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Greer Post Office, Greensville County, South Carolina

[image] Charity Hospital of New OrleansThe Greer Post Office constructed in 1935 and located on South Main Street in downtown Greer, South Carolina, stands as an excellent example of a New Deal-era Colonial Revival Post Office produced by the Public Works Branch of the United States Department of the Treasury. Architect Donald G. Anderson of New York City designed the Greer Post Office, artist Winfield R. Walkley (1909-1954), created a mural for the building called "Cotton and Peach Growing", depicting the harvesting of the region’s major crops. Louis A. Simon, the Supervising Architect appointed in 1934 for the Public Works Branch, wanted the federal buildings to be of simple government character that would meet the Federal Government’s needs for ten years, and the Greer Post Office has more than surpassed these expectations, and has served as a post office, Greer City Hall, and today houses the Greer Heritage Museum.

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