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Henry Cool Park, Charles Mix County, South Dakota

[photo] Henry Cool Park

The majority of Henry Cool Park in Platte, South Dakota is located on a seven acre island in Lake Platte. The lake, created by the Platte Valley Company when a dam was constructed in the 1930’s with federal, state and county funds, was used for recreation purposes, including fishing, swimming, and ice skating in winter. A playground was added in 1941. The idea for Lake Platte started with Henry Cool, whom the park was named after, an immigrant born in Hanover Germany in 1882. All the structures in the park are constructed of field stone; the bridges and bathhouse being noted examples. Used as a summer recreation center by the people of Platte for many years, Henry Cool Park was the only lakeside respite in the area before the construction on the reservoirs of the Missouri River.

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[photo] Castle Ballroom



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