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Maloof, Sam and Alfreda, Compound, San Bernardino County, California

[photo] Haydel-Jones House, LouisianaThe Sam and Alfreda Maloof Compound in San Bernardino County, California is a complex of three historic buildings, important in the areas of Art and Architecture that were built by widely acclaimed master woodworker and furniture craftsman Samuel Maloof (1916-2009). The buildings served as Maloof’s residence and workshop for the majority of his extended career. The house in particular is currently cited as a work of art in its own right, embodying Maloof’s evolving design aesthetic as the building grew over the years, and in 2000 the buildings were moved and placed on a new site. Sam Maloof, one of the finest woodworkers of his time, was a leader in the California modern arts movement, designed and produced furniture.

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[photo] Haydel-Jones House, Louisiana

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