COUNTY, Main Street Historic District, Rpughly bounded by Blanton Alley, Huntley St., Yarboro St., and Broadway St., Forest City, 02000017, LISTED, 2/14/02

NORTH CAROLINA, WAKE COUNTY, Apex Historic District (Boundary Increase), Grove and Thompson Sts., and parts of Hunter St., Apex, 02000016, LISTED, 2/14/02

NORTH CAROLINA, WILSON COUNTY, Thompson, Alfred and Martha Jane, House and Williams Barn, NC 1314, 0.4 mi. W of NC 58, New Hope vicinity, 02000007, LISTED, 2/14/02

OHIO, SUMMIT COUNTY, Schmitt, Louis, House and Store, 2967 Hickory St., Clinton vicinity, 02000084, LISTED, 2/14/02

SOUTH DAKOTA, AURORA COUNTY, Lincoln House, 324 S. Main, Stickney, 02000023, LISTED, 2/14/02

SOUTH DAKOTA, CLARK COUNTY, Clark County Courthouse, 200 N. Commercial St., Clark, 02000026, LISTED, 2/15/02 (County Courthouses of South Dakota MPS)

SOUTH DAKOTA, CLAY COUNTY, Building at 125 Ohio St., 125 Ohio St., Wakonda, 02000021, LISTED, 2/14/02

SOUTH DAKOTA, CLAY COUNTY, Messler, Daniel A., Homestead, 30337 Greenfield Rd., Bersford vicinity, 02000022, LISTED, 2/14/02

SOUTH DAKOTA, LAWRENCE COUNTY, McLaughlin Ranch Barn, 6025 E. Colorado Blvd., Spearfish, 02000025, LISTED, 2/14/02

SOUTH DAKOTA, MINNEHAHA COUNTY, Dell Rapids Amphitheater, City Park, Dell Rapids, 02000020, LISTED, 2/15/02 (Federal Relief Construction in South Dakota MPS)

SOUTH DAKOTA, MINNEHAHA COUNTY, St. Peter's Lutheran Church, 701 North Orleans, Dell Rapids, 02000018, LISTED, 2/15/02

SOUTH DAKOTA, MINNEHAHA COUNTY, Tolefsons Beef Stock Farm, 24450 458th Ave., Colton vicinity, 02000019, LISTED, 2/14/02

SOUTH DAKOTA, SANBORN COUNTY, Woonsocket State Bank, 201 S. Dumont Ave., Woonsocket, 02000024, LISTED, 2/14/02

TENNESSEE, SHELBY COUNTY, Mt. Airy, 10700 Latting Rd., Cordova, 02000011, LISTED, 2/14/02

TEXAS, HARRIS COUNTY, Houston Post-Dispatch Building, 609 Fannin, Houston, 02000072, LISTED, 2/14/02

VERMONT, CHITTENDEN COUNTY, Sand Bar State Park, 1215 US 2, Milton, 02000028, LISTED, 2/14/02 (Historic Park Landscapes in National and State Parks MPS)

VERMONT, LAMOILLE COUNTY, Stowe CCC Side Camp, 6992 Mountain Rd., Stowe, 02000027, LISTED, 2/14/02

VERMONT, ORANGE COUNTY, Thetford Hill State Park, 622 Academy Rd., Thetford, 02000029, LISTED, 2/14/02 (Historic Park Landscapes in National and State Parks MPS)

VERMONT, WINDHAM COUNTY, Townshend State Park, 2755 State Forest Rd., Townshend, 02000030, LISTED, 2/14/02 (Historic Park Landscapes in National and State Parks MPS)

VIRGINIA, ROCKBRIDGE COUNTY, Cedar Hill Church and Cemeteries, Cedar Hill Church Rd. and Kygers Hill Rd., Lexington vicinity, 01001570, LISTED, 2/11/02

WISCONSIN, BAYFIELD COUNTY, Forest Lodge, Garmisch Rd., Namakagon, 02000031, LISTED, 2/14/02

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