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Allen, John B., School,
King County, Washington

[photo] John B. Allen School

The John B. Allen School in Seattle, Washington, located in the Phinney Ridge neighborhood, is comprised of two buildings-a 1904 wood building and a 1918 brick building. The two buildings show the shift from the simple, easily constructed wood-frame structure to a new technique of masonry and concrete “fire-proof construction” adopted only 13 years later as a safer construction type. A general change in the choice of architectural style for new school buildings is also reflected here, with the Colonial Revival style of the 1904 building giving way to the Italian Renaissance style of the 1918 building. The first school building was named for John Beard Allen, Washington’s first U.S. Senator. Enrollment peaked here in 1932-33 with 758 students. The school district closed the Allen School in 1981, deeming it would be unsafe in a seismic event, it has since been leased and then purchased by the Phinney Neighborhood Association (PNA).

[photo] John B. Allen School [photo] John B. Allen School
Class from 1923
John B. Allen School

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