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New National Register On-line Travel Itinerary Highlights Historic Amana Colonies of Central Iowa.

The National Register of Historic Places invites you to visit the newest online travel itinerary: The Amana Colonies. The latest online travel itinerary takes visitors for a tour covering the seven villages and 31 historic and cultural places that make up the rich Amana Colonies of central Iowa. The itinerary highlights the churches, schools, homes, shops, farms and other historic places created by the Inspirationists, a religious sect whom came from Germany to practice religious freedom in the United States during the nineteenth century. Originally from Himbach, Germany, the Community of True Inspiration, or Inspirationists, were a religious group which broke from the mainstream Lutheran Church in 1714. Because Inspirationists declined to perform military duty, take state-required oaths, or send their children to church-run schools, they were often in conflict with church and governmental authorities. Arriving in America, they eventually made their way from New York State to central Iowa. Each of Amana's 31 featured historic places has a brief written description of the place's historic significance, highlighted by photographs, directions and public accessibility information. At the bottom of each page, the visitor will find a navigation bar containing links to four essays that explain more about Amana's historic and cultural heritage, as well as other utopian colonies in the United States. "Origins of Amana," "Utopias in America," "Communal Amana", and "Amana Today" provide useful information designed to enrich the visitor's appreciation of the Amana Colonies and their place in American history. In the "Learn More" section of the travel itinerary, the Amana Colonies links to regional and local web sites that provide visitors with further information regarding cultural events, special activities, and lodging and dining possibilities. The itinerary can be viewed online, or printed out to aid in visiting the Amana Colonies in person. The Amana Colonies site map, which generally locates the historic villages is accompanied by six detailed site maps, focusing on the historic places in each Amana village. This, and other travel itineraries, can be found on the National Register website at:


KEY: State, County, Property Name, Address/Boundary, City, Vicinity, Reference Number, NHL, Action, Date, Multiple Name

ALASKA, ANCHORAGE BOROUGH-CENSUS AREA, Gill, Oscar, House, 1344 W. 10th Ave., Anchorage, 01000022, LISTED, 2/02/01

ALASKA, KENAI PENINSULA BOROUGH-CENSUS AREA, Thorn--Stingley House, 1660 E. End Rd., Homer, 01000023, LISTED, 2/02/01

ALASKA, SOUTHEAST FAIRBANKS BOROUGH-CENSUS AREA, Rapids Roadhouse, Mile 227.4 Richardson Hwy., Delta vicinity, 01000021, LISTED, 2/02/01

ALASKA, VALDEZ-CORDOVA BOROUGH-CENSUS AREA, Gakona Historic District, Mile 2, Tok Cutoff--Glenn Hwy, Gakona, 01000024, LISTED, 2/02/01

ARKANSAS, FAULKNER COUNTY, Robinson Historic District, Roughly bounded by Cross, Prince, Faulkner,and Watkins Sts., and Robinson Ave., Conway, 00001645, LISTED, 1/29/01

CALIFORNIA, CONTRA COSTA COUNTY, SS Red Oak Victory (victory ship), 1500 Dornan Dr, Terminal One, Port of Richmond, Richmond, 00001674, LISTED, 1/30/01

CALIFORNIA, RIVERSIDE COUNTY, San Timoteo Canyon Schoolhouse, 31985 San Timoteo Canyon Rd., Redlands vicinity, 00001646, LISTED, 1/19/01

CALIFORNIA, SAN BERNARDINO COUNTY, Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway Passenger and Freight Depot, 1170 W. 3rd St., San Bernardino, 01000025, LISTED, 2/02/01

CALIFORNIA, SAN FRANCISCO COUNTY, Coffin--Redington Building, 301 Folsom St. and 300 Beale St., San Francisco, 01000028, LISTED, 2/02/01

COLORADO, DENVER COUNTY, Midland Savings Building, 444 17th St., Denver, 01000030, LISTED, 2/02/01

COLORADO, DENVER COUNTY, Ray Apartments Buildings, 1550 and 1560 Ogden St., Denver, 01000029, LISTED, 2/02/01

COLORADO, JEFFERSON COUNTY, Bradford House II, N of Killdeer Ln., Littleton vicinity, 01000031, LISTED, 2/02/01

COLORADO, PARK COUNTY, Colorado Salt Works, 3858 US 285, Hartsel vicinity, 01000033, LISTED, 2/02/01

COLORADO, PARK COUNTY, Salt Works Ranch, 3858 US 285, Hartsel vicinity, 01000032, LISTED, 2/02/01 (Ranching Resources of South Park, Colorado)

CONNECTICUT, TOLLAND COUNTY, Farwell Barn, Horsebarn Hill Rd., Mansfield, 00001649, LISTED, 1/26/01

FLORIDA, ALACHUA COUNTY, Waldo Historic District, Roughly bounded by NW 1st Ave., Main St., SW 5th Blvd., and SW 4th St., Waldo, 01000034, LISTED, 2/02/01

FLORIDA, SEMINOLE COUNTY, Ritz Theater, 201 S. Magnolia Ave., Sanford, 00001130, LISTED, 1/29/01

GEORGIA, CHATHAM COUNTY, Bonaventure Cemetery, Bonaventure Rd., 1 mi. N of US 80, Savannah, 01000035, LISTED, 2/02/01

