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Hampton County Jail,
Hampton County, South Carolina

[photo] Hampton County Jail

The Hampton Jail, located at 702 First Street West in the town of Hampton, South Carolina, was completed c. 1880, following the completion of a nearby courthouse for the newly established Hampton County. Unfortunately, the exact layout of the original jail, consisting of a two-story brick building, has not been fully determined. The present building, however, consists of a painted brick, two-story late 19th and early 20th century Classical Revival residential form, backed by a one-story brick gabled ell addition on the northwest. This addition was added in 1920, when Hampton County officials completed substantial renovations and added the new wing---an extension downstairs allowing additional living space for the jailer. The cells on the second floor were modified in 1925. The Hampton County Jail, originally meant as a holding area for 48 hours until the accused could stand trial (usually for drunkenness or petty crimes), became by the 1960s overcrowded and the first floor rooms on the northeast side of the house were divided into additional jail cells. Beginning in 1977, following the official transfer of jail operations to the new county jail building, the Hampton County Council leased the Hampton County Jail to the South Carolina Department of Wildlife and Marine Resources until 1989, and today it houses the Hampton County Historical Society.

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