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The Director of the National Park Service is sending you the following announcements and actions on properties for the National Register of Historic Places.

Impact of Mail Irradiation Program on National Register Nominations

As you may be aware, the US Postal Service (USPS) intends to irradiate mail in selected USPS facilities, including our mail facility here in Washington D.C., to sterilize it from possible anthrax contamination using high-energy electron irradiation technology. We have concerns about the possible effects of irradiation on nominations to the National Register that pass through these facilities. We are advising you to avoid using USPS for envelopes and flats that contain National Register nominations, Determinations of Eligibility, and any other material that will be archived here.

Paper will be seriously affected, losing tensile strength and increasing brittleness. In addition to accelerating the aging processes, discoloration is also to be expected. Oxidation is expected from the interaction with ozone formed in air (and within the packages) during irradiation. Photographs will be adversely affected as well. Magnetic media (floppy disks, zip disks, audio and video tape) will probably lose significant information content.

We strongly recommend using an alternate shipper such as United Parcel Service (UPS) or Federal Express (FedEx) for sending nominations to the National Register of Historic Places. Use our physical location address only:

National Register of Historic Places Suite 400 800 North Capitol Street, NW Washington DC 20002

For further information contact Edson Beall via voice (202) 354-2255, fax (202) 371-2229, or e-mail:


KEY: State, County, Property Name, Address/Boundary, City, Vicinity, Reference Number, NHL, Action, Date, Multiple Name

ARKANSAS, CHICOT COUNTY, Liberto, P. and J.--Rosa Portera Building, Main St., Eudora, 92001348, REMOVED, 1/14/02 (Ethnic and Racial Minority Settlement of the Arkansas Delta MPS)

ARKANSAS, CLARK COUNTY, Benjamin Mercantile Building, 410 Main St., Arkadelphia, 90001378, REMOVED, 1/14/02

ARKANSAS, DALLAS COUNTY, Brewster House, US 79, Fordyce, 83003464, REMOVED, 1/14/02 (Dallas County MRA)

ARKANSAS, DALLAS COUNTY, Koonce Building, 3rd St., Fordyce, 83003525, REMOVED, 1/14/02 (Dallas County MRA)

ARKANSAS, DALLAS COUNTY, Old Fordyce Post Office, E. 2nd St., Fordyce, 83003530, REMOVED, 1/14/02 (Dallas County MRA)

ARKANSAS, DALLAS COUNTY, Princeton Methodist Church, AR 9, Princeton, 83003533, REMOVED, 1/14/02 (Dallas County MRA)

ARKANSAS, FAULKNER COUNTY, First Baptist Church, Davis and Robinson Sts., Conway, 82000813, REMOVED, 1/14/02 (Thompson, Charles L., Design Collection TR)

ARKANSAS, MILLER COUNTY, First Methodist Church, 400 E. 6th, Texarkana, 82000863, REMOVED, 1/14/02 (Thompson, Charles L., Design Collection TR)

ARKANSAS, MILLER COUNTY, Lightfoot, Dr. J. A., House, 422 Pecan St., Texarkana, 95000792, REMOVED, 1/14/02

ARKANSAS, PERRY COUNTY, Cypress Creek Bridge, Co. Rd. 64, over Cypress Creek, Perry vicinity, 90000537, REMOVED, 1/14/02 (Historic Bridges of Arkansas MPS)

ARKANSAS, POLK COUNTY, Scoggin House, 1215 Port Arthur Ave., Mena, 78000616, REMOVED, 1/14/02

ARKANSAS, PULASKI COUNTY, Forrey-Smith Apartments, 409 Ringo St., Little Rock, 82000892, REMOVED, 1/14/02 (Thompson, Charles L., Design Collection TR)

ARKANSAS, PULASKI COUNTY, Forrey-Smith Apartments, 1019 W. 4th St., Little Rock, 82000893, REMOVED, 1/14/02 (Thompson, Charles L., Design Collection TR)

ARKANSAS, PULASKI COUNTY, Pulaski County Road 71D Bridge, Co. Rd. 71D over Bayou Meto, Jacksonville, 95000652, REMOVED, 1/14/02 (Historic Bridges of Arkansas MPS)

ARKANSAS, SALINE COUNTY, Saline River Bridge, Co. Hwy. 365, over the Saline River, Benton, 90000529, REMOVED, 1/14/02 (Historic Bridges of Arkansas MPS)

ARKANSAS, SEBASTIAN COUNTY, Vache Grasse Creek Bridge, Co. Rd. 77A over Vache Grasse Cr., Milltown vicinity, 95000563, REMOVED, 1/14/02 (Historic Bridges of Arkansas MPS)

ARKANSAS, SHARP COUNTY, Metcalfe House, Gin Dr., Evening Shade, 82002138, REMOVED, 1/14/02 (Evening Shade MRA)

ARKANSAS, WHITE COUNTY, Roper House, Hill Street, McRae, 91001346, REMOVED, 1/14/02 (White County MPS)

CALIFORNIA, LOS ANGELES COUNTY, McCarty Memorial Christian Church, 4101 W. Adams Blvd., Los Angeles, 01001456, LISTED, 1/17/02

CALIFORNIA, SHASTA COUNTY, Cascade Theatre, 1731 Market St., Redding, 01001459, LISTED, 1/17/02

CONNECTICUT, LITCHFIELD COUNTY, Terryville Waterwheel, 262 Main St., Plymouth, 01001412, LISTED, 1/04/02

ILLINOIS, PIATT COUNTY, South Charter Street Historic District, Roughly bounded by Marion and South Market St.s, Sage Dr., and South State St., Monticello, 01001464, LISTED, 1/17/02

