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Federal Office Building, Travis County, Texas

[photo] Quakertown Historic District

The 1964 Federal Office Building, located at 300 East 8th Street in downtown Austin, Texas, was closely associated with the career of President Lyndon Baines Johnson during the period 1965-1971. The presidential suite on the ninth floor of the Federal Office Building served as an office for President Johnson during the considerable amount of time he spent in central Texas during his presidency. In addition for its general association with President Johnson, the suite was the site of important national policy discussions, including a critical meeting on December 6, 1966, that established a policy of negation between the United States and the then Soviet Union regarding nuclear weapons. This policy established the U.S. position regarding the Soviet Union’s Anti-Ballistic Missile (ABM) defense system, and set the stage for the Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty (SALT). The Federal Building was designed in 1962 and 1963 and houses nine stories of office space and is a New Formalist style building constructed of concrete.

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[photo] Quakertown Historic District

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