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Haydel-Jones House, St. John the Baptist Parish, Louisiana

[photo] Haydel-Jones House, LouisianaThe Haydel-Jones House is a rare and important example of a French Creole Plantation House thought to have been built around 1815. Although Creole dwellings once dominated the rural landscape of central and southern Louisiana, only approximately 30 examples remain that are raised on brick piers. In addition to brick piers, the Haydel-Jones House also possesses other typical French Creole features such as a spreading hipped roof with heavy braced timber frame walls, briquette-entre-poteaux (porous brick) and bousillage (wattle and daub) infill, a full length front gallery and asymmetrical floor plan. Historically, the house was affiliated with the Ursine Haydel, a sugar cane planter and descendent of Matthieu Haydel, who arrived in the Louisiana colony in 1721. The property is now used as a private vacation retreat.

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