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The Director of the National Park Service is pleased to send you the following announcements and actions on properties for the National Register of Historic Places. For further information contact Edson Beall via voice (202) 354-2255, fax (202) 371-2229, regular or E-mail: (

As part of the National Register's celebration of Native American History, Teaching with Historic Places (TwHP) presents a new online lesson plan, "Gran Quivera: a Blending of Cultures in a Pueblo Indian Village." In the remote Salinas Basin, in central New Mexico, stand the weathered ruins of three Puebloan villages and the 17th-century Spanish colonial missions that make up Salinas Pueblo Missions National Monument. Two ancient southwestern cultural traditions--the Mogollon and Anasazi--overlapped here and resulted in the Puebloan communities of Abó, Quarai, and Gran Quivera. From about A.D. 1000 to the 1600s, these three villages operated as major regional centers of trade with Indians from the Plains, the Pacific Coast, and the Great Basin. Gran Quivera, the largest of the Salinas villages, became a bustling community of 3,000 inhabitants. Beginning in the 16th century, the Spanish arrived. This lesson plan presents the conflict between the two cultures, with online maps, visual images, readings, an artist's conception of Gran Quivera, and activities for educators and students. For this and other online lesson plans, go to:


KEY: State, County, Property Name, Address/Boundary, City, Vicinity, Reference Number, NHL, Action, Date, Multiple Name

ARKANSAS, CROSS COUNTY, Wittsburg Store and Gas Station, Cty Rd 739, Wittsburg, 00001386, LISTED, 11/22/00 (Arkansas Highway History and Architecture MPS)

ARKANSAS, POPE COUNTY, Russellville Public Library, 114 E. Third St., Russellville, 00001319, LISTED, 11/20/00

CALIFORNIA, MONO COUNTY, Chalfant Petroglyph Site, Address Restricted, Bishop vicinity, 00001324, LISTED, 11/21/00

CALIFORNIA, SAN BERNARDINO COUNTY, Blackwater Well, Address Restricted, Red Mountains vicinity, 00001326, LISTED, 11/21/00

CALIFORNIA, SAN BERNARDINO COUNTY, Newberry Cave Site, Address Restricted, Newberry Springs vicinity, 00001325, LISTED, 11/21/00

GEORGIA, SPALDING COUNTY, Spalding County Courthouse--Spalding County Jail, 232 E. Broad St., Griffin, 00001389, LISTED, 11/22/00

ILLINOIS, VERMILION COUNTY, First National Bank Building, 2-4 N. Vermilion St., Danville, 00001335, OWNER OBJECTION DETERMINED ELIGIBLE, 11/08/00

IOWA, POLK COUNTY, Goddard Bungalow Court Historic District, 1410-21 Goddard Court, 1232 14th St., Des Moines, 00000930, LISTED, 11/21/00 (Bungalow, The, and Square House--Des Moines Residential Growth and Development MPS)

IOWA, POLK COUNTY, Ingersoll Place Plat Historic District, 28th St., Linden and High Sts., Des Moines, 00000931, LISTED, 11/21/00 (Bungalow, The, and Square House--Des Moines Residential Growth and Development MPS)

IOWA, POLK COUNTY, Kingman Place Historic District, 27th to 31st Sts., Kingman Blvd., Rutland St. and Cottage Ave., Des Moines, 00000928, LISTED, 11/21/00 (Bungalow, The, and Square House--Des Moines Residential Growth and Development MPS)

IOWA, POLK COUNTY, Middlesex Plat Historic District, Center St. to Woodland Ave., 31st to 35th Sts., Des Moines, 00000932, LISTED, 11/21/00 (Bungalow, The, and Square House--Des Moines Residential Growth and Development MPS)

IOWA, POLK COUNTY, Veneman's Bungalow Court Historic District, 1101-115 Droukas Court, 1228, 1232 E. 12th St., Des Moines, 00000929, LISTED, 11/21/00 (Bungalow, The, and Square House--Des Moines Residential Growth and Development MPS)

IOWA, POLK COUNTY, Woodland Place Historic District, 25th to 27th St. to Woodland Ave., De Moines, 00000927, LISTED, 11/21/00 (Bungalow, The, and Square House--Des Moines Residential Growth and Development MPS)

MARYLAND, BALTIMORE INDEPENDENT CITY, Parker Metal Decoration Company Plant, 333 W. Ostend St., Baltimore, 00001391, LISTED, 11/22/00

MARYLAND, MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Wiley--Ringland House, 4722 Dorset Ave., Chevy Chase, 00001392, LISTED, 11/22/00

MASSACHUSETTS, HAMPDEN COUNTY, Quadrangle--Mattoon Historic District (Boundary Increase), Byers, Pearl, Spring and Salem Sts., Springfield, 00001393, LISTED, 11/22/00