ILLINOIS, ST. CLAIR COUNTY, Spivey Building, 417 Missouri Ave., East St. Louis, 01001462, LISTED, 1/17/02

IOWA, BUCHANAN COUNTY, Otterville Bridge, Bordner Dam Rd. over Wapsipinicon R., Independence vicinity, 98000759, REMOVED, 1/14/02 (Highway Bridges of Iowa MPS)

IOWA, DUBUQUE COUNTY, Kidder, Zephaniah, House, 206 1st Ave. NE, Epworth, 78001218, ADDITIONAL DOCUMENTATION APPROVED, 1/18/02

IOWA, JONES COUNTY, St. Luke's Methodist Church, 211 N. Sycamore, Monticello, 01001461, LISTED, 1/17/02

IOWA, MARSHALL COUNTY, Marshalltown Downtown Historic District, Roughly bounded by 2nd St., State St., 3rd. Ave., and E. Church St., Marshalltown, 01001463, LISTED, 1/17/02

IOWA, POLK COUNTY, Home Lodge No. 370 A F and A M, 603, 605, 607, and 609 E. Locust St., Des Moines, 99000738, REMOVED FROM ELIGIBLE LIST, 1/14/02

IOWA, POLK COUNTY, Seth Richards Commercial Block, 300-310 Court Ave., Des Moines, 01001460, OWNER OBJECTION DETERMINED ELIGIBLE, 1/16/02

IOWA, TAMA COUNTY, Conant's Cabin and Park, IA 96, 3 mi. E of Gladbrook, Gladbrook vicinity, 00000920, ADDITIONAL DOCUMENTATION APPROVED, 1/18/02

LOUISIANA, CADDO PARISH, Star Cemetery, off 2100 blk of Texas Ave., Shreveport, 01001478, LISTED, 1/17/02

MASSACHUSETTS, BERKSHIRE COUNTY, Main Street Historic District, 1-57 Main St., 1-2 Pine St., 2 Sergeant St., Stockbridge, 01001466, LISTED, 1/17/02

MASSACHUSETTS, MIDDLESEX COUNTY, Graniteville Historic District, Broadway, Church, Cross, First, Fourth, N. Main, River School, Second, and Third Sts., Westford, 01001467, LISTED, 1/17/02

MASSACHUSETTS, NORFOLK COUNTY, Dwight--Derby House, 7 Frairy St., Medfield, 01001465, LISTED, 1/17/02

MISSISSIPPI, YAZOO COUNTY, Bull Homestead, 13836 MS 16 E, Benton vicinity, 01001479, LISTED, 1/17/02

NEW MEXICO, CHAVES COUNTY, Downtown Roswell Historic District (Boundary Increase), Roughly bounded by 8th and 10th Sts., Richardson and Kentucky Aves., Roswell, 01001469, LISTED, 1/17/02 (Roswell New Mexico MRA)

NEW MEXICO, SANTA FE COUNTY, New Mexico Supreme Court Building, 237 Don Gaspar Ave., Santa Fe, 01001468, LISTED, 1/18/02 (New Deal in New Mexico MPS)

NEW MEXICO, UNION COUNTY, Eklund Hotel, 15 Main St., Clayton, 01001470, LISTED, 1/17/02

OHIO, LICKING COUNTY, Newark Downtown Historic District, Roughly bounded by Church St., Second St., Fifth St., and Canal St., Newark, 01001482, LISTED, 1/15/02

OHIO, WAYNE COUNTY, Ault--Weygandt Farm, 15090 Back Massillon Rd., Orrville vicinity, 01001481, LISTED, 1/14/02

PENNSYLVANIA, BEDFORD COUNTY, Grand View Point Hotel, US 30, 17 mi. W of Bedford, Juniata Twnshp., Bedford vicinity, 97000219, REMOVED, 1/14/02 (Lincoln Highway Heritage Corridor Historic Resources: Franklin to Westmoreland Counties MPS)


TENNESSEE, GREEN COUNTY Transformation of the Nolichucky Valley MPS, COVER DOCUMENTATION APPROVED, 1/16/02

TEXAS, GALVESTON COUNTY, Denver Court Historic District, Roughly bounded by Aves. S1/2 and U1/2, 43rd and 52nd Sts., Galveston, 01001471, LISTED, 1/14/02

TEXAS, TARRANT COUNTY, Central Handley Historic District, Roughly bounded by E. Lancaster Ave., Forest Ave., Kerr St., and Handley Dr., Fort Worth, 01001472, LISTED, 1/17/02

VERMONT, CALEDONIA COUNTY, New Discovery State Park, 4239 VT 232, Peacham, 01001475, LISTED, 1/17/02 (Religious Buildings, Sites and Structures in Vermont MPS)

VERMONT, WINDHAM COUNTY, Bellows Falls Neighborhood Historic District, Atkinson, Westminster, School, Hapgood Sts, Hapgood Pl., Burt St., Henry St., South St., Hadley St., Temple Pl., Rockingham, 01001477, LISTED, 1/17/02

WASHINGTON, SAN JUAN COUNTY, Tharald Homestead, Hoffman Cove Rd., Shaw Island, 01001473, LISTED, 1/17/02

WISCONSIN, DANE COUNTY, Stoughton High School, 211 N. Forrest St., Stoughton, 01001476, LISTED, 1/17/02

WISCONSIN, TREMPEALEAU COUNTY, Independence City Hall, 23688 Adams St., Independence, 01001474, LISTED, 1/17/02

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