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Dougherty Heights Historic District, Buncombe County, North Carolina

[image] Rialto BuildingThe Dougherty Heights Historic District in the mountain town of Black Mountain, North Carolina encompasses a residential neighborhood that developed immediately north and northwest of downtown Black Mountain in the early 20th century. Silas F. Dougherty, one of Black Mountain’s earliest businessmen, built a capacious frame house for his family in 1897 on a large tract of land on the north side of State Street. This house ran as a boarding house and hotel under the name “Dougherty Heights” and the neighborhood that grew about it in the 1910s began to attract many of Black Mountain’s prominent families. The district’s historic homes reflect the growth of the town from 1910-1930, when the railroad connected Black Mountain to transportation routes. The district contains houses designed in a mix of nationally popular architectural styles-Craftsman, Colonial Revival, and Minimal Traditional.

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[image] Rialto Building

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