MASSACHUSETTS, MIDDLESEX COUNTY, Jack's Diner, 901 Main St., Woburn, 00001340, LISTED, 11/22/00 (Diners of Massachusetts MPS)

MASSACHUSETTS, WORCESTER COUNTY, Boulevard Diner, 155 Shrewsbury St., Worcester, 00001394, LISTED, 11/22/00 (Diners of Massachusetts MPS)

MASSACHUSETTS, WORCESTER COUNTY, Corner Lunch, 133 Lamartine St., Worcester, 00001286, LISTED, 11/15/00 (Diners of Massachusetts MPS)

MASSACHUSETTS, WORCESTER COUNTY, Gilman Block, 207-219 Main St., Worcester, 00001342, LISTED, 11/20/00

MASSACHUSETTS, WORCESTER COUNTY, Hubbardston Town Common Historic District, Main and Brigham Sts., Hubbardston, 00001396, LISTED, 11/22/00

MISSISSIPPI, HARRISON COUNTY, JOSEPHINE (Shipwreck), Address Restricted, Biloxi vicinity, 00001402, LISTED, 11/22/00

MISSOURI, MONROE COUNTY, St. Jude's Episcopal Church, 301 N. Main St., Monroe City, 00001397, LISTED, 11/22/00

MISSOURI, ST. LOUIS INDEPENDENT CITY, Louderman Building, 317 N. Eleventh St., St. Louis (Independent City), 00001399, LISTED, 11/22/00

MISSOURI, ST. LOUIS INDEPENDENT CITY, Phipps--Wallace Store Building, 312-316 N. Eighth St., St. Louis (Independent City), 00001398, LISTED, 11/22/00

NEBRASKA, SIOUX COUNTY, Wind Springs Ranch Historic and Archeological District, Wind Springs Creek Valley, Scottsbluff vicinity, 00001403, LISTED, 11/22/00

NEW JERSEY, CUMBERLAND COUNTY, Landis Theatre--Mori Brothers Building, 830-834 Landis Ave., Vineland, 00001405, LISTED, 11/22/00

NEW JERSEY, GLOUCESTER COUNTY, Rulon, John C., House, 428 Kings Highway, Swedesboro, 00001404, LISTED, 11/22/00

NEW JERSEY, MONMOUTH COUNTY, Palace Amusements, 201-207 Lake Ave., Asbury, 00001406, LISTED, 11/22/00

NEW YORK, CATTARAUGUS COUNTY, Leon United Methodist Church, Jct. of NY 6 and NY 62, Leon, 00001413, LISTED, 11/22/00

NEW YORK, CORTLAND COUNTY, Tarbell Building, 2 Cortland St., Marathon, 00001408, LISTED, 11/22/00

NEW YORK, DUTCHESS COUNTY, Barrett, Oliver, House, Reagan Rd., Millerton, 00001416, LISTED, 11/22/00

NEW YORK, DUTCHESS COUNTY, Dakin--Coleman Farm, Coleman Station Rd., Millerton, 00001421, LISTED, 11/22/00

NEW YORK, DUTCHESS COUNTY, Wheeler, Thomas N., Farm, Indian Lake Rd., Millerton, 00001417, LISTED, 11/22/00

NEW YORK, GREENE COUNTY, Old Episcopal Manse, NY 23, Main St., Prattsville, 00001415, LISTED, 11/22/00

NEW YORK, MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Windfall Dutch Barn, Clinton Rd., jct. with Ripple Rd., Salt Springville, 00001411, LISTED, 11/22/00

NEW YORK, ONONDAGA COUNTY, Fabius Village Historic District, Roughly bounded by N. West St., Mill St., Keeney St., and Fabius Town Line, Fabius, 00001409, LISTED, 11/22/00

NEW YORK, SULLIVAN COUNTY, Ohave Shalom Synagogue, Mauric Rose St., Woodridge, 00001412, LISTED, 11/22/00

NEW YORK, SULLIVAN COUNTY, South Fallsburg Hebrew Association Synagogue, North St., South Fallsburg, 00001410, LISTED, 11/22/00

NEW YORK, TIOGA COUNTY, Waits Methodist Episcopal Church and Cemetery, Waite Rd., Owego, 00001290, LISTED, 11/20/00

NEW YORK, TOMPKINS COUNTY, St. John's Episcopal, 1504 Seventy Six Rd., Speedsville, 00001407, LISTED, 11/22/00 (Historic Churches of the Episcopal Diocese of Central New York MPS)

NEW YORK, ULSTER COUNTY, Gardiner School, 2340 NY44/55, Gardiner, 00001423, LISTED, 11/22/00

NEW YORK, ULSTER COUNTY, Van Keuren, Benjamin House Ruin, Off of Bruyn Turnpike, Shawangunk, 00001424, LISTED, 11/22/00

