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Women’s Club of Ocoee, Orange County, Florida

[image] Women's Club of Ocoee
[image] Women's Club of Ocoee

The Women’s Club of Ocoee, in Orange County, Florida, completed in 1938, is significant as the meeting place for the oldest formally organized women’s social service organization in the city of Ocoee. It is also the only historic clubhouse standing in the city, and the only example of Art Moderne style of architecture in the city of Ocoee. The Art Moderne style usually emphasizes a low, horizontal shape. The interior contains a meeting hall, a stage and a kitchen from plans drawn up by architect Murry S. King. The Art Moderne details in the building’s interior include walls lined with Art Moderne pilasters and a very distinctive Art Moderne fireplace. The Women’s Club of Ocoee was founded in 1924 (with 36 charter members present) at the home of Mrs. Arthur M. Clark. The clubhouse, built during the Great Depression with funds from the Work Progress Administration (WPA), was originally deeded to the City of Ocoee until the clubhouse was completed when the City of Ocoee, by prior agreement, turned the clubhouse over to the Woman’s Club.


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