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Miller's House, Talbot County, Maryland

The Miller’s House, built in the Georgian style, at Wye Mills Village in Talbot County, Maryland, was already standing as a brick building by 1770, it was most likely built during the 1750s or 1760s. Historically significant for its association with the transformation of the agricultural base of Talbot County from tobacco to grain farming, the quality of the design and construction of the Miller’s House represent the high economic status accorded to the profession of miller in the region during the period; as the miller had the ability to process grain for market and to ensure that the mill operated properly. The individual for whom the house was constructed, Edward Lloyd III, was the largest and wealthiest landowner in Talbot County. Although the house would later pass to the Hopkins family in 1840, the Miller’s House remained as one of the best surviving examples of 18th-century architecture in Talbot County. John R. Hopkins, who purchased the Miller’s House, operated the mill until his death in 1887, and the family operated it for a short time following. Today the property remains in Hopkins family ownership.

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