Please note new mailing information below February 1, 2002



The Director of the National Park Service is sending you the following announcements and actions on properties for the National Register of Historic Places.

Impact of Mail Irradiation Program on National Register Nominations

As you may be aware, the US Postal Service (USPS) intends to irradiate mail in selected USPS facilities, including our mail facility here in Washington D.C., to sterilize it from possible anthrax contamination using high-energy electron irradiation technology. We have concerns about the possible effects of irradiation on nominations to the National Register that pass through these facilities. We are advising you to avoid using USPS for envelopes and flats that contain National Register nominations, Determinations of Eligibility, and any other material that will be archived here.

Paper will be seriously affected, losing tensile strength and increasing brittleness. In addition to accelerating the aging processes, discoloration is also to be expected. Oxidation is expected from the interaction with ozone formed in air (and within the packages) during irradiation. Photographs will be adversely affected as well. Magnetic media (floppy disks, zip disks, audio and video tape) will probably lose significant information content.

We strongly recommend using an alternate shipper such as United Parcel Service (UPS) or Federal Express (FedEx) for sending nominations to the National Register of Historic Places. Use our physical location address only:

National Register of Historic Places Suite 400 800 North Capitol Street, NW Washington DC 20002

For further information contact Edson Beall via voice (202) 354-2255, fax (202) 371-2229, or e-mail:


KEY: State, County, Property Name, Address/Boundary, City, Vicinity, Reference Number, NHL, Action, Date, Multiple Name

CALIFORNIA, SANTA CLARA COUNTY, Donner--Houghton House, 156 E. St. John, San Jose, 01001483, LISTED, 1/24/02

IOWA, CERRO GORDO COUNTY, St. John Baptist Church, 715 6th St. SW, Mason City, 01001484, LISTED, 1/24/02

IOWA, DUBUQUE COUNTY, Four Mounds Estate Historic District, 4900 Peru Rd., Dubuque vicinity, 01001487, LISTED, 1/24/02

IOWA, DUBUQUE COUNTY, Town Clock Building, 823-25 Main St., Dubuque, 01001488, LISTED, 1/24/02

IOWA, HARDIN COUNTY, Union Cemetery Gardener's Cottage, Union Cemetery, Iowa Falls, 01001486, LISTED, 1/24/02 (Iowa Falls MPS)

IOWA, LEE COUNTY, Keokuk Union Depot, 200 Exchange St., Keokuk, 99000452, OWNER OBJECTION DETERMINED ELIGIBLE, 1/07/02

IOWA, LUCAS COUNTY, First United Methodist Church, 923 Roland, Chariton, 01001485, LISTED, 1/24/02

LOUISIANA, AVOYELLES PARISH, Ponthieu, Adam, Store--Big Bend Post Office, 8554 LA 451, Big Bend, 01001490, LISTED, 1/24/02

LOUISIANA, VERNON PARISH, Booker--Lewis House, 102 East North St., Leesville, 01001489, LISTED, 1/24/02

LOUISIANA, VERNON PARISH, First United Methodist Church, 202 N. Fifth St., Leesville, 01001491, LISTED, 1/24/02

MAINE, HANCOCK COUNTY, Kane, John Innes, Cottage, Off SE end of Hancock St., Bar Harbor, 92000275, ADDITIONAL DOCUMENTATION APPROVED, 1/24/02

NEW JERSEY, MORRIS COUNTY, New York Susquehanna & Western Railroad Station, Main St., Butler Borough, 01001492, LISTED, 1/24/02

NEW YORK, CAYUGA COUNTY, East Genoa Methodist Episcopal Church, 558 E. Genoa Rd., Genoa, 01001500, LISTED, 1/24/02

NEW YORK, CAYUGA COUNTY, St. Peter's Episcopal Church Complex, 169 Genesee St., Auburn, 01001508, LISTED, 1/24/02 (Historic Churches of the Episcopal Diocese of Central New York MPS)

NEW YORK, CAYUGA COUNTY, Sterling Grist Mill Complex, 1332 NY 104A, Sterling, 01001498, LISTED, 1/24/02

NEW YORK, COLUMBIA COUNTY, Emmanuel Lutheran Church of Harlemville and Cemetery, Cty. 21 and Pheasant Ln., Harlemville Rd. at Ten Broeck Rd., Harlemville, 01001505, LISTED, 1/24/02

NEW YORK, CORTLAND COUNTY, First Presbyterian Church, Courtland Cty Rd. 108B, Preble, 01001502, LISTED, 1/24/02

NEW YORK, ERIE COUNTY, East Main--Mechanic Streets Historic District, Approx. jct. of East Main and Mechanic Sts., Springville, 01001506, LISTED, 1/24/02

NEW YORK, JEFFERSON COUNTY, Swathout Site--A04507.000038, Address Restricted, Clayton vicinity, 01001504, LISTED, 1/24/02