MINNESOTA, CARVER COUNTY, Heck, Albertine and Fred, House, 8941 Audobon Rd., Chanhassen, 00001508, LISTED, 12/27/00

MINNESOTA, NICOLLET COUNTY, St. Peter Commercial Historic District, Minnesota Ave. Bet. Broadway and Grace Sts., St. Peter, 00001610, LISTED, 1/12/01

MISSOURI, JACKSON COUNTY, Pilgrim Lutheran Church for the Deaf of Greater Kansas City and Parsonage, 3801-3807 Gilham Rd., Kansas City, 00000334, LISTED, 1/25/01

MISSOURI, ST. LOUIS INDEPENDENT CITY, City Hospital Historic District, Roughly bounded by Lafayette Ave., Grattan St., Carroll St., Dillon St., St. Ange St., 14th St., and Carroll St., St. Louis (Independent City), 01000036, LISTED, 2/02/01

MONTANA, FLATHEAD COUNTY, Lincoln Creek Snowshoe Cabin, US 2, Glacier National Park, W. Glacier vicinity, 01000037, LISTED, 2/02/01 (Glacier National Park MPS)

NEW JERSEY, ATLANTIC COUNTY, St. Nicholas of Tolentine Church, 1409 Pacific Ave., Atlantic City, 01000039, LISTED, 2/02/01

NEW JERSEY, BURLINGTON COUNTY, Red Dragon Canoe Club, 221 Edgewater Ave., Edgewater Park, 01000041, LISTED, 2/02/01

NEW YORK, CLINTON COUNTY, Peru Community Church, 12 Elm St., Peru, 01000054, LISTED, 2/02/01

NEW YORK, ERIE COUNTY, Trico Plant No. 1, 817 Washinton St., Buffalo, 01000053, LISTED, 2/02/01

NEW YORK, OSWEGO COUNTY, Mount Adnah Cemetery, 706 East Broadway, New York, 01000046, LISTED, 2/02/01

NEW YORK, SULLIVAN COUNTY, Rialto Theatre, Broadway, Monticello, 01000043, LISTED, 2/02/01

NORTH CAROLINA, WASHINGTON COUNTY, Garrett's Island House, 1445 Garrett's Island Rd., Plymouth vicinity, 01000047, LISTED, 2/02/01

OHIO, BUTLER COUNTY, Notre Dame Academy and Notre Dame High School, 926 Second St., Hamilton, 01000048, LISTED, 2/02/01

OHIO, CLARK COUNTY, Thomas Manufacturing Company Warehouse, 360 S. Limestone St., Springfield, 01000055, LISTED, 2/02/01

OHIO, CUYAHOGA COUNTY, Kundtz, Theodor, Company Building, 2249 Elm St., Cleveland, 01000051, LISTED, 2/02/01

OHIO, MONTGOMERY COUNTY, East Third Street Historic District, 424-520 East Third St. (S side only), Dayton, 01000049, LISTED, 2/02/01 (Webster Station Area, Dayton, Ohio MPS)

OHIO, MONTGOMERY COUNTY, McCormick Manufacturing Company Building, 434-438 E. First St., Dayton, 01000050, LISTED, 2/02/01 (Webster Station Area, Dayton, Ohio MPS)

OHIO, SCIOTO COUNTY, Anderson Brothers Department Store, 301-307 Chillicothe St., Portsmouth, 01000052, LISTED, 2/02/01 (Boneyfiddle MRA)

OKLAHOMA, OKLAHOMA COUNTY, Snyder's Super Service Station, 1325 N. Broadway Ave., Oklahoma City, 80003291, REMOVED, 1/25/01

PENNSYLVANIA, CHESTER COUNTY, White Horse Historic District, Jct. of Goshen and Providence Rds., Willistown Township, 01000058, LISTED, 2/02/01

PENNSYLVANIA, LANCASTER COUNTY, Columbia Wagon Works, 920 Plane St., Columbia Borough, 01000057, LISTED, 2/02/01

PENNSYLVANIA, SCHUYLKILL COUNTY, Tamaqua Historic District, Roughly bounded by the Odd Fellows Cemetery, Rowe & Mauch Sts., East End Ave., Mountain Ave., and West Cottage Ave., Tamaqua, 01000059, LISTED, 2/02/01

TEXAS, POLK COUNTY, Polk County Courthouse and 1905 Courthouse Annex, Washington at Church St., Livingston, 01000060, LISTED, 2/02/01

VIRGINIA, ALBEMARLE COUNTY, Mount Ida, East of VA 795, about 4 mi. N of Scottsville, Scottsville vicinity, 87000624, ADDITIONAL DOCUMENTATION APPROVED, 1/29/01

VIRGINIA, RICHMOND INDEPENDENT CITY, Tuckahoe Apartments, 5621 Cary Street Rd., Richmond (Independent City), 01000065, LISTED, 2/02/01

WASHINGTON, SPOKANE COUNTY, City of Cheney Historic District, Roughly bounded by Fifth St., C St., Front St., and F St., Cheney, 01000062, LISTED, 2/02/01

WASHINGTON, SPOKANE COUNTY, Millwood Historic District, Roughly bounded by Argonne and Sargent Rds., and by Euclid and Liberty Aves., Millwood, 01000064, LISTED, 2/02/01