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The Director of the National Park Service is pleased to send you the following announcements and actions on properties for the National Register of Historic Places. For further information contact Edson Beall via voice (202) 354-2255, fax (202) 371-2229, regular or E-mail: Edson_Beall@nps.gov (Edson_Beall@nps.gov)

Teaching with Historic Places online Lesson Plan Commemorates Pearl Harbor

Today the battle-scarred, submerged remains of the battleship USS Arizona rest on the silt of Pearl Harbor, just as they settled on December 7, 1941. The ship was one of many casualties from the deadly attack by the Japanese on a quiet Sunday that President Franklin Roosevelt called "a date which will live in infamy." The Arizona's burning bridge and listing mast and superstructure were photographed in the aftermath of the Japanese attack, and news of her sinking was emblazoned on the front page of newspapers across the land. The photograph symbolized the destruction of the United States Pacific Fleet at Pearl Harbor and the start of a war that was to take many thousands of American lives. Indelibly impressed into the national memory, the image could be recalled by most Americans when they heard the battle cry, "Remember Pearl Harbor". The National Register of Historic Places' Teaching with Historic Places lesson plan, "Remembering Pearl Harbor: The USS Arizona" presents a lesson plan which explores the Japanese decision to attack Pearl Harbor, as well as visual images, historic readings and maps top help educators and students alike understand the attack which lead to America's entry into World War II. Found at www.cr.nps.gov/nr, this lesson plan commemorates the 60th anniversary of the event which lead the United States to war with the Axis nations during World War II.


KEY: State, County, Property Name, Address/Boundary, City, Vicinity, Reference Number, NHL, Action, Date, Multiple Name

ALABAMA, AUTAUGA COUNTY, Mount Sinai School, 1820 Cty. Rd. 57, Prattville, 01001296, LISTED, 11/29/01 (The Rosenwald School Building Fund and Associated Buildings MPS)

ALABAMA, BALDWIN COUNTY, Moore Store, 14770 Oak St., Magnolia Springs, 00001027, LISTED, 11/28/01

ALABAMA, BULLOCK COUNTY, Sardis Baptist Church, AL 223S at jct. Cty. Rd. 22, Union Springs vicinity, 01001299, LISTED, 11/29/01

ALABAMA, CALHOUN COUNTY, Ten Oaks, 805 Pelham Rd. S, Jacksonville, 01001298, LISTED, 11/29/01

ALABAMA, CHAMBERS COUNTY, New Hope Rosenwald School, 2.25 mi SE of US 431 on Cty Rd. 267, Frdonia vicinity, 01001297, LISTED, 11/29/01 (The Rosenwald School Building Fund and Associated Buildings MPS)

ALABAMA, CULLMAN COUNTY, Crane Hill Masonic Lodge, 14538 Cty. Rd. 222, Crane Hill, 01001294, LISTED, 11/29/01

ALABAMA, DALLAS COUNTY, Hain, H. Bruce, House, 5826 AL 41, Sardis, 01001295, LISTED, 11/30/01

ALABAMA, JEFFERSON COUNTY, Stonecroft, 1453 Shades Crest Rd., Birmingham, 01001290, LISTED, 11/29/01

ALABAMA, MARION COUNTY, Midtown Historic District, Roughly bounded by Taylor Ave., US 90, Houston St., Kenneth St., US 98, and Florida St., Mobile, 01001293, LISTED, 11/29/01

ALABAMA, ST. CLAIR COUNTY, Old Pell City Historic District, Roughly bounded by 16th St. N, 1st Ave. N, 22nd St. N, and 4th Ave. N, Pell City, 01001291, LISTED, 11/29/01

ARIZONA, PIMA COUNTY, Ajo Townsite Historic District, Blks. 1 through 31, Ajo, 01000877, LISTED, 11/30/01

ARKANSAS, MULTIPLE COUNTIES Arkansas Designs of E. Fay Jones, Multiple Property Submission, Cover and Additional Documentation, ACCEPTED, 11/19/01

ARKANSAS, WASHINGTON COUNTY, Hantz House, 855 Fairview Dr., Fayetteville, 01001233, LISTED, 11/19/01 (Arkansas Designs of E. Fay Jones MPS AD)

