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Schoolhouse No. 5 ,
Delaware County, New York

[photo] Schoolhouse No. 5

This one-room schoolhouse was also known as Upper Dunk Hill School in Hamden, New York. At the time of its construction in 1857, the sparse number of residents in the Hamden area had no school to service the population. It is one of the smallest schools in the region, built with lumber and heated by a wood stove. There have been very few changes to the building itself, and the school yard has remained intact, preserving the historical integrity of this wonderful resource. Serving the children of Hamden from 1858 to 1954, Schoolhouse No. 5 is a valuable record of a century of educational history in the town of Hamden. Architecturally, it remains a distinctive, intact example of its type and an iconic feature of the rural landscape.

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