NORTH CAROLINA, RANDOLPH COUNTY, Liberty Historic District, Roughly along W of Norfolk & Southern RR bet. Butler Ave. and W. Patterson Ave., inc. the 100 blk. of W. Swannanoa St., Liberty, 00001426, LISTED, 11/22/00

OREGON, MULTNOMAH COUNTY, Villa St. Rose, 597 N. Dekum St., Portland vicinity, 00001427, LISTED, 11/22/00

PENNSYLVANIA, JEFFERSON COUNTY, United States Post Office--Punxsutawney, 201 N. Findley St., Punxsutawney, 00001428, LISTED, 11/22/00

PENNSYLVANIA, PHILADELPHIA COUNTY, Robeson, Paul, House, 4951 Walnut St., Philadelphia, 00001345, LISTED, 11/22/00

TENNESSEE, MAURY COUNTY, Cleburne Jersey Farm, 2319 Sugar Ridge Rd., Spring Hill vicinity, 00001430, LISTED, 11/22/00 (Historic Family Farms in Middle Tennessee MPS)

TENNESSEE, SUMNER COUNTY, South Tunnell Fortifications, Address Restricted, Gallatin vicinity, 00001355, OWNER OBJECTION DETERMINED ELIGIBLE, 11/24/00 (Archeological Resources of the American Civil War in Tennessee MPS)

UTAH, SALT LAKE COUNTY, Crescent Elementary School, 11020 S. State St., Sandy, 00001303, LISTED, 11/20/00 (Sandy City MPS)

VIRGINIA, ALBEMARLE COUNTY, Mount Walla, 604 Poplar Springs Rd., Scottsville, 00001442, LISTED, 11/22/00

VIRGINIA, CLARKE COUNTY, Millwood Colored School, 1610 Millwood Rd., Boyce, 00001431, LISTED, 11/22/00

VIRGINIA, GOOCHLAND COUNTY, Byrd Presbyterian Church, 2229 Dogtown Rd., Goochland, 00001438, LISTED, 11/22/00

VIRGINIA, GREENE COUNTY, Beadles House, 515 Greene Acres Rd., Stanardsville vicinity, 00001433, LISTED, 11/22/00

VIRGINIA, HANOVER COUNTY, Church Quarter, 12432 Old Ridge Rd., Doswell, 00001436, LISTED, 11/22/00

VIRGINIA, HOPEWELL INDEPENDENT CITY, Beacon Theatre, 401 N. Main St., Hopewell, 00001434, LISTED, 11/22/00

VIRGINIA, NORFOLK INDEPENDENT CITY, Berkley North Historic District, Roughly bounded by Bellamy Ave., Pescara Creek, Berkley Ave., and I-464, Norfolk, 00001440, LISTED, 11/22/00

VIRGINIA, PAGE COUNTY, Strickley--Louderback House, 1001 Old Farm Rd., Shenandoah vicinity, 00001441, LISTED, 11/22/00

VIRGINIA, PULASKI COUNTY, Calfee Athletic Field, Washington and Pierce Aves., SE, Pulaski, 00001432, LISTED, 11/22/00

VIRGINIA, RADFORD INDEPENDENT CITY, Glencoe, First St., Radford, 00001439, LISTED, 11/22/00

WASHINGTON, KING COUNTY, Shawnee House, 11608 SW Shawnee Rd., Vashon, 00001449, LISTED, 11/22/00

WASHINGTON, PIERCE COUNTY, Perkins Building, 1101 A St., Tacoma, 00001444, LISTED, 11/22/00

WASHINGTON, SPOKANE COUNTY, Rosebush House, 3318 N. Marguerite Rd., Spokane, 00001446, LISTED, 11/22/00

WASHINGTON, SPOKANE COUNTY, Salvation Army Building, 245 W. Main Ave., Spokane, 00001445, LISTED, 11/22/00

WASHINGTON, WALLA WALLA COUNTY, Buemeister, Max, Building, 27 W. Main, Walla Walla, 00001448, LISTED, 11/22/00

WASHINGTON, WHATCOM COUNTY, Citizen's Dock, 1201 Roeder Ave., Bellingham, 81000594, REMOVED, 11/22/00

WISCONSIN, DANE COUNTY, Donald, John Sweet, Farmstead, 1972 WI 92, Springdale vicinity, 84003633, ADDITIONAL DOCUMENTATION APPROVED, 11/21/00

WISCONSIN, DODGE COUNTY, Weyenberg Shoe Factory, 913 N. Spring St., Beaver Dam, 00001452, LISTED, 11/22/00

WISCONSIN, OCONTO COUNTY, Mountain School, 14330 Hwy W West, Mountain, 00001453, LISTED, 11/22/00