FLORIDA, HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, Glover School, 5104 Horton Rd., Bealsville, Plant City vicinity, 01001307, LISTED, 11/29/01

IDAHO, BUTTE COUNTY, Arco Baptist Community Church, 402 W. Grand Ave., Arco, 01001303, LISTED, 11/29/01

IDAHO, LATAH COUNTY, Hotel Rietmann, 525 and 529 S. Main St., Troy, 01001302, LISTED, 11/29/01

IDAHO, LATAH COUNTY, Kenworthy Theatre, 508 S. Main St., Moscow, 01001305, LISTED, 11/29/01 (Motion Picture Theater Buildings in Idaho MPS)

IDAHO, LATAH COUNTY, Nu Art Theatre, 516 S. Main St., Moscow, 01001304, LISTED, 11/29/01 (Motion Picture Theater Buildings in Idaho MPS)

IDAHO, TWIN FALLS COUNTY, Twin Falls Original Townsite Residential Historic District, Roughly bounded by Blue Lakes Ave., Addison Ave., 2nd Ave. E, and 2nd Ave. W, Twin Falls, 01001306, LISTED, 11/30/01

ILLINOIS, CLARK COUNTY, Harlan Hall, 603 Locust St., Marshall, 01001309, LISTED, 11/29/01

ILLINOIS, LIVINGSTON COUNTY, Ambler's Texaco Gas Station, Il 17 and Old US 66, Dwight vicinity, 01001311, LISTED, 11/29/01 (Route 66 through Illinois MPS)

ILLINOIS, MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Route 66, Litchfield to Mount Olive, US 66, N of IL 16 in Litchfield to Mount Olive, Litchfield vicinity, 01001312, LISTED, 11/29/01 (Route 66 through Illinois MPS)

KENTUCKY, HART COUNTY, Battle of Munfordville (Boundary Increase), Mostly W of US 31W near Munforville, Munfordville vicinity, 01001254, LISTED, 11/27/01 (Munfordville MRA)

LOUISIANA, LAFAYETTE PARISH, Our Lady of the Assumption School, 410 Michaud St., Carencro, 01001267, LISTED, 11/29/01

LOUISIANA, ST. JOHN THE BAPTIST PARISH, Caire, E.J., & Co. Stores, 2403-2407 LA 18, Edgard, 01001268, LISTED, 11/29/01

MAINE, AROOSTOOK COUNTY, Reed School, US 1, 0.1 mi. S of jct. with Lycette Rd., North Amity, 01001270, LISTED, 11/29/01

MAINE, HANCOCK COUNTY, Stone Barn Farm, Jct. of Crooked Rd. and Norway Dr., Salsbury Cove vicinity, 01001271, LISTED, 11/29/01

MAINE, PENOBSCOT COUNTY, Patch, Edith Marion, House, 500 College Ave., Old Town vicinity, 01001269, LISTED, 11/29/01

MAINE, WASHINGTON COUNTY, Moore, Henry D., Parish House and Library, 3 Rogers Point Rd., Steuben, 01001272, LISTED, 11/29/01

NEBRASKA, CLAY COUNTY, Fairfield Carnegie Library, 412 N. D St., Fairfield, 01001274, LISTED, 11/29/01 (Carnegie Libraries in Nebraska MPS)

NEBRASKA, COLFAX COUNTY, Schuyler Carnegie Library, 1003 B St., Schuyler, 01001275, LISTED, 11/29/01 (Carnegie Libraries in Nebraska MPS)

NEBRASKA, PIERCE COUNTY, Meridan Highway, 4.5 mi. Cty. Rd. following 552 Ave., 853 Rd. and 551 Ave., Pierce vicinity, 01001273, LISTED, 11/29/01

NEBRASKA, PLATTE COUNTY, Columbus Izaak Walton League Lodge, NE 81, Columbus, 01001277, LISTED, 11/29/01

NEW YORK, RICHMOND COUNTY, STANDARD OIL COMPANY NO. 16 (harbor tug), 3001 Richmond Terrace, Staten Island, 01001321, LISTED, 11/29/01

