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NORTHERNER Shipwreck (Schooner), Ozaukee County, Wisconsin

Located in Ozaukee County, Wisconsin, southwest of Port Washington in Lake Michigan, the schooner Northerner lies upright and intact in 130 feet of water. Built in 1850 and lost in 1868, the Northerner represents relatively undocumented class of sailing vessel on the Great Lakes, the lakeshoring schooner. Built by the well-known shipwright John Oades at Clayton, New York, the 81-foot schooner was lost in 1868 off Port Ulao, Wisconsin, while under tow to Milwaukee for repairs. Once common in the Great Lakes, small schooners like the Northerner occupied a special niche in the Great Lake’s regional economy, providing important economic and cultural links between frontier coastal communities. Representative of a relatively undocumented vessel type and trade, the Northerner provides historians and archeologists a rare opportunity to study Great Lakes lakeshoring schooner construction and use.

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