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St. John's Lutheran College--Baden Hall, Cowley County, Kansas

[image] St. John's Lutheran Church--Baden HallBuilt in 1883-1894, Baden Hall at St. John’s Lutheran College, in Winfield, Kansas, derives its significance from its role as a locally prominent educational facility. Founded by German-born J.P. Baden, one of Winfield’s most successful 19th century businessmen. St. John’s was distinguished as one of only two such private denominational colleges of the day and played a significant role in the educational development of the city and the surrounding region. Baden Hall accrues additional significance from the fact that it was constructed as the original facility at St. John’s-the only one associated directly with Baden himself-and for 20 years the sole building on the college campus. Although a German Lutheran, Baden was adamant that the school feature the English language, rather than German spoken at other German Synod institutions. Although hoping future Lutheran theologians would be trained here, most students at the college pursued secular studies such as mathematics, liberal arts and the physical sciences.

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