NEW YORK, SARATOGA COUNTY, URGER (canal tugboat), near eastern terminus of the Erie Division of the New York State Barge Canal., Waterford vicinity, 01001320, LISTED, 11/29/01

NORTH CAROLINA, DUPLIN COUNTY, Herring, Bryan Whitfield, Farm, NC 1311, 1 mi. E of jct. with NC 1302, Calypso vicinity, 01001315, LISTED, 11/29/01

OHIO, SUMMIT COUNTY, Limbach Block Historic District, 7843,7845,7847,7849,7851, and 7853 Main St., Clinton vicinity, 01001280, LISTED, 11/29/01 (Canal, Railroad, and Industrial Resources of the Village of Clinton/Warwick, Ohio MPS)

TENNESSEE, COCKE COUNTY, Cureton, Walter C., House, 202 Lincoln Ave., Newport, 01001325, LISTED, 11/29/01

TEXAS, BEXAR COUNTY, Brooke Army Medical Center, Building 1000, Stanley Rd., Fort Sam Houston, San Antonio, 01001281, LISTED, 11/30/01

UTAH, SALT LAKE COUNTY, Lewis, Dr. David and Juanita, House, 1403 E. Westminster Ave., Salt Lake City, 01001283, LISTED, 11/29/01

UTAH, SALT LAKE COUNTY, Meek, Benjamin and Olivia, House, 12782 South Fort St., Draper, 01001282, LISTED, 11/29/01

VERMONT, CHITTENDEN COUNTY, Mount Philo State Park, 5425 Mount Philo Rd., Charlotte, 01001286, LISTED, 11/29/01 (Historic Park Landscapes in National and State Parks MPS)

VERMONT, ESSEX COUNTY, Maidstone State Park, 4858 and 4876 Maidstone Rd., Maidstone, 01001285, LISTED, 11/29/01 (Historic Park Landscapes in National and State Parks MPS)

VERMONT, WINDSOR COUNTY, Emerson, Ezekiel, Farm, VT 73, Rochester, 01001284, LISTED, 11/29/01 (Agricultural Resources of Vermont MPS)

WASHINGTON, KING COUNTY, Reard--Freed Farmstead, 1807 212th Ave. SE, Sammamish, 01001289, OWNER OBJECTION DETERMINED ELIGIBLE, 11/28/01

WASHINGTON, SPOKANE COUNTY, Fox Theater, 1005 W. Sprague Ave., Spokane, 01001287, LISTED, 11/30/01 (Movie Theaters in Washington State, MPS)

WASHINGTON, SPOKANE COUNTY, Lewis & Clark High School, W. 521 4th Ave., Spokane, 90001860, ADDITIONAL DOCUMENTATION APPROVED, 11/30/01

WASHINGTON, SPOKANE COUNTY, Lewis and Clark High School, 521 W. Fourth Ave., Spokane, 01001288, BOUNDARY DECREASE APPROVED, 11/30/01

WEST VIRGINIA, HAMPSHIRE COUNTY, Washington Bottom Farm, WV 28, Springfield, 01001328, LISTED, 11/29/01

WEST VIRGINIA, HARDY COUNTY, Funkhouser, Henry, Farm and Log House, Funkhouser Rd., Cty Rd. 259/9, Baker, 01001326, LISTED, 11/29/01

WEST VIRGINIA, KANAWHA COUNTY, Sterrett Brothers' Dry Goods Store, 112 Capitol St., Charleston, 01001329, LISTED, 11/29/01

WEST VIRGINIA, MARION COUNTY, Fleming--Watson Historic District, Approx. bounded by Fairmont Ave., Second, Fay Sts., Apple Ct, Green, Emerson Sts., Coleman Ave., Seventh St., Outlook, Fairmont, 01001330, LISTED, 11/29/01

WEST VIRGINIA, MARION COUNTY, Wilson School, 917 E. Main St., Mannington, 01001331, LISTED, 11/29/01

WEST VIRGINIA, MONONGALIA COUNTY, Chancery Hill Historic District (Boundary Increase), 256 Prairie Ave., Morgantown, 01001405, LISTED, 11/29/01

WEST VIRGINIA, TUCKER COUNTY, St. George Academy, Cty. Rd. 1, St. George, 01001333, LISTED, 11/29/01