NEW YORK, MADISON COUNTY, Fenner Baptist Church, 3122 Bingley Rd., Fenner, 01001501, LISTED, 1/24/02

NEW YORK, MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Ames Academy Building, 611 Latimer Hill Rd., Ames, 01001496, LISTED, 1/24/02

NEW YORK, NIAGARA COUNTY, Former Niagara Falls High School, 1201 Pine Ave., Niagara Falls, 01001507, LISTED, 1/24/02

NEW YORK, ONONDAGA COUNTY, Elbridge Village Historic District, Roughly along NY 5 bet. Skaneatetes Creek and Carpenter's Brook, Elbridge, 01001494, LISTED, 1/24/02

NEW YORK, ONONDAGA COUNTY, Mills, Harriet May, House, 1074 W. Genesee St., Syracuse, 01001495, LISTED, 1/24/02

NEW YORK, ONONDAGA COUNTY, Oran Community Church, NY 92, Pompey, 01001503, LISTED, 1/24/02

NEW YORK, ONONDAGA COUNTY, Simmons, Alton, House, 309 Van Rensselaer St., Syracuse, 01001493, LISTED, 1/24/02 (Architecture of Ward Wellington Ward in Syracuse MPS)

NEW YORK, OSWEGO COUNTY, Lacona Railroad Station and Depot, 11 Park Ave., Lacona, 01001499, LISTED, 1/24/02

NEW YORK, SULLIVAN COUNTY, Levitz Family Farm, 395 Beaver Dam Rd., Grahamsville vicinity, 01001497, LISTED, 1/24/02

OHIO, CUYAHOGA COUNTY, Black, H., and Company Building, 1900-2000 or 2010 Superior Ave., Cleveland, 01001523, LISTED, 1/24/02

OHIO, HIGHLAND COUNTY, Highland Egg and Poultry Company Building, 135 North West St., Hillsboro, 01001524, LISTED, 1/24/02

TENNESSEE, DAVIDSON COUNTY, East Nashville High and Junior High Schools, 110, 112 Gallatin Rd., Nashville, 01001552, LISTED, 1/25/02

VERMONT, CALEDONIA COUNTY, New Discovery State Park, 4239 VT 232, Peacham, 01001475, LISTED, 1/17/02 (Historic Park Landscapes in National and State Parks MPS)

VIRGINIA, ALBEMARLE COUNTY, West Cote, Off VA 602 and VA 626, Howardsville vicinity, 01001510, LISTED, 1/24/02

VIRGINIA, CHARLOTTE COUNTY, Woodfork, 3704 Woodfork Rd., Charlotte Court House, 01001509, LISTED, 1/24/02

VIRGINIA, COVINGTON INDEPENDENT CITY, First Baptist Church of Covington, Virginia, 337 S. Lexington Ave., Covington (Independent City), 01001518, LISTED, 1/24/02

VIRGINIA, HANOVER COUNTY, Sharp's Oakland, 12308 Verdon Rd., Doswell, 01001514, LISTED, 1/24/02

VIRGINIA, LEXINGTON INDEPENDENT CITY, Blandome, 101 Tucker St., Lexington (Independent City), 01001520, LISTED, 1/24/02

VIRGINIA, LYNCHBURG INDEPENDENT CITY, Fort Early and Jubal Early Monument, 3511 Memorial Ave., Lynchburg (Independent City), 01001517, LISTED, 1/24/02

VIRGINIA, LYNCHBURG INDEPENDENT CITY, Johnson, Dr. Robert Walker, House and Tennis Court, 1422 Pierce St., Lynchburg (Independent City), 01001519, LISTED, 1/24/02

VIRGINIA, PAGE COUNTY, Ruffner House, 440 Ruffner House Ln., Luray, 01001515, LISTED, 1/24/02

VIRGINIA, PATRICK COUNTY, Stuart Uptown Historic District, Main St. and Blue Ridge St., Stuart, 01001512, LISTED, 1/24/02

VIRGINIA, POWHATAN COUNTY, Red Lane Tavern, 3009 Lower Hill Rd., Powhatan, 01001516, LISTED, 1/24/02

VIRGINIA, ROANOKE COUNTY, Black Horse Tavern--Bellvue Hotel and Office, 7223-7229 Old Mountain Rd., Roanoke, 01001521, LISTED, 1/24/02

VIRGINIA, ROANOKE COUNTY, Starkey School, 6426 Merriman Rd., SW, Roanoke County, 01001513, LISTED, 1/24/02

VIRGINIA, WAYNESBORO INDEPENDENT CITY, Waynesboro Downtown Historic District, Federal St., Main St., Wayne Ave., Waynesboro (Independent City), 01001511, LISTED, 1/24/02

WYOMING, SUBLETTE COUNTY, Church of St. Hubert the Hunter and Library, US 191/189, Bondurant, 01001525, LISTED, 1/